Top 10 Countries To Visit This Winter


Who would not like mountains covered with snow, a sky with clouds, and faces with positive vibes? This is a common view of winter. It is a season of visit, full of festivals, religious significance, and public holidays. Most people across the globe take vacations in the winter to go to their favorite places. It is because everyone else does the same. Just check different celebrities’ Instagram or Facebook accounts, and you will find out that they all go on winter vacation.

But the questions still remain intact, where to go? Which place would be better for a winter visit? How to pick your favourite place for winter vacations? People want to visit hundreds of different sites, but as you cannot go everywhere at once, we have picked up 10 countries that you should try to visit. If you are planning your winter vacation here is the list,

1- Finland

If you are a person who loves skiing, then you should visit Finland once in your life because it is known for its enchanting winter season and skiing in places like Rovaniemi and Lake Saima. In addition to skiing, you can ride on a dogsled safari and learn the tricks of a reindeer sled. The fishing, swimming, and canoeing have another magic when the lights fall on the northern horizon of these places. Additionally, the hush of different people from countries around the world makes the place more beautiful and enchanting.

2- Austria

Imagine sitting in a room, sipping coffee from the cup, listening to music, and watching the snow fall outside the window. Will paradise be better than this? Ask people who have visited Austria in the winter, and they will tell you it is a common phenomenon in Austria in the winter. Every street has its musician, and Vienna’s streets make the visit more beautiful. It is a place of dreams and fables that everyone should visit once in their lives. It is worth of billion dollars; however, it does not cost that much.

However, if you do not like music, you can visit places like Oberaichwald, where there is no music, and the place is full of serenity and peace. Ask any traveler for the most beautiful places worldwide, and they will always include Austria in their list no matter what.

3- Norway

Imagine seeing the northern lights falling on different places, and you and your partner have held each other hands while watching this amazing phenomenon. Is it not romantic? To you, this could be a dream, but to many, this is the reality that can happen in the cities of Norway. Many people do visit these cities just to witness the northern lights. Places like Tromso, Bergen, Reine, and Oslo are famous for such scenes. So if you are planning your winter honeymoon, there should be no reason not to visit Norway.

4- Netherlands

Speaking of red lights, romantic nights, and beautiful scenes, the name of the Netherlands automatically appears in my mind. It is one of the most culturally rich countries having its historical roots in the history of Europe. The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is a dream place for many people around the globe and millions of people visit this place each year. The Red Light District is considered the most visited place in Europe, and winter adds more beauty. If you plan to visit Europe, pick up a pen and add the Netherlands to your wish list.

5- Hungary

When primitive architecture added to modern and nature, countries like Hungry came into existence. It is one of the most primitive European countries, and its architecture is admired by many worldwide. When the snow falls and the night comes, the places like Buda Castle, Parliament Building, and the Danube River show a majestic view. You would not see such a scene in where in the world. Besides this, there are several other places to visit in Hungry, like Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, St. Stephen’s Castle, and Heroes’ Square. If you are a traveller and have not visited these places, you should not call yourself a traveler.

6- Estonia

Estonia should be on your list of winter visits if you are interested in seeing different lakes, islands, and forests covered with flakey layers of snow. It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, where people from different places come just to watch fancy glimpses of different places. Additionally, this place is known for its record business in the winter as tourists spend many on different festivals around the country. So if you are more into visiting forests and islands in winter, keep this country on your shortlist.

7- Canada

Move from the European Continent to America, and you will be able to find a country that can compete with the glory and beauty of Canada in the wintertime. There are countless places where people make countless memories in the winter. Niagara Falls is one of the most visited places the North America, where people spend their precious time making memories for the future. Whistler is another place people visit in the winter to enjoy ice skating and skiing. The two main reasons why most people visit Canada during winter are reasonable prices and security for tourists.

8- USA

Winter and no discussion of the USA, how is it possible? It is one of the most visited countries in the winter, giving winter vibes more than any other country. The people of America are so full of fun and craze that you will see skiing, skating, and strolling different people on the streets. So if you want something unique and adventurous in the winter vacation, keep the USA as your must-to-go place in the winter. Additionally, places like San Antonio, Beaver Creek, Key West, Yosemite National Park, Mount Hood, Kings Canyon National Park, Big Bend National Park, and Vail should be included in your visit list.

9- Philippines

Short of money? Do not like visiting snow? You should not worry because the Philippines is the right place to visit. It is one of the warmest places on the earth when winter is in the western hemisphere. The months between November and May are considered the best for winter vacation. You can spend your time on beaches, travelling to different historical places in the country to explore their rich culture and meet new people. Additionally, the country is known for its islands, like Luzon Island, Palawan Island, Visayas Island, and Mindanao Island.

10- Cambodia

If you do not like winter and want to go to a hot place during the winter, then Cambodia should be on your top list country. It lies in Southeast Asia, where the 365 days are hotter, and you can enjoy your winter vacation in a moderate place like Cambodia. The country is full of historical places that you can visit to expand your knowledge horizon. It has the largest temple in the world, Wat Temple. Places like Ta Prohm, are worthy visiting. It is the place where different films was made, including Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider.

Additionally, Cambodia has some luxurious places like Royal Palace, which you can visit to learn more about their culture and values.

Final thoughts

Winter is the season of love and admiration. Ask a random guy about his favorite season, and he will immediately answer “winter”. That is why most people go on winter vacations to enjoy their lives. If you are one of them, try to visit the places we have proposed, and you will never regret your decision.

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