Who Will Host ICC Men’s T20 in 2024?

Who Will Host ICC Men's T20 in 2024?

In a monumental development for cricket enthusiasts worldwide, the International Cricket Council (ICC) officially announced that the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in 2024 will have joint hosts, the West Indies, and the United States. This historic announcement signifies the very first time this premier cricket tournament will find its home in the United States, opening new horizons for the sport.

ICC Men’s T20

The ICC Board made the decision to award co-hosting rights to the West Indies and the USA in November 2021 following an exhaustive evaluation of various hosting options. The selection of these two regions for the T20 World Cup highlights the growing potential of cricket in the USA, a strategically vital market for the sport’s expansion.

The tournament is set to take place across three main venues: Dallas in Texas, Florida’s Broward County, and Nassau County in New York. Each location was meticulously chosen to maximize the event’s reach and significance in the USA, home to a diverse and burgeoning population of cricket enthusiasts.

Revolutionizing Cricket Infrastructure in the USA

A groundbreaking aspect of this hosting arrangement is the planned construction of a modular stadium in Eisenhower Park, Nassau County, New York. This purpose-built sports and events facility is expected to accommodate 34,000 spectators, pending the issuance of the necessary permits. This marks a considerable investment in cricket infrastructure within the USA, demonstrating the commitment to providing first-class facilities for international cricket.

Furthermore, existing venues in Grand Prairie, Dallas, and Broward County, Florida, will undergo significant enhancements with modular stadium solutions. These improvements will focus on expanding seating capacity, upgrading media facilities, and creating premium hospitality areas, all designed to offer an unparalleled experience for players and cricket fans.

Geoff Allardyce on the USA’s Cricket Ascent

Geoff Allardyce, the ICC’s Chief Executive, expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking development, stating, “We’re delighted to announce the three USA venues that will host part of the biggest ICC Men’s T20 World Cup ever staged, with 20 teams competing for the trophy. The USA is a strategically important market, and these venues give us an excellent opportunity to make a statement in the world’s biggest sports market.”

The inclusion of the USA in the hosting lineup signifies the remarkable potential of the country as a cricket destination. It reflects the growing awareness of cricket’s immense global fan base and its unique power to unite diverse communities.

Bruce Blakeman on Nassau Country’s role in hosting the ICC men’s T20 World Cup

Bruce Blakeman, Nassau County Executive, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Nassau County is excited to partner with the ICC to host the Men’s T20 World Cup, one of the most popular sporting events in the world. With more than one billion fans worldwide, this event will attract fans from all around the world to Eisenhower Park. Whether it be PGA events, record-breaking concerts in our parks, or the annual Belmont Stakes, we are no stranger to hosting large-scale events on the world stage.” Apart from the primary venues, several other locations across the USA, including George Mason University in Washington, are being considered as potential venues for pre-event matches and training.

The co-hosting of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in 2024 by the West Indies and the USA represents a momentous stride in cricket’s global expansion. It introduces the sport to new audiences in the United States while offering a remarkable opportunity for existing and future cricket fans to witness international cricket’s finest talents in their own backyard. This groundbreaking event promises to be a celebration of cricket’s growth and increasing popularity on the global stage.

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