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What Smartphone knows about you?


It is strange but true: Your smart phone knows many things about you. It’s unbelievable but smartphones have an ability to inform you about yourself. So you ever wonder what smartphone knows about you? You will be surprised to know they maybe know more than you know about yourself.

Many powerful sensors are enclosed in your Smartphone that enable your Smartphone to gather information about you. However, it can be shocking for those who want to keep their privacy. We can never visualize the number of sensors that our Smartphones contain. iPhones and Android phones contain various sensors that include image sensors, touch sensors, audio sensors, acceleration sensors, proximity sensors, light sensors and many other sensors along with that GPS ( Global Positioning Sensor) that can easily identify your location and the location that is nearby you.

Motion sensors calculate rotational as well as acceleration forces. This category of sensors has gravity sensors, accelerometers, rotational vector sensors and gyroscopes. These sensors can sense motions of all types and examine it through the data collected.

What smartphone apps you can use to know what your smartphone knows about you?

If you can download Actitracker on your Smartphone then your Smartphone will be able to tell you how active or inactive are you? Probably, this could be wake up call for you and you can change your lifestyle.

There are also temperature sensors which have ability to monitor and measure the temperature of your location that means your Smartphone is better aware of the temperature you are in.

Along with that, the proximity sensors are also one of most useful sensors installed in any Smartphone. These sensors have ability to find out the position of your Smartphone while you are on a call. This shows that your Smartphone also knows that while calling, either you are holding a phone near your ears, a bit away or you are talking through the speakers.

Global Positioning Sensor app is installed in every Smartphone including Google maps to assist you in finding out your location as well as location nearby you. But how this technology finds out your location or nearby location? Here is the answer: The phenomenon surrounds some basic concepts of Physics. These concepts include theory of relativity, science, space, quantum mechanics and you.

Hopefully till here you have understood what smartphone knows about you.

How smartphone sending your information to satellites?

There are many satellites that are rotating 12,000 miles far away. There are special clocks in the satellites that are so accurate and have error margin of 1 billionth of second. This satellite clock is not like other ordinary clocks. This clock is atomically powered by using some outstanding quantum mechanics. But the question arises, why it is important to keep these satellites clocks updated and have so accurate time? What is the connection between a Smartphone and satellite clock? Now, here is the answer.

To find out the location, Smartphone needs to know its distance from the satellite. The Smartphone has an ability to receive radio signals sent from satellite. Through this connection, satellite informs your Smartphone about your location or location nearby you.

Make sure you know how to control using smartphone habit so much! That can really make you sick and disturb your life entirely. Read more about long term effects of technology on your.

The sensor technology stored in Smartphones offers excellent opportunities for more innovative and new applications when it combines with data mining. Scientists are dedicated to explore these applications through sensors and a huge number of applications will be introduced by the assistance of these sensors.

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