8 signs That Provoke You To Break Up With Your mobile

upset at mobile

Wait! What? Breakup with mobile but why? Isn’t it that because of heading you are thinking that why we need to break up with our mobiles? Because mobile is in our hearts. We can’t live without it. Our whole world revolves around mobile. And as we all know breakups are always difficult for everyone. It has several consequences and pain. It is not easy to do break up with anyone or with a materialistic aspect. But sometimes it is necessary for you to free yourself from constant headaches or pain. You have to let it go if you are not comfortable with anything. Well, in this case, mobile is something that is very dear to all of us. We care for mobiles like our babies. Like when anyone falls we say it is ok to get up but when our mobile falls we all miss a heartbeat… hehe, it’s funny!


Actually, the idea of writing this is that I have been noticing that we all face some troubles while using our mobiles but we neglect it because of different reasons but I think these are some issues that you have to deal with first. Because we all want best for ourselves and we all deserve the best as well! Mobile is not a gadget only it has now become a part of our personality. Sometimes in some gatherings, it describes our status as well. Probably we all fascinated with those people who have trending mobiles like iPhones or Samsung etc. So I am going to tell you some interesting things that I am sure we all somehow suffered. 

1) Always on charging

charging problem

I think the most annoying and disturbing thing is when you are ready to go somewhere and your mobile doesn’t charge. Seriously that will be the boiling point of our selves but we always bear it and leave it on its own. It destroys our mood or our party as well. As a result, we go with a heavy heart and couldn’t enjoy as much as we thought that we would. But I think whenever this problem arises you should consider changing your phone for sure.

2) Can’t capture when you want

never capture beautiful pictures
can’t capture beautiful pictures

We all love to take photographs of our precious or memorable moments. We always want to keep those moments with us. Our events are not supposed to be complete with photographs we take 100s of pictures of one event and imagine the pain that how embarrassing it is that when you unable to do that and you have to borrow someone else mobile to capture your pictures. Trust me, I hate it and we all hate it right? So this can be the reason that you should change your mobile.

3) Overheat when you use

Overheating can point to a variety of issues with your phone. But if the device is overheating even when you aren’t using it, you have a big problem. We all know that phones can explode after overheating. And that’s dangerous not only for you but also for the people around you. So instead of shrugging the problem off, you should either get the phone assessed by a repair technician or replace it with a new smartphone.

4) Not a night friendly

Have you ever tried to capture a moon’s picture? Have you ever try to capture something fascinating at night but unable to do that? Night has its own beauty. We need to capture those strange views but unfortunately can’t do that. This means that your mobile isn’t a night friendly thing.

5) The phone is extremely slow and can’t speed up

slow mobile
slow mobile system

There are a few easy ways to keep things moving at a steady clip, even on a phone that’s past its prime. (Think to keep your software updated, getting rid of unneeded files, uninstalling a few apps, taking a second look at the device’s settings, or even resetting your phone.) But if the device is moving painfully slowly, and none of these steps help to speed it up, chances are good you should just replace it.

6) The headphone jack is annoyingly nit-picking

If it takes you upwards of five minutes to get your headphones connected to your phone properly, that’s a good sign that you should begin thinking about buying a new phone. Sure, an unreliable headphone jack isn’t the worst thing in the world (especially if you own, or wouldn’t mind owning, a pair of Bluetooth headphones). But that headphone jack may just be the first component to go. So now might be a good time to start looking for a replacement.

7) Never gives you a deeper look

never gives you proper look
never gives clear look of things

If we look around there are many beautiful things exist in this world. Nature has several things that we love to capture and keep those moments with us forever. Most of us are nature’s lovers. These things appeal and attract us towards them and when we going to capture them ahh! Our mobile is not good enough to capture that. Though such a sad moment. Seems like we want to see the world through the lens. It gives us pleasure. But we just leave it because we don’t have the best lens to capture it.

8) Never compliments you

never compliments you
doesn’t go with personality

We are living in a society where everything matters your personality, status, your accessories, and your mobile as well. When you are ready to go anywhere you focus on the dress and every little detail though you are looking very pretty but when you go out and you are between the people who have the best mobiles complimenting their personalities. That is the weak moment for you and you lose your confidence. Seems like a mobile is not our personal choice sometimes we choose it according to our circle so we can flaunt our mobile.

Ending thoughts

After realizing all the above factors somehow we all are thinking in our heads that yeah we are the victim of these issues but it seems like we are attached to our mobiles that much that leaving it is not easy. But don’t be sad! Everything needs change. So be a brave one, change your mobile and enjoy the world with new beauty. I am sure once you will cover these issues you will be in love with your new mobile. I am going to change it for sure what is your choice?

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