Top 10 Places to visit in Pakistan

top 10 places to visit in pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is well known as the most attractive place for tourists, comprises of most beautiful and sight seeing places including highest mountain peaks, fresh green landscapes and historical places. Pakistan is a country blasted with natural beauty. It is the most adventurous country that any adventure lover could ask for. Though our media has shred some negativity about the country which led our tourism graph from top to bottom but still Pakistan is able to keep its name in Forbes’s list of “Top 10 best under radar trips”

The visit of duke and duchess’ Prince William and Kate Middleton and of Wild Life Frontier ( who visited Pakistan for almost 16 days) has made Pakistan more significant in the tourism category. There are a lot of places for perfect tourism in Pakistan but we are going to list top 10 amongst them.

1. Deosai Plains

Deosai is one of the natural treasure and breathtaking landscape of the Pakistan and is the second largest plateau in the world after Tibet. Deosai plains are the big tourist attraction with countless natural beauty. Satpara lake, Sheosar lake, Barra Pani ,Chillam, are the most adventurous tourist points.

Beautiful view of Chillam Village
Chillam Village

2. Skardu

Skardu is the spectacular place in Pakistan. It is central valley of Gilgit Baltistan (which is at an elevation of over 7300 feet in the north side of Pakistan) and is an perfect representation of beauty and peace. This beautiful place is well known as the Heaven on Earth as this beautiful place is enhanced by its spring water, clean air, fruits, historical sites, lakes and pleasant weather. This place is blessed with highest mountains of Karakoram and Himalayas. It is popular tourism city in Pakistan as many of the tourists come to Skardu for trekking, trailing, and climbing adventures.

Shangrila resorts, Skardu
Shangrila resorts, Skardu

3. Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir also known as’ Azad and Jammu Kashmir, is under control of Pakistan, lies at the west of Indian occupied portion of Kashmir ‘ known as Jammu and Kashmir. It is well known for its great valleys, mountain ranges from high to low’(round about 2000 to 6000m) full of greenery, giving the joyful opportunities for many sport and water adventures like trekking, trailing, paragliding, summer camping, hiking, mountaineering rafting, kayaking, boating etc. Azad Kashmir tourisms and archaeology department serves the tourists with delicious foods and from comfortable dormitories to luxury resorts to stay. It is quite peaceful and safe place to spend most of your vacations here. It is prohibited to take photographs of military’s installation around line of control. If you do so, you will be in danger. There are a lot of tourist attraction spots including, Pirchanasi, Ratti gali, fairy meadows, Kotli, Banjosa lake, and Toli pir.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Azad Jammu and Kashmir

4. Narran Kaghan:

Narran and Kaghan are two different places with beautiful sights located in Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’ Pakistan. Narran khagan valley is one of the major attractive tourist point with captivating natural beauty. Saif ul Malook, Shogran, Malka Parbat and Lake Dodipatsar, are the worth exploring places of Narran khagan valley. The inhabitants of Narran kaghan valley always welcome the tourists warmly and treats them in their own traditional way. There is an attractive breakfast point alongside of River Kunhar where the people enjoy their breakfast with the natural beauty of waterflow of Kunhar river.

Saif ul Malook  lake
Saif ul Malook

5. Kalash Valley, Chitral

Kalash valley is one of the major attraction of Chitral. Travelling to Kalash valley is one of the exciting journey as you landed to Chitral airport, jeeps will be there waiting for you to give you bumpy ride with breathtaking views, towards kalash. The heavenly beautiful valley with lush greenery areas and enriched with historical architectures that is a unique mixture of ancient woodcraft or figure art, makes this place worth exploring. Bamburet ( the most advanced and biggest valley of kalash) Rumboor and Birir are said to be the unique places intending to witness and explore Kalash valley. The valley is considered to be one of the wonder lush places of the Pakistan not just because of its extreme elegance but also because of the natural beauty of the people of Kalash.

Jeep Safari & Trek Hindukush Chitral Kalash Valley Pakistan

Jeep Safari & Trek Hindukush Chitral Kalash Valley Pakistan

6. Hingol National Park

Hingol National park is one of the natural wonders of Pakistan. It is well known for its rocky surfaces, sandy mountains and beautiful beaches. It is part of the largest national park for the protection of endangered species in the country. The park is also home to wild Sindh Ibex, Balochistan Urial, and Chinkara Gazelle. The park is over 6,000-square-kilometres and contains incredibly unique rock formations, vast canyons, numerous animal species, and even a mud volcano. If you are travelling to Hingol, you must have your own transportation access as public transport is not allowed to enter the park.

Hingol National Park

7. Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan situated on the Potwar plateau in the north-east side of the Rawalpindi. Many people are unware of the fact that Islamabad has been declared as the second most beautiful city of the world. The city is well known as The Green City because the city’s 40% of land is dedicated to lush green parks and is all surrounded by high peaks. Faisal Mosque which is the fourth largest mosque of the South Asia, is the worth exploring place in Islamabad. Apart from it, Margilla Hills, Pakistan momentum, Centaurus Mall, and Daman e Koh, are the popular places to visit in Islamabad. The most captivating view is the zero point where most of the roads meet. The city is the worth resting point for the tourists while their journey towards northern areas.

Islamabad's Beautiful view.
Islamabad’s Beautiful view.

8. Rural areas of Punjab

Punjab’, the most populated province of the Pakistan, is enriched with countless blessings with fertile land, the most architectural and artistic patrimony of the ancient Mughals including Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. Rural tourism was started in 20th century when the some of the tourists were mesmerized by the infrastructure, local traditional lifestyle, handicrafts, lush greenlands, and the peaceful environment. There is a diversity in their living patterns, traditional festivities, arts and crafts from north to south and representing the human brilliance.

Punjab, Pakistan
Punjab, Pakistan

9. Lahore

Lahore is one of the popular and second largest city of Pakistan. Lahore is well known by its past history when Mughal empires ruled the area and because of India Pakistan independence movement. Lahore is flourished by many of the tourist sites including The Badshah and Wazir Khan Mosques, the old Walled City, Gul Begum’s Tomb, Khawaja Mehmood’s Shrine, Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh, Lahore Museum, and Dai Anga Mosque, are interesting places to visit when you are in the city. Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens are included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The people of Lahore, when they want to emphasize the uniqueness of their town, quite simply say – “Lahore is Lahore”.

Beautiful view of Badshahi Mosque
Beautiful view of Badshahi Mosque

10. Karachi

Karachi, the sixth populous city of the World and the largest city of Pakistan, is known as The city of lights. It is well known for its food and especially for its beaches, but there is so much more about Karachi we all are unaware of. Karachi is the only city that has the largest urban Hindu, Christian, ancient Parsi and Bohri community of the country. The Grand Jamia Karachi is the third largest mosque in the world. Travelling by train to Karachi is very exciting trip. Karachi is very different city from rest of the cities of Pakistan. The pace of life is more hurried, and social attitudes are far more liberal than elsewhere in Pakistan. The Gora Qabristan cemetery is the home to Karachi and has the Asia’s Largest Christian cross sign.

City of lights, Karachi
City of lights, Karachi

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