Why You Shouldn’t Be Offended When Your Partner Says Lose Weight


When you’re single and ready to mingle, looking your best is a top priority. You’re much more focused on hitting the gym on a regular basis and eating healthy because you want to feel good inside and out. But once you end up in a long-term relationship, it’s pretty common to become complacent and get a little lazy when it comes to watching your weight.

You may be in a perfectly happy relationship, but then he throws the “Maybe you shouldn’t eat that third slice of pizza” dig at you. You want to hurl the hot cheese at him, but do you really think he’s trying to offend you? While you may be hurt that he’s criticizing your weight, the odds are good that your partner truly has your best interest at heart.

So the next time your guy hints that he wants you to lose weight, try to think of it in a more positive way. Here’s what he really means when he suggests you shape up.

He Wants You To Be Healthy

No one wants to see their significant other sick. However, as you gain weight, you suddenly become more susceptible to all sorts of health problems. Overweight and obese people are at a greater risk for diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, certain cancers…the list goes on and on. Approximately 300,000 people die every year in the U.S. due to complications from obesity. You can bet your man doesn’t want you to be a part of those statistics.

He Wants To See You Happy

No one likes to see their partner unhappy. However, for many people who become overweight, it’s not uncommon to feel down in the dumps. “The extra weight can also have profound effects on your body image and create psychological issues,” says Dr. Kathy Trumbull, OB/GYN and Director of Endocrinology for the Armageddon Weight Loss Program. People who struggle with their weight have a higher risk of depression. “Obese individuals have a 20 percent elevated risk of depression, according to the Obesity Action Coalition.” Losing weight can simply be his way of wanting to see your beautiful smile more often.

He Wants You To Be Confident

A survey published in Psychology Today found that 24% of women and 17% of men would give up more than three years of life in exchange for being thinner. Gaining too much weight can make you feel insecure about your body. You may hide behind baggy t-shirts or sweat pants and not wear anything that’s figure forming. You may also avoid going to places or achieving certain goals for fear of rejection or what other people might think.

For a guy, nothing is sexier than a woman’s confidence. When he encourages you to get on the path to wellness, he’s hoping you’ll make healthy changes that will help you look and feel your best. When you feel sexy and strong, it will also strengthen your relationship — a win-win for both of you!

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