5 Ways To Avoid Vacation Weight Gain


We all like to indulge while we’re on vacation (think all-inclusive buffets and umbrella drinks!), and truthfully most of us pack on more weight than we took off to get in shape for the trip in the first place. It’s important to relax while you’re away, but that doesn’t mean that you should take a breather from your fitness routine. Do your body a favor and follow these five fit travel tips so you feel healthy and confident wherever you are in the world.

Pack your workout clothes.

It seems simple, but most of us don’t bother to pack them when we’re traveling. Sure, sneakers may be clunkier than some of  your other items, so just wear them on the plane, train, or bus to save room in your suitcase. It’s also a good idea to sleep in your workout clothes so you can travel comfortably—and you won’t forget them. You don’t even need to pack pajamas or bathing suits with fitness duds made by Astrosportswear. Their shorts and yoga pants are as silky as PJs, and their sports bras double as bathing suits with support, comfort and tropical patterns. Just one set goes from bed to gym to swim so there’s no excuse not to bring them.

Pack light fitness gear.

Don’t feel like bringing any fitness equipment on your trip? Invest in a small and inexpensive product called Yoga Paws. They’re sticky mat gloves for your hands and feet that you can keep in your carry-on so you can do yoga without packing a big mat. Resistance bands are also super-portable and provide a great workout, so you can throw those in your bag as well. Use mesh zippered packing cubes to store your fitness clothes so you know exactly where to find them in your suitcase. You should also pack a small travel laundry bag to separate the sweaty workout clothes from the fresh ones. Tide has an adorable blue polka-dotted one that fights odor.

Eat vegetarian as much as you can.

When in transit, treat apples, salads, veggie sides, tomato juice, and minestrone soup like gold if you see them on a menu or in a food cart. Eating like this will help you stay ‘regular’ and give you a flat belly, as well as provide good nutrition to fight colds and germs from others on the airplane. If you can’t find veggies, buy a Fiber One Bar. When at a restaurant, play the open & shut menu game. Open the menu, identify the three healthiest dishes, close the menu, and then start a conversation with those sitting with you. By the time the server comes to take your order, you’ll have forgotten about the tempting buttery or cheese-filled dishes you were initially drooling over. Once your healthy meal arrives, you’ll be satisfied and won’t even miss the fatty and fried dish you might have picked out. Plus you won’t feel bloated and can do something active, like going for a long scenic walk, after you digest your meal.

Plan an active vacation.

When figuring out your game plan for the day, schedule an early workout so you don’t mess up anyone’s travel/sightseeing itineraries. Better yet, map out a sightseeing route and run a different way each day to explore the area. Pick activities that involve a hike, walking tour, swimming, snorkeling, or an adventure park with zip lines, swinging ropes, rock wall climbing, etc.

Another tip:

Book a hotel room on a high floor that’s far away from an elevator. This will encourage you to either take the stairs or walk down the long hallway to your room/elevator which equals more calories burned. There’s also a lot less noise when you’re not near the elevator which means you’ll get better sleep.

Bring multimedia that’ll get you moving.

Create a heart-pumping selection of songs on your iPod or smartphone and bring any fitness DVDs that’ll wake up your mind and body. Check out sites like iTunes and Rock My Run to download some fun and motivating music mixes. As for fitness DVDs, try out my Nikki Fitness Fit Travel Workout. It was shot around the world in locations like China, Italy, and Mexico to prove that you can fit in a workout no matter where life takes you. Want a beach read? Visit Macmillan audiobooks to get some bestselling novels that you can listen to while you’re exercising. It’ll help make your workout fly by.

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