August Month


 “August month breeze –perched on the flame tree, a red, -vented bulbul” –Meeta Alhuwalia

August is the last month of the summer season. In a yearly calendar, August month comes at the 8th number. This month has 31 days.

August month’s weather in Northern Hemisphere is similar to the weather February month has in Southern Hemisphere. August month has two zodiac signs: Leo and Virgo. People who are born between the 1st of August to the 22nd of August have the Leo zodiac sign. Whereas those people, who are born from the 22nd of August to the 31st of August come under the Virgo zodiac sign.


August month was previously known as Sextilis month in the Roman calendar. Why Sextilis? Because August month was the 6th month of the Roman calendar and Sextilis means 6. In 8BCE Sextilis month was renamed secondly to honor the first Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. Augustus was actually the title of that time emperor because of his victories. This Latin word Augustus means “the great” or “valuable”.

During Roman times August month has 31 days. King Numa had expanded the calendar from ten to twelve months. After King introduced January and February August month reduced to 29 days. Due to rebellion pressure, the Roman senate changed the beginning of the civil year from March to January. Therefore, August month became the 8th month.

When Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar system, he then expanded the August month to 31 days.

August month has the following some historical names:

  • Roman: Sextilis (Augustus)
  • Germanic: Ernte Mond (Harvest month)
  • Saxon: Weod Montha (Weed month)
Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar
Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar

August Month in Other Languages

We pronounce August month differently in different languages. Following are some names which August month has in other languages:

  • Bayuè (Chinese mandarin)
  • August (Danish)
  • Août (French)
  • Agosto (Italian) (Spanish)
  • Augustus (Latin) (Dutch)
  • Ow-goost (German)
  • Awissu (Maltese)
  • Gusht (Albanian)
  • Avqust (Azerbaijani)
  • August (Romanian)
  • Oqnuտnu (Armanian)
  • Lúnasa (Irish)
  • Sìerpień (Polish)
  • Ðáng Kính Trọng (Vietnamese)
  • Aĝustos (Turkish)
  • Aukake (Hawaiian)

Important Days of August Month

Following are some important days which come or happened in the month of August:

  • 1st August – 7th August –World Breastfeeding week (WHO)
  • 1st August –International Friendship Day / Worlds Lung Cancer Day
  • 4th August –International Clouded Leopard Day
  • 5th August –International Traffic Light Day
  • 6th August –International Beer Day
  • 8th August –World Cat Day
  • 9th August –International Day of World’s Indigenous People
  • 10th August –World Lion Day
  • 11th August –World Calligraphy Day
  • 12 August –International Youth Day
  • 13th August –International Left Handers Day
  • 19th August –Worlds Photography Day                                
  • 19th August –Worlds Humanitarian Day
  • 20th August –World Mosquito Day / International Day of Emergency Transport
  • 21st August –International Day of Remembrance and tribute to Victims of Terrorism
  • 22nd August –Commemoraty of Victims of Acts of Violence based on Religion or Belief
  • 23rd August –Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its abolition
  • 24th August –International Strange Music Day
  • 27th August –Worlds Rock Paper Scissor Day
  • 28th August –International Read Comics in Public Day
  • 29th August –International Day against Nuclear Test
  • 30th August –International Day of Victims of enforced Disappearances
  • 31st August –International Day of People of African Descent

Well-known People Birthdays in August Month

Famous people who born in the month of August are following:

  • Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (1st August) –Former King of Saudi Arabia
  • Dennis Prager (2nd August) –American writer, speaker, radio and television commentator, theologian
  • Barak Obama (4th August) –44th President of the United States
  • Megan, Duchess of Sussex (4th August) –American former actress, wife of Prince Harry
  • Neil Arm Strong (5th August) –American astronaut, first person to walk on the moon
  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson (6th August) -British Poet laureates
  • Mata Hari (7th August) –Dutch exotic dancer and spy
  • Elizabeth Báthory (7th August) –Hungarian countess known for being a serial killer
  • Shawn Mendas (8th August) –Canadian singer, song writer and a model
  • Whitney Houston (9th August) –American singer, actress, model and record producer
  • Kylie Jenner (10th August) – American TV star and fashion designer
  • Chris Hemsworth (11th August) –Australian actor
  • Muhammed Zia Ul Haq (12th August) –longest reigning Dictator of Pakistan
  • Sharjeel Khan (14th August) –Pakistani cricketer
  • Ansar Burney (14th August) –Pakistan human and civil rights activist
  • Jenifer Lawrence (15th August) –American actress
  • Madonna (16th August) –American singer, song writer and actress
  • Muhammed Shah (17th August) –Mughal emperor of India
  • Patrick Swayze (18th August) –American actor, dancer, singer and song writer
  • Bill Clinton (19th August) –American Lawyer, politician, 42nd President of US
  • Coco Chanel (19th August) –French fashion designer
  • Demi Lovato (20th August) –American singer, songwriter, actress and author
  • Dua Lipa (22nd August) –British singer and song writer
  • Dorothy Parker (22nd August) –American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist
  • Kim Petras (27th August) –German singer
  • Michael Jackson (29th August) –Legendary singer, famously known as “King of Pop”

