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6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Body and Be a Better Lover


If you’re feeling burnt out, unattractive, and frustrated by the lack of sex, then perhaps you need to work on improving your other relationship—you know, the one with your body. Follow these 6 simple steps toward developing a more loving relationship with your body and watch the late-night bickering with your partner turn into late-night love fests.

Get to the root of the problem.

If you notice that you’re binging on ice cream followed by a full day of self-loathing, look into where those patterns are coming from. Perhaps stress from work is causing you to overeat, pick nasty fights with your significant other, and create problems that don’t exist. Investigate where the emotions are coming from in order to nip them in the bud before things get out of hand. When you get to the core of the problem by listening to your body, there’s no longer a need to ‘take it out on someone else.

Meditate on it.

When you’re disconnected from your body you lose touch of what it really wants and needs. Meditation is a great way to tune into your deepest desires and better your relationship with yourself and others. When it comes to your love life, you may be holding onto baggage from previous failed relationships or letting your insecurities get in the way. Meditation can actually help boost overall relationship satisfaction, decrease stress, and improve communication, according to an article published in Psychology Today. Want to give it a go? Check out Spiritual Guru Gabrielle Bernstein’s new ‘MediDating’ album for fearless romance.

Find an exercise that makes your body shine.

Exercise is key to a healthy heart and body. That being said, if you’re not exercising in a way that’s right for you, you’re selling yourself short. Maximize your workouts by finding an exercise that makes you feel your very best self. This will boost those feel-good endorphins along with your confidence! Not to mention, research has shown that regular exercise can amp up your sex life and overall arousal. The sexier you feel in your own skin, the sexier you become to your partner.

Stop being a mean girl.

Women can be extremely hard on themselves and their bodies. Whether you’re telling yourself your thighs are ‘too fat,’ you’re not good enough,  or you’re not pretty enough, these harmful thoughts can be quite damaging to your mind, body, and even your relationship. A woman who feels ashamed of her body typically holds back sexually or constantly puts herself down in front of her partner. Work on finding gratitude for yourself and your body by making a list of what you do have (e.g ‘I have an amazing butt!’ or ‘I have luscious lips’). When negative thoughts or comparisons come up, simply push them aside without judgment. Try this exercise with your partner for a powerful bonding experience.

Quit comparing your body

If you’re the type to constantly compare your body with your best friend’s, you’re likely the type that compares your relationship status too. Looking toward others for inspiration is great, but when we constantly strive to be someone (or something) else, that can be extremely detrimental to our relationship. By focusing on yourself and your own relationship, you’ll begin to appreciate the little things that make yours so special.

Have more fun!

It’s no doubt that when you’re having more fun, you attract an abundance of positive energy (law of attraction at its best). Not only will a life full of excitement make you feel more beautiful in your body, but you’ll also become more beautiful in the eyes of others (particularly your lover). Brainstorm ways you can add more fun and pleasure into your life such as taking your first Zumba class or attending Happy Hour with your girlfriends. This positive, youthful energy will shine through and be especially attractive to your significant other. Win, win!

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