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Changing Your Habits Leads To Transforming Your Life

Changing Your Habits Leads To Transforming Your Life

Where we are in our life is a result of our habits and the way we live our life. According to Durant’s quotation, taken from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

We can say that it is likewise valid for something contrary to greatness. Unremarkableness is a consequence of the average approach. That means we can go from mediocrity to excellence by changing our habits. Although Habits change your life, they do not guarantee success. Because that’s what some people believe and look for “the habits of millionaires” type of articles and books. We get to know by such articles that, Elon Musk sleeps 2 hours a day and eats Cheerios for dinner—or something like that. We don’t understand the whole truth by such articles, which is:

“Correlation doesn’t mean Causation”

Waking up early, working hard, and taking cold showers are not the absolute causes of success. According to Nassim Taleb, who wrote this in Fooled By Randomness:

“Hard work, showing up on time, wearing a clean (preferably white) shirt, using deodorant, and some such conventional things contribute to success—they are certainly necessary but may be insufficient as they do not cause success.”

Nassim Taleb – Fooled by Randomness

So, when we talk about habits, We don’t talk about final results. We talk about changing our actual behaviors so that it improves and upgrade the quality of our lives.

Best Way To Choose A Good Habit

 We need to Just ask ourselves this; Will habit x improve the quality of my life?

The reason we want to ask ourselves that question is that we all need a reason to change. Although, we need to realize what we need to change in ourselves. We need something bigger than superficial reasons. We need to set a goal for our life and we should exactly know what we are doing and for what purpose we are doing anything specifically.

Four-Step Process For Making Life-Changing Habits

With the help of various studies and research, we are given this four-step process in order to experience the phenomenal change in your life.

Step 1: Decide what habits are worth it

There are various habits in many people which are proven helpful for them, but that’s not helpful. The reason is that only one individual can decide what is good for themself and which habit would be the best for them.

However, deciding if a habit is worth it to you is critical to forming new habits. As soon as we hear about something, and we think: “I should do that! “Really? Should we wake up an hour earlier? Should we take cold showers? Should we eat like a cave person? Should we run every day? Maybe waking up early is helpful to some people. When some people wake up early, They behave like a grumpy old man who hates people—that deteriorates the quality of anyone’s day.

Step 2: Focus on one habit at a time

Whenever we sit idle sometimes, we just get a free spirit of doing several things, some productive habits but after some time we get lazy or lose our interest in that any specific task One of the reasons we try to do so many things at the same time is that we overestimate ourselves. We think we can achieve a lot in a short period. That’s false. We can achieve a lot over a long period. That’s true. So focus on one thing at a time. Stack one habit on top of the other, one by one.

Step 3: initially, set the bar low

We often want to do big things in our life, without understanding them. Starting a business or building a career requires constant effort. Everything in life that’s remotely valuable or life-changing requires a lot of work to achieve.

So before we do something big, let’s start small. Similarly, before you change the world, change yourself first. That’s how the world works and that’s how you achieve something.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Said Leo Tolstoy

Focus on small things. We need to build a strong foundation first. Without it, we can never achieve anything meaningful.

  • Want to run daily? Start by walking.
  • Want to write a book? Write one sentence.
  • Want to read two books a week? Read one page a day.
  • Want to start a business? Get one client.
  • Want to save for your retirement? Don’t buy another shirt you’re only going to wear once.

Step 4: Use checklists

Sometimes for example, if we are into reading we just read books one after another obsessively and ignore all other life tasks, and then also the kind of time comes when we don’t read at all. So, to track that we need to construct a checklist. Check off your habits daily. One day, you’ll be surprised by how much your life changed by such, small habits.

Step 4: Use checklists
Step 4: Use checklists

Embrace your Better Lifestyle

Habits are the natural functioning efficiency of our brain. Our brain turns our everyday actions and behaviors into our habits. So, it’s our brainpower that helps to construct a habit. Every habit has some effect on our lifestyle so habits directly construct our lifestyle.

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