What makes a CEO successful?


We have heard the examples of great CEOs like Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Satya Nadella, Tim Cook, and Sundar Pichai. Some CEOs are born to be naturally good at it, some have to master it with time learning lessons from the past and working on their skills, and some just suck at it. In this article, we will get to know what makes a great CEO, what are the key traits that make him the best CEO, and what makes a CEO irreplaceable for the company.

1. Strong decision-making skills:

 Decision-making skills at the right time differentiate bad CEOs from good CEOs.  An efficient CEO takes decisions for the company quickly and doesn’t delay it to look for better options. Most CEOs in pursuit of perfection make better decisions. However, low-quality CEOs will keep delaying, hustling for better options and they make decisions when the time has passed, so it brings them no gains and revenue.  Even though the second decision is better than the previous one, it comes with a price, it cannot make the company grow with that stamina.  Bad decisions are still better than not deciding at all. At least you learn the lesson at the right time. Good CEOs learn after making a bad choice, selecting the wrong investor, sudden downfall of stakeholders, and company’s reputation and product failure.

2. Strong communication skills:

Communication skills are obvious to be on the list, but for a CEO, it’s 10x more important as he is representing the whole company and his slightest mistake can change the fate of the whole company. When CEOs are giving presentations or talking to potential clients, they notice everything like your gesture, communication style, eating style, dressing style to answer all the questions popping in mind. One obnoxious gesture during a malpresentation or a conflict with an investor, the whole company sighs and pays the loss. A good CEO represents the whole company and he is very careful of every move he makes, meeting potential clients and making any decision for his company with his employees.

A good CEO not only communicated effectively at prospect meeting but  also with his employees.Any conflict among the employees and CEO can affect the whole company, and company may lose its 

3. Adaptability:

 Employees have different working styles, and it’s way more difficult to cooperate and agree with everyone’s ideas.  The CEO is the backbone and has to hold the company together even if it is going through a rough patch. A good CEO has to adapt to the style of the company, its employees, work ethic, and everything that comes in the way. Even though it’s challenging, he has to maintain a balance and should know how to treat the employees at work, how to resolve conflict and mishaps.

A good CEO understands that employees have a life other than work, and sometimes they might be stressed out of work, so in this case, he should allow them to take a break. Employees not coming to the workplace is better than forcing an exhausted and burnout employee to work. Good teamwork and healthy work boundaries at the workplace account for the success of the company.

 4. Growth mindset:

A good CEO is a firm believer in a  growth mindset. He knows that a company cannot see rainbows and sun for the whole year it has to bear with the snow and downfall. The mindset of the employees plays a huge role in deciding the future of the company. If the employees are as passionate as the CEO, there’s no wonder it will be at the top of the world in a few years.. As a CEO, he has to make sure that all employees are working with geek and passion and motivate them to give their best at the workplace. 

Investors restrict or withdraw their investments, share value goes down, good employees deceive the company downfall in the marketing strategies of the company, retardation in the market value of the product or service are stressful and can even bankrupt the whole company. A good CEO understands and always has a way to come out of it( or he tries to look for the option to sustain the company back to its original position).

5. Improves his skills:

A good CEO is always learning,  as leading a  business doesn’t like running a coffee shop. So he polished his skills and attended different seminars, had meetups with other successful CEOs and shared tips with his employees to boost their performance, had excellent leadership skills, encouraged the employees in the company and treated them with an increase in paycheck and bonuses, to make the good employees stay in the company. A good CEO  reads the books of successful CEOs, takes mentorship from top CEOs, and takes courses to work on his interpersonal people management, and business skills. The CEO of the company can tell you the future of the company, how it will look in the next 10 years or 50 years.

6. Long term goals:

The best CEOs for the company think of the long term when they are making decisions whether it’s about investment or client. A good CEO has picturized the whole thing about how the company will look in the future. So whenever he sits for a business meeting or talks with the employees, he enlightens the long-term benefit of working with them, so it’s a win-win conversion for both parties over the table.


These are some of the key attributes that make a CEO successful for the company. If you know any attributes and qualities of the CEO that are not mentioned here. Let me know in the comments.

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