8 Amazing Uses of Lemons

Uses of Lemons

Sure, lemons are delightful in hot tea, squeezed over seafood, or as a fab summertime drink garnish, but there’s so much more this vibrant citrus fruit can do for you! From lightening your hair to making your own dish soap, read on to discover 8 amazing uses of lemons.

1. Lemons Remove Stains

Combine lemon juice with a little salt and this powerful mixture can take the stain out of anything!

“You can use lemon juice and salt to clean coffee stains from the glass coffee carafe in your coffee maker,” suggests Danna Norek, the owner of “It works because of the acid/alkaline balance of the salt with the lemon juice.”

2. Lemons Freshen Up Stinky Places

Lemons are known for their refreshing aroma and deodorizing capabilities, but they can be used for so much more than freshening up your fridge.

“Put discarded lemon rinds down your garbage disposal and run it to freshen up your drain,” suggests Norek. “It prevents odors from building up. This also helps to clean out the disposal, especially when you add some ice with the lemon rinds.”

3. You Can Use Them to Make Dish Soap

Looking to use something slightly less abrasive on your dishes? Use lemon water to create your own gentle dish soap.

“Since I am allergic to all commercial dish soaps and recently moved to a place without a dishwasher, I was in a bit of a pickle,” explains blogger Leanna Reece. “I tried making my own dish soap previously and failed miserably, but I finally figured out what works – lemon water!” 

4. Lemons Can Keep Your Pet Clean

Lemons can be used to clean a whole lot more than just your dishes. How about as a cleanser for your animals?

“Each time we cut up a lemon, we keep part of the rind and rub it all over our cat,” says Monika Wahi, a public health reporter. “She enjoys the not-so-wet spa bath, licks it off a little, and then smells lemon-fresh all day!”

5. You Can Use Them to Make Your Own Deodorant

Not interested in using artificial, aluminum, or paraben deodorant?Go natural with lemons!

Many people use lemon juice to make natural deodorant because the citric acid in it can kill odor-causing bacteria. The lemon has such a strong fresh scent and it’s a great way to deodorize.” 

6. They Exfoliate Your Skin

Lemon juice may have the power to lighten your hair, but it also can lighten those dark spots on your skin.

“Rich in vitamin C and citric acid, lemons help promote the turnover of dead skin cells to reveal soft, smooth skin with an even complexion,” says Chanelle White, a holistic beauty expert. “A tip I give my clients is to store used lemons from morning lemon water in the refrigerator for an evening facial mask. With clean skin, take half a lemon and massage onto the face avoiding the eyes, then leave it on for ten minutes and rinse.”

7. They Soothe Stings

If you’re stung by a wasp, hornet or bee, reach for a lemon.

“Make sure the stinger is gone, and quickly rub the area with some lemon juice,” suggests Bruce Lubin, a best-selling author who shares several amazing uses for lemons in his book, Who Knew? “It will neutralize the venom and soothe the sting.”

8. Lemons Help You Lose Weight

From adding a sweet aroma to giving you glowing skin, we’ve learned lemons can do some amazing things, but did you know they can also help keep you svelte?

“To help my clients reach their fitness goals, I advise them to drink a cup of warm water with lemon in it upon rising in the morning,” says Joy Dixon, a health and lifestyle coach. “It jumpstarts their digestive system and gently cleanses the liver.”

Dixon suggests adding a teaspoon of organic lemon juice, or two lemon slices, to your water and sipping on it throughout the day. You’ll stay hydrated and satisfied between meals!

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