Normal Behaviors of 1 year Old Child


This article is about compulsory behaviors of 1 year old child. There are 5 areas of life that are of special needs and focuses at this age.

  1. Social skills
  2. Language skills
  3. Self – care
  4. Motor skills
  5. Cognitive abilities

Social skills

This area includes all the social activities that are necessary for 1 year old child. If your child is lacking any of these behaviors then u need to teach that particular behavior to your child for his/her better developmental abilities.

Necessary behaviors of this area are following:

  • Sees passerby or See the others when someone’s passes
  • He/she smiles when gets attention from adults
  • Trying to speak when gets attention from others
  • He/she looks at his hands, smiles and makes noises
  • He smiles when he is with family members
  • The child smiles when others give different impressions
  • Seeing his/her reflection in the mirror, makes different sounds and smiles
  • He/she slaps others in the face or put his/her hand in the face when he/she hugs them
  • If a toy or object is given, he/she clings to it
  • Trying to reach acquaintances
  • By looking at other children, attracts towards them
  • The child inspects the given toys for one minute
  • He grasps the objects in his hand and looks at them carefully
  • Plays on its own when left alone
  • Looks closely after 2-3 minutes of concentration
  • If others are busy, he/she plays alone for 15-20 minutes
  • Attracts others by making various sounds
  • Tries to copy adults
  • He/she shakes hands and tries to say goodbye by waving hand
  • Give his/her toys and food to others
  • Attracted when his/her name is called
  • Loves the person he/she know
  • Shakes the toys also presses the toys
  • Looks at things upside down
  • When asked, raises his/her hand and gives things
  • Mimics other children’s movements during play

Language Skills

Here are all the language skills of 1 year old child.                            

If your child is lacking any of these behaviors then u need to teach that particular behavior to your child for his/her healthy language development skills.

  • The sound of a letter comes out three times in a row
  • Repeat the voices of adults
  • If something is done in front of his/her, he/she tries to do it by his own
  • Understands when something is said with a gesture
  • If he/she doing something and it is forbidden he/she stops doing that
  • Indicates responses to small questions
  • Plays two different words together
  • Mimics the fluctuations of others words
  • If others talk, they make noises in response
  • Speaks five different words


These are the important self-care behaviors of 1 year old child. If your child is lacking any of these behaviors then u need to teach that particular behavior to your child for his/her better development.

  • Sucks and swallows
  • Swallows light food
  • Scattered food is eaten with the help of parents
  • Drink in a cup with the help of parents
  • Eats relatively solid food with the help of parents
  • Eats with the help of fingers

Motor Skills

Motor skills includes all the body movements. In this area, you will see all the necessary movements that child must have during first year of life. This area covers a lot of behaviors.

If your child is lacking any of these behaviors then u need to teach that particular behavior to your child for his/her healthy motor abilities.

Movements that child of 1 year must possess are:

  • Reaches the object lying in the distance
  • Grabs an object lying two to three inches away
  • Reaches the object lying in front and grabs it
  • Grabs what he/she like
  • Takes things in the mouth
  • When he/she is lying upside down, he raises his head and chest by putting pressure on his arm
  • Raises his/her head and chest with one arm
  • Take things in his/her mouth and bites them and tries to feel them with his tongue
  • If lie on stomach, sometimes turns over
  • When lying on stomach, turn around and straighten up
  • Slide forward on his/her abdomen
  • If lie down straight, he/she will take a turn
  • When lying down straight, he/she will turn upside down by his/her own
  • He/she tries to sit by holding the finger of an adult
  • Turns the head to help the body
  • Can sit for 2 minutes
  • Gives something in the other hand to hold something new in the other hand
  • Picks and holds things as needed
  • Stands with full support
  • If put your hand under his/her armpit for giving support to stand, he/she bounces up and down
  • He/she walks on his/her knees to pick up something lying two steps away
  • Sits by itself
  • He/she stands with his/her hands on his/her knees
  • He/she sits without the support of his/her hand
  • Throws the ball by his/her hand
  • Moves things from one hand to the other
  • Hold two small pieces in one hand
  • Stands by itself
  • Lifts the object with the help of finger and thumb
  • Crawls on his/her knees
  • Reaches the object on his/her knees
  • Food licked with the mouth
  • Can stand alone for one minute
  • Takes things out of the box
  • Turn the pages of books or small stories
  • Take things out with the spoon
  • When he/she stands up, he/she sits down
  • Claps
  • Walk with the support of others
  • Can walk some steps alone without the support of others

Cognitive Skills

This area covers the basic cognitive abilities that are compulsory for the healthy well-being of child.

If your child is having any difficulty related to cognitive skills, you need to teach your child that behavior.

Important behaviors of this area are the following:

  • If a cloth is put over his/her face and eyes, he/she tries to catch it or play with it
  • Trying to find something hidden
  • Trying to get something out of the box
  • Seeing someone else picks up or pulls something out of the box
  • At the request of an adult, he/she picks up the thing and puts it in box
  • Gives an impression on a sounding toy
  • He/she puts and takes out at least three things in the box himself/herself
  • Takes the object in one hand and then in the other
  • Gets the item hidden under the box
  • Makes a train out of three pieces or blocks and pushes it
  • Lifts a round object in three different shapes
  • Can put something round like putting a pencil in the hole
  • Makes easy moves when asked
  • Can takes things out of the box one by one
  • Indicates two or three parts of the body
  • Place three blocks on top of each other when asked
  • Keep things together that are alike
  • Draw lines with the pencil
  • Indicates when his/her name is mentioned
  • Takes a look at something new

So these were the complete checklist of behaviors of 1 year old child. If your child is lacking any of these behavior after 1st year of life then he/she is facing developmental delay in that area of life that will affect his/her growth or development in later life. I hope this article will be helpful for all of those who were looking for all the compulsory behaviors of 1 year old child. All the necessary behaviors of 2 years old child will be discussed in next article.

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