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7 reasons that are ruining your Love-Life

7 reasons that are ruining your Love-Life

Love! It’s an intimidating word. Why should it not be intimidating? What would “Love” feel if it’s not blended right with intimidation. The overrated cliché picture of love is all about beauty, butterflies, and bliss. But we all know it’s not the whole truth, the three B’s are accompanied with a single F of Fear. There is a constant fear of losing your loved one. It may fade away in some joyous moments but it never goes away. This fear could be the very reason for the ruin of your love life, and it may fuel the other impulsive actions which might cause the end of your relationship. Some of such reasons are as below:

1- Not respecting eachother’s personal boundaries

No matter in what stage of your relationship you are in, or how close you are. You always have to create personal boundaries. Which should not be annexed at any cost. You don’t have to know everything about your lover. That’s right there is no rule like this. If the other person is not comfortable with sharing something either space, a secret, or anything. You should never force or try to make the other person feel guilty about it. To make him/her share it with you. The right thing is to give the required time and space one needed for this change. If it’s meant to, it will come your way.

2- Do not cling to your partner

Finding a person you like is a tough job, but anyhow you managed to achieve the love of your life. Now what? Protect it like a medal? Keep him/her on a leash… the leash of love. I guess not! You don’t have to be with your partner at all times. And it includes calls and texts. The pandemic has proven his fact right. The divorce rate has spiked during the pandemic. Jokes aside, this is a very common yet lethal problems couples face. Giving your partner space is as necessary as food and water. Have some patience and trust and not always stick around.

3- Get a hobby of your own

Giving space could become hard if you always rely on your partner for everything. The solution to this problem is getting a solo hobby. Do what makes you have your own thoughts which are just yours. Thinking about your partner is cute and all. But if it’s becoming obsessive then my friend it is not cute but cruel for you and your partner as well. You have to get your mind busy with something else. You could read a book, paint something, get dance classes, or write.

4- Make your bae miss you

This is a golden rule for all lovers. Do not let your partner forget the feeling of missing you. The feeling of missing the most important person in your life hits different. This feeling tends to die when you are always there for them. It does not mean you get to deliberately ignore the other person. NO! Do it subtly by engaging yourself and not overly bothering the other person. This would make them remember you more often.

5- Try to understand your partner’s POV

You are a couple, you have to think like a couple. Not everything you are thinking is bound to be right. Try to think from your partner’s point of view and then analyze the situations accordingly.

Try to understand your partner’s Point of view
Try to understand your partner’s POV

6- Don’t constantly try to please your partner

Do not always try to get involved in what your partner would like. Doing things to please your partner is a healthy habit. But if you find yourself overdoing and excluding your own needs. That is a big wide red flag there. Don’t be Elle of the kissing booth 3. Try not to erase your happiness out of the picture.

Don't constantly try to please your partner
Don’t constantly try to please your partner

7- Do not worry too much

Do not worry about the little things. Don’t let them trouble you. Do not overthink every tiny detail. This would not be helping anyone in any way. What’s meant to be yours will always be yours. Trust the famous saying because that’s all we have to hope for “What is meant to be yours will always find its way back.” All these ideas might be overwhelming and frightening. But you have to know that’s okay. All you got to do is never letting your fear of losing love make you lose yourself. That would be the biggest loss of all.

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