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Cardiovascular Diseases: Leading Cause of Deaths Globally

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases or simply you can say heart diseases are the leading cause of deaths worldwide after cancer. About 17 million people die per year because of cardiovascular disorders and this number is expected to grow to more than 25 million by 2035.

Risk factors involved

Structure of Human Heart
Structure of Human Heart

The main risk factor for cardiovascular diseases is high blood pressure.
Arteries in our body have a major role of transporting the blood from the heart to peripheral parts of our body. Walls of arteries are elastic and high blood pressure can make arteries less elastic due to which the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases. It can also increase the risk of Angina.


People suffering from diabetes are more susceptible to suffer from heart diseases. High blood sugar levels can weaken the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. As blood vessels become weak due to high sugar levels in the body, the risk of cardiovascular diseases dramatically increases. High blood pressure increases the amount of force on the wall of blood vessels.


Being overweight enhances the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Obesity is greatly linked with hypertension. The level of cholesterol in overweight people is much higher than in normal people. The presence of a high volume of blood cholesterol makes the wall of blood vessels much thicker, which makes the passage of blood very difficult. Eventually it leads to high blood pressure which is the main reason of cardiovascular diseases worldwide. Overweight people are about 12% more at risk of getting heart disease than normal people. Obesity causes hemodynamic and myocardial changes that lead to heart problems. Depression and anxiety also lead to heart diseases.


Depression can lead to the hardening of arteries which is commonly known as Atherosclerosis. It is also estimated that depression can cause platelets in the blood to become sticky to a very large extent. Over stickiness of platelets make blood clots which can eventually lead to cardiovascular diseases. People diagnosed with heart disease are at high risk of developing depression. Smoking also causes heart diseases.

Lack of Physical Exercise

Lack of physical exercise is a major cause of heart problems. People who do aerobic exercises on daily basis have a low risk of developing such kind of disorder. Physically active people have relatively lower blood pressure and higher insulin sensitivity. Physical exercise is not only beneficial for your cardiovascular health but also for your spinal health.
Heart attack is the most common and well-known form of heart disease. This occurs when muscles of the heart begin to die due to a lack of enough quantity of oxygen. The second name of heart attack is myocardial Infarction. Coronary artery disease is the main cause of heart attack. Symptoms of a heart attack include pain and aching sensation in the chest or arms that spread to the neck and jaw. Shortness of breath also occurs during a heart attack.
Heart failure is also a form of cardiovascular disease during which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to peripheral parts of the body. Heart failure is also caused by coronary heart disease as well as high blood pressure.

Prevention of heart diseases

Patient having a consultation with doctor
Patient having a consultation with doctor

Heart diseases are not difficult to control. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can easily prevent certain risk factors of cardiovascular diseases up to 90%.
Following are simple techniques to control cardiovascular disorders:
Exercise is one of the main tools for this purpose. Only 30 minutes of exercise per day could be beneficial to a greater extent.
Alleviate stress level is very helpful in this case. You should spend time with people you love and stay away from negative people, you should get enough sleep.
Quit smoking in order to get rid of heart problems.
Eat foods that are free of cholesterol and trans-fat. Consume fresh and healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dark chocolate.

What should you do if you are having a heart attack?

A heart attack is a serious medical emergency and requires proper medical care and treatment. It is better if treatment starts as soon as possible. While waiting for help, swallow an Aspirin. Call your local emergency number. If a person is unconscious during a heart attack, CPR should per performed.
There are also some warning signs of heart attack:
Chest pain
Cold sweats
Nausea or Vomiting
Pain in arms, shoulder, neck, and jaw region

In united-states alone, one person dies every 36 seconds from heart-related health issues.
Around half a million people die in United-stated due to heart diseases. The main reason for this tragedy is the bad habits of people these days. Lack of exercise and healthy diet had contributed a lot. Heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and arrhythmia are the four main heart diseases in United-states. Most obese people are found in the US. According to a survey, an average American eats 2 burgers per day. Poor eating habits and sluggish lifestyle has a major role in such cases.
Cardiovascular problems are not very hard to control. Only adopting a healthy lifestyle can improve the condition. Stay away from junk food and exercise a lot.

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