5 Reasons Why Moms Make The Best Employees

5 Reasons Why Moms Make The Best Employees

“But who would want to hire me? I’m not worth anything, am I? Really?” 
This is a question I hear over and over from women who have chosen to stay at home to raise their families. They’ve made big contributions to our society, often unrecognized and unpaid, and are now ready to become significant contributors to our workforce.  Here are 5 specific reasons why returning Moms make the best employees: 

1. Professionalism: 

She will not distract your clients from the business at hand by showing her cleavage, tattoos, body piercings, flip flops, by flipping her hair, or saying “UM” or “LIKE…” 

2. Schedule Coordination: 

You will never meet a professional better equipped to manage multiple schedules than a Mom. Besides, conflicting sports and activities, travel schedules along with the huge amounts of paperwork associated with each, make them pros at this. As a matter of fact, they are so adept at this that they know. How to face complete chaos in a calm and professional manner. 

3. Organizational Ability: 

However, one of the above happens without keen planning. Furthermore, uniforms must be washed, bags must be packed- water bottles, completed homework, snacks and sunscreen, permission slips and bathing, including checking/ clipping 20 finger/toenails per person must happen in advance. 
If one detail is missed, the entire schedule can fall apart and they will be called on the carpet- either by a disappointed child (much more painful than a disapproving boss), or by a school and/or coach (too embarrassing to mention). The level of accountability far surpasses any business environment I have ever worked in, which includes Fortune 100 companies. 

4. Loyalty: 

If any one demographic knows and understands the importance of loyalty and “giving back”, this is it. These women know how to appreciate a job and flexibility. As an employer, if you can offer what this employee needs, you will get it back four-fold. They will treat your business as though it is theirs. And they will tell all their friends about you- so you see? Finally, free marketing built right in! 

5. People Management: 

Anyone who has ever managed people knows that one of the most difficult groups to manage has to be volunteers. The variety of personalities and agendas among people who are not being paid. They are emotionally involved could drive a person nuts. The volunteer leader’s intuitive ability to “see all sides” and maintain harmony within a group like this is definitely worthy of international acclaim. And, they know how to manage their own demographic, in addition to understanding how the minds of the Millennials and Gen Y-s tick! 


Additionally, some more good news. There are companies out there looking for our demographic. However, they are not opposed to flexibility, and they do recognize our value. So when you’re out there, be sure to find the right “fit”- a company or organization that understands and appreciates your value, and respects your experience. That’s where you’ll be the happiest, and you deserve that!

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