10 Most Desirable Places To Visit In Maldives

best maldives places to visit

We all work day and night for the betterment of our future. Sometimes we don’t even have time for our family and friends. We don’t even do proper rest as much as we need because our future is more important for us as compared to our relaxation. But there is a time to come when we decide to give a break to our self and plan a vacation with our loved one. To get relaxation from the workload and all the worries. Here comes a real problem where we should go? Isn’t it? Similarly, I am sure most of us had these thoughts when we plan our vacations. For the reason that everyone has a different taste or preference for their vacation’s destination. It seems like some people like beaches or some people like hill areas. So it is quite difficult to choose a perfect destination for everyone’s choice.

Reasons to choose

If you are a beach lover or you love beaches over everything so I think the Maldives is the best choice to go to for your dream vacation. As you know it has several beaches that are worldwide known.  The Maldives Islands are a series of coral atolls built up from the crowns of a submerged ancient volcanic mountain range. All the islands are low-lying, none rising to more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) above sea level. Barrier reefs protect the islands from the destructive effects of monsoons. The atolls have sandy beaches, lagoons, and luxuriant growth of coconut palms, together with breadfruit trees and tropical bushes. Fish abound in the reefs, lagoons, and seas adjoining the islands; sea turtles are caught for food and for their oil, a traditional medicine. So I am going to share some of the fantastic places of the Maldives that will surely blow your mind.

1) Hulhumale Island

hulhumale island

the first exotic place to visit in the Maldives is a hulhumale Island. Likewise, It is also the home of the Velana international airport, which is the main gateway to these paradisiacal islands for most. If you are there then I think you must do these 5 places to make your trip memorable. First is hulhumale beach it is at a distance of 2km from the airport. 2nd is Centro mall, then 3rd one is most favorite for most of us is water sports. The fourth one is the sea house that is famous for its seafood. and last but not least is the hulhumale central park. The best place to admire nature and games.

2) Como Cocoa Island

como cocoa island

COMO Cocoa Island has around 33 water villas. Each offer only the best facilities. the island has white powder sand and it is famous for the spa retreatment. The most exciting thing you can do in Como Cocoa Island is mesmerizing night snorkeling. I think the sea lovers won’t miss that opportunity. If you are on your honeymoon then I guess a romantic sandbank dinner is a perfect plan to make. Then courageous windsurfing is also there for those who really live a life beyond the clouds.

3) Baros island

baros island

Baros is a highly rated and popular island in the Maldives. With sun-kissed beaches and boutique luxury resort, this island is famous for its natural elegance and beautiful corals. Ventures you can enjoy in Baros island are dive center; it is a good place for diving’s lover because they also give a rudimentary course for diving. then snorkeling is also fun to do. Then a must visit the place is Marine Center. it is seriously a delight scene for eyes. then water sports are also available there.

4) Emboodhu Finolhu Island


One of the best attractions about this island is perhaps the arrangement of the water villas in the shape of a flower bud. the main beauty of this island is that it is featuring 55 villas and a famous taj exotica resort that is the center of attraction for everyone. the facilitate you with best services. the spa treatment is revitalizing for everyone. as it is near to the airport the jetboat is also available for those who are interested.

5) Mihiri Island

mihiri island

The resort in Mihiri island is perhaps built for those who love a complete detoxing environment as no television sets are provided. I mean, why would you even need one? it is best to go for your honeymoon. they expedite you with Adam and Eva spa and much more to make your trip memorable.

6) Huvahendhoo Island

huvahendoo island

This popular place is where you can rejuvenate amid the lustrous sight of the calm water (even when you are with kids). it means that it is the best place to visit with your family and kids because they have a kids club. that is the most relaxing thing for parents as they don’t need to worry for their kids when they go for a spa their kids can stay in the kids club.

7) Rangali Island

rangali island

Owned by the Hilton Hotels group, this is called the all-rounder place as it is best for everyone. the whole family can enjoy because they also have a kids club. luxuriate in snorkeling and diving as well as island hopping, fishing, dolphin sighting and more (it depends on the weather).

8) Kanuhura island,

kanuhura island

Expect to get pampered in Kanuhura island, apart from its unparalleled beauty that baffles the visitors, it has a resort of the same name and it comes equipped with luxurious 5-star hotel decor and luxe amenities. It is also famous for it is indoor games as well as their activities like fishing and snorkeling and the seafood is above all.

9) Halaveli island

halaveli island

Surrounded by water on all sides, you may feel isolated (only with a want to never go back). it is the best place and you won’t regret spending money there. because it has the best facilities for the family. kids can enjoy tv as well. they have a satellite system so parents can enjoy their activities, as well as kids, enjoy their activities.

10) Banana Reef

banana reef

This is the best place for those who love diving. the place called banana reef because of its shape that is similar to a banana. it has the best diving institutes over there. you can experience the most exotic marine life at this place. it is famous for its scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

Final thoughts

Wow! I mean seriously! after getting the knowledge of Maldives and it is mesmerizing beaches I can’t resist myself not to go there. This place is seriously a paradise on land. It feels like the creator of the universe has made many beautiful places that we should discover. Because life seems like is too short, so do work hard for your future but you also have to plan to visit all those beautiful places. Hence I’ll plan my dream vacation for sure. What is your plan?

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