3 Reasons to Love Desk Plants: Breathing, Feeling and Thinking


Adding desk plants to your workplace can do wonders! Do you know that? Indoor plants at offices not only add beauty and elegance to the place but also prove beneficial in many ways. In fact having plants indoor in office is an effort to bring nature close to us even when we work.

Desk plants

Plants are a powerhouse of cheerfulness and wellness for your office and home. Keeping a little green plant near to you will host you with plenty of benefits; also they will uplift the beauty of your office. So learn how plants at office desk are beneficial for you.

Clear the Air

Indoor air can be shockingly polluted—up to seven times more polluted than outdoor air — especially in offices with ozone-emitting equipment like copiers, laser printers, and ultraviolet lighting. To find out if plants could mitigate ozone levels, researchers at Penn State University simulated an indoor environment in which ozone levels could be measured and regulated. They injected ozone into several chambers with plants (spider, snake, and golden pothos) and chambers without plants.In the chambers with plants, ozone levels were significantly lower than in those without.

Plants work their magic by absorbing ozone through their stomata (pores in their leaves) and then detoxifying it internally. In this experiment, all three plants were equally effective at depleting the ozone levels.

Feel Less Stress

We all experience our share of anxiety and tension at work, but those who surround themselves with plants feel less stress than those who don’t, according to a study in Taiwan. Researchers placed participants in six different office settings:

  • a window with a city view
  • a window with a city view plus indoor plants
  • a window with a view of nature
  • a window with a view of nature plus indoor plants
  • no window at all
  • no window but indoor plants

They then measured various physiological markers of anxiety. The results were clear: When looking at nature and/or in the presence of indoor plants, people exhibited much less nervousness than when in an office without a window — or plants.

Be More Productive at Work

Plants won’t actually finish the task for you, but they can help you focus to get the job done. That’s the results of two studies in Norway, where researchers evaluated the effect of houseplants on attention and productivity. In the first study, students were given a reading comprehension test in two different settings: one with plants and one without. And, you guessed it, the students performed better in the office with plants.

In a second study, participants completed an hour of tasks in three different environments: a cubicle with plants, another with inanimate objects, and a third with neither. When surrounded with plants, study participants were more attentive, productive, and refreshed than when in either of the other two settings.

So bring a little living greenery into your workplace. It’s one of the easiest ways to import a little more wellness into your life.

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