3 Reasons to Drop Your Scale Obsession for Good

Reasons to Drop Your Scale Obsession for Good

If you’ve been committed to your New Year’s resolution to drop some weight but don’t see the numbers going down on the scale, you’re probably ready to chuck it out the window. Don’t beat yourself (or the scale!) up over the numbers. Instead of thinking that you have to starve yourself or hit the gym for hours in order to meet your goals, start tuning into how you’re really feeling. Are your clothes fitting better? Is your arm jiggling less? Do you feel healthier? Here we have discussed 3 reasons to say goodbye to your scale obsession and start focusing on wellness not numbers.

1. The Scale Doesn’t Measure Your Overall Wellness

While the scale obsession may give you an accurate reading of your body weight, it doesn’t account for what’s going on inside. Sure, maybe you’ve lost 5 pounds by crash dieting for your best friend’s wedding, but if you feel like crap inside is it really worth it? On the other hand, maybe you haven’t quite reached your dream weight but you’ve never felt so energized in years. You see, overall wellness is much more than a number. Are you nourishing yourself with clean, whole foods? Do you have a spiritual practice like meditation or yoga? Are you getting enough sleep? What is your overall stress level? Are your relationships supporting or draining you? These are the things you really want to weigh in on.

2. A Number will Never Make You Happy

Many times those who are striving to lose weight think that once they reach their magic number everything will be perfect. “Once I lose 10 pounds, then I’ll be skinny enough to wear a bikini…” “Once I hit my goal weight then I’ll be attractive enough to start dating again…” Unfortunately this kind of thinking only sets you up for disappointment as a number will never make you happy. Rather than letting the number on the scale dictate your happiness, look within and ask yourself how you feel, or more importantly how you want to feel. Do you want to feel energized? Free? Alive? Youthful? Loved? Attractive? Rather than waiting for a number to give you permission, start doing the things that make you feel this way ASAP! More often than not the weight will begin to fall off naturally.

3. Weighing In Distracts You From Listening to Your Body

If you’re constantly measuring your success obsession by hopping on the scale, it’s likely you’re ignoring what’s right in front of you—that is, your body! Your body is much smarter than you think it is, so it’s about time you begin listening to it. Note which foods make you feel your best self, and which deplete your energy. Are you truly hungry for food, or are you craving something else like a hug, a run or some R & R? Explore the activities that nourish your mind, body and soul, and those that bring you the most joy. The scale won’t be able to read any of this, but lucky for you your body can! To dig a little deeper and become more in tune with your body, start keeping a food “diary” simply noting what you ate and how you feel. You should begin to see a connection!

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