Personality Traits of August Month

Some unique and interesting personality traits which August-born people have are following:

  • August born people are very confident, practical, and also very hardworking.  
  • Due to their outspoken and witty nature they become the center of attraction which they also enjoy.
  • These people are very strong mentally and physically.
  • August born people also have a very strong will.
  • Because of their high confidence they can be good leaders.
  • August born people are extrovert and also have kind hearted nature.
  • These people are very good listeners as well.
  • They can easily get along with everyone and make great conversations.
  • August born people are likely to be day dreamers.
  • These people love to get royalty treatment.
  • On sensitive issues August born people are likely to be private and need theirs me-time now and then.
  • It is very difficult to impress August born people. They have a very selective nature.
  • They often become stubborn.
  • August born people have fearless personality and love to take risks.
  • They can be sometimes very loud, boisterous and revengeful.
  • August born people want someone who really love them. These people have a very mysterious but charming and attractive personality.
  • They are very protective, honest highly romantic and most loyal person for people they love.
  • These people also have dominant, judgmental, egoistic, head strong and aggressive nature.

Pakistan Independence Day

14th August is a very important day for Pakistan. On 14th August 1947, Pakistan achieved independence. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan. On this day Pakistan came into existence. After the end of the British Raj Pakistan was declared a sovereign nation.

 There is a national holiday on this day in Pakistan. Pakistanis celebrate this day full of zeal and zest. Every boy and girl, young and old are in full enthusiasm and feels very patriotic. Many events happen on this day. Main ceremony held in Islamabad. The national flag is hoisted at every government and private buildings which is also followed by the national anthem. There are flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural events in government places.

Patriotic songs are playing everywhere. Every house, street, the building is decorated with green fairy lights, flags, and strings of flags. This day is an occasion of patriotism and national unity. There are lots of fireworks and airshows happen on this day to celebrate. People used to wear green and white dresses and badges on 14th August. On this day many people visit Quaid Mazar and Minar-e-Pakistan. We celebrated the 74th anniversary of Independence Day on 14th August 2021.

Pakistan Independence Day
Pakistan Independence Day

Sturgeon Moon

August full moon is named as sturgeon moon. The reason behind naming this moon as sturgeon moon was that giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lakes Champlain were caught during this part of summer.

Sturgeon is a prehistoric-looking fish that have been traced back around 136 million years ago. Many people call them “living fossils”. Due to overfishing in the 19th century, Lake Sturgeon is quite rare today.

August moon is also known as a blue moon. Why because this moon is the third full moon out of four that occurs in a single season. It is a seasonal blue moon. The summer season has 4 moons. So when there are 4 moons in a single season then the third moon that comes in the series is considered a blue moon.

There are many other names of the August moon which are following:

  • Flying up Moon (Cree term) –This is the time when young birds learn to fly.
  • Corn Moon –Algonquin, Ojibwe term
  • Harvest Moon –Dakota term
  • Ricing Moon (Anishinaabe term) –This is the time to gather mature crops
  • Black Cherries Moon –Assiniboine people named this moon. This is the time when chokecherries’ become ripe.
  • Mountain Shadows Moon –Tlingit people of the Pacific Northwest had called this time of the season by this name.

Full Sturgeon, Blue moon of August appeared on 22 August 2021.

Sturgeon Moon
Sturgeon Moon

August Birthstones

This month has 3 birthstones:

  • Sardonyx
  • Peridot
  • Spinel


Sardonyx is the traditional birthstone of August month. This gemstone is one of the most ancient August birthstones. Sardonyx was used for seals and signet rings in Roman times. At the time of battles, Roman soldiers wore images of Mars carved sardonyx rings for protection.

This birthstone symbolizes courage, clear communication, happiness. It brings solidity to marriage and partnerships.

Sardonyx gemstone is a combination of sard and onyx. Sard refers to the ancient Percian city, Sardis. Sardis is now Turkey where red stones were found at that time. Onyx is a Greek word that means nail or claw. Sard ranges from yellowish red to reddish-brown. When Sard and onyx combine together to form reddish zebra stripped Sardonyx gemstone with white bands.

India is one of the prominent sources of sardonyx. Other sources of this birthstone are Brazil, Germany, United States, Madagascar, and Uruguay.

Sardonyx gemstones


This is the modern gemstone of August month. Peridot is popular for its beautiful charismatic lime green glow. It was believed in older times that peridot was a gift of mother’s nature. We can also present this gemstone as a gift.

This gemstone gives magical power and healing properties to the wearer. It protects against nightmares. People often confused Peridot gemstone with topaz and emerald due to its greenish-yellow color.

