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Does Society Need To Be More Materialistic?


You can be materialistic and happy, but for a while. It does not last long, the happiness. What is materialism? It is the comfort and satisfaction comes from lifeless objects. These include luxurious cars, lavish lifestyle, branded clothing and dining in five-star hotels. A materialistic person is the one who values his possessions more than their spiritual and ethical values. But now we are going to discuss a few benefits society can gain from being more materialistic.

People who are materialistic tend to prioritise things and objects over everything else. They may value their car more than their own child crying. Assumptions made from some of the researches have shown that highly materialistic people are often selfish and only think about themselves. When this may not be true. As it is a human being’s natural trait to have a tendency for buying stuff to make themselves as comfortable as possible. This does not make one a materialist.

First Thing To Know Why Does Society Need To Be More Materialistic

The first answer to does society need to be more realistic is yes, as it may help the economy.

We often look at these little things people tend to sell. When you visit Pakistan, for instance, you can see these little ethic objects, decorated rickshaws, buses that the embellished, carpets that reflect the colors and cultures of different part of Pakistan, etc. Tourists often come here and buy these souvenirs as gifts and goodwill. A person who finds these objects interesting is obviously a materialist but in a healthy manner. They will be buying stuff from small vendors and this will help grow the economy.

A glass globe sitting on a pile of coins and dollars. Does Society Need To Be More Materialistic?
A glass globe sitting on a pile of coins and dollars.

Other than that, the people already living in the country often tend to buy these souvenirs to either resell them in other parts of the country or to export them. This helps so many people that are involved in the making, packing, transporting and exporting of the products. Not only does it financially accomodates several people, but it also opens up new grounds for innovators and people to understand a culture. They also provide more exposure to a certain culture or ethinicity.

Second Thing To Know Why Does Society Need To Be More Materialistic

Betterment in mental health is why a society needs to be more materialistic.

Most of the people tend to buy stuff to satisfy their mental needs. It soothes them or gives them mental peace. For instance, if you have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder) you can buy fidgeting toys to for stimming. These toys help ease your daily routine for you and enhances your life style.

A person using fidgeting dice that helps ease anxiety. Does Society Need To Be More Materialistic?
A person using fidgeting dice that helps ease anxiety.

Also, buying certain things can elevate your mood, help you avoid mood swings and also refreshes and destresses you. These include inscence candles, buying a journal to write your daily routine on, even some foods like chocolate and pizzas (that are high in carbs) can elevate moods.

Materialism And Modern Society

Is our young generation way too materialistic? Or are we just overthinking quite a lot?

In this era, materialism exists in every social class. Every person has their own needs and wants but having way too many needs and wants can be considered immoral. But this is not true for every case. Morality and an individual’s personal interests have a fine line between them.

Parents of teenagers often complain of their kid’s unnecessary tantrums. These tantrums often are a result of things the parents are not able to buy for their kids. The class system in schools and colleges is the main reason for an increased materialistic mindset in our young generation.

People using gadgets and not interacting with each other representing our modern society. Does society need to be more materialistic?
People using gadgets and not interacting with each other representing our modern society.

Some students are able to afford anything they desire, while others can not. Watching students of same age owning gadgets and things one desires and cannot have them makes children depressed and irritated by their own parents.

Buying things and objects they may not even use but just to show off is a norm. These things may or may not be necessary but are bought to be showed off to maintain a status and show one’s wealth and compete with other people.

Why Does The Satisfaction Never End?

Chasing around to fulfil the happiness dream is a veryhumnaly trait. Us humans can never be truly satisfied with anything at all. Happiness is all the serotonin that floats in your head after seeing, achieving or gaining something that you desire or feel good after possessing. These does not last long. This is a major reason why people often have desires for days, months and even years but once they have that thing, the value does not remain the same but depreciates in a brief while.

A man holding a holographic infinity sign. Does society need to be more materialistic?
A man holding a holographic infinity sign.

The highs of things remain for a certain time before fading away. And this leads to getting your highs the wrong way as well. If one is not able to find the same high in things, they turn to ecstacy drugs and eventually fall into addiction that ruins their life.


Modern society as whole has developed a lot in the last century but so has the demand of materialistic things that fulfil the need of maintaining a status. Although, these things have nothing to do with status and class of a person, but the media and norms of our society have shaped them to be like that. Thus, creating a materialistic society that chases money and things in the name of happiness.

The society that neglects relationships, families and friends and chooses to be alone just for the sake of creating a fake life that they are capable of showing off on social media.

Do you ever feel like you need to know yourself as a human being more? Read this article that is based upon three things, thoughts, identity and human.

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