Three Holy Kings shrine in Germany is decorated with 200 carats of peridot gemstones. It was believed that these stones on the shrine were emeralds but actually, they are not. Some historians even believed that Cleopatra’s famous collection of emeralds also had some peridots as well.

Peridot gemstone formed from the depth of Earth. This stone is formed when Hawaiian volcanoes erupt and come to the surface. In Hawaii, peridot stone symbolizes Goddess Pele who is the goddess of fire and volcanoes.

Moreover, this gemstone is also known as priests’ jewelry. Peridot protects the wearer from evils spirits and terrors of the night. The word peridot is an Arabic word.

In ancient Egyptian times, this green stone was also known as the ‘Gem of the Sun’. At that time these gemstones came from deposits on a small volcanic island called Topazios in the Red sea.

In Pakistan, ‘Kashmir peridots’ are some of the finest peridots ever found. These are more than 100 carats. The most productive sources of peridot gemstone are Arizona. Here 80 to 90 percent of the world’s peridot is present. Other sources are Egypt, Kenya, Australia, Norway, Sri Lanka, Mexico and the United States.

People also use Peridot gemstone to celebrate the 16th wedding anniversary.

Peridot gemstone
Peridot gemstone


Spinel is also the modern birthstone of the month of August. This birthstone has a range of colors: Intense red, purple, orange, vibrant pink, blue, violet and bluish green. Most of the time people confuse Spinal gemstone with rubies.

In previous times people thought that spinel had powers to cure all types of blood loss and inflammatory diseases. It helps to ease anger and promote harmony. People use Spinel gemstone to celebrate the 22nd anniversary.

Spinel gemstones are so naturally lustrous that locals called them ‘spirit polished’. The famous Imperial State Crown has red spinel gemstones.

Sources of this gemstone are Tajikistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria and Brazil.

Spinel gemstone
Spinel gemstone

August Birth flowers

Gladiolus and Poppy are two birth flowers of August month. The essence of sunny late summer days has been captured by these vibrant showy flowers.

Gladiolus Flower

The Gladiolus flower also has the second name: “sword lily”. It has a long skinny shape with sharp leaves. This bold bloom found in red, pink, yellow, orange, purple and white colors.

This flower symbolizes calmness, remembrance, strength, infatuation, integrity, sincerity, moral character and honor.

The Gladiolus flower was very famous in ancient Roman times. At that time gladiator champions after their winning public showered and covered them with lots of gladiolus flowers. That’s why people call these flowers ‘gladiators’.

This flower is also the 40th-anniversary flower. During the 17th or 18th century this flower originated in South Africa. Because of its shape, this flower is named after the Latin word ‘gladius’ meaning sword.

By giving a gladiolus flower as a gift also means love at first sight or gift’s giver is pierced with love.

  • Red Gladiolus –signifies maternal love
  • Pink Gladiolus –symbolizes compassion
  • White Gladiolus –represent innocence and purity
  • Yellow Gladiolus –shows joy and cheerfulness
  • Purple Gladiolus –signifies charm and grace
Gladiolus flowers
Gladiolus flowers

Poppy Flower

This beautiful poppy flower is famous for its bright red color. some people say that poppy flowers especially the white ones bloomed in battles. In ancient times poppy flowers had healing powers. This flower comes in many shapes and forms.

UK, Canada and France people also wore this flower on Armistice Day. Poppy is a symbol of remembrance for those people who lost their lives in WW1 and also hope for a future with peace. It further gives people the strength of character and imagination.

  • Red Poppy – represents pleasure, passionate love of two people and also remembrance of fallen soldiers
  • White Poppy –symbolizes consolation
  • Yellow Poppy –gives wishes for wealth, success and prosperity
  • Opium Poppy –signifies sleep, peace and death of legends
  • Red poppy is the national flower of Belgium, Poland because it matches red color of their flag.
  • Blue poppy is the national flower of Bhutan and it also widely grows on slopes of Tibet.
  • California poppy is USA state flower for California.
Red Poppy Flowers
Red Poppy Flowers

Fun Facts of August

  • In August 1762, Sandwich was firstly made. Sandwich is named after Earl of Sandwich. He was the one who requested to have meat between two pieces of bread.
  • Many cultures named this month the “Harvest Month”.In August month most of the vegetables are ripe and ready to be collect.
  • In Sweden, August is popular baby name.
  • On 21 August, Mona Lisa painting was stolen from Louvre Gallery. After that it was not recovered for 2 years.
  • Second World War was over in August 1945.
  • On August 1896, there was a start of Gold Rush in Alaska.
  • Coca-Cola was first sold UK in August.

August Month Quotes

  • “May August wind blow you in the right direction” –De philosopher DJ Kyos
  •  “August, the summer last messenger of misery, is a hollow actor” –Henry Rollins
  • “August rain: The best of summer has gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time” –Sylvia Plath
  • “August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied.” –Joseph Wood Krutch

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