Things wrong with our school system

things not tauught in our education system

Are you still one of those parents who is relying on the education system of schools and colleges for the future of your child? The school system is lagging and many schools and college dropouts who failed in the scholar program have built successful companies.

Although students are getting high grades in school , they are failing in the real life. There is wrong something with the education system.

In this article, we will get to know about the reason why the scholar failed to prepare our children for practical life.

1. Finance and budget:

 We don’t learn a single lesson about money management and money-making in schools.. The most important thing we will tackle in real life is money. How are we going to outperform without learning about money? Most people are spending their money in the wrong way. They are buying houses, fancy cars and buying bonds and prizes, and saving money in their banks. That’s why most people stay poor because they lack financial literacy. I read a famous book about money management. Rich dad poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki says in his book “ pay yourself first” which means that you have to invest that money into something that can regenerate money for you. Most people save money at the end of the month. 

We should teach our kids from the start at the age of three to develop a habit of money-saving, managing a budget, avoiding debt, and making the budget. The stock market and cryptocurrency are also other amazing sources of making money when you have proper education about it. 

We should introduce short courses for these as handling money is a life skill where most people love to remain illiterate. We are teaching our children how to get a job by getting good grades but not actually teaching them about the science of money.

2. Time Management: 

Time can never be reversed, we cannot bring back time once it’s gone. But most people don’t realize the importance of money. Our education system fails to teach our children the real worth of time and how investing time with good people and doing productive things can impact their life. We do take tests at the starting and ending times. But most of the time, students don’t know how to balance their time in school and at home. 

Teachers in the school should figure out and teach them how to manage the day in the school, what are time-wasting habits, what habits count in good time. This will help students to plan their day effectively and do the task at the right time instead of delaying it.

3. Emotional Intelligence: 

In the early 20 century and 21 centuries, we focused a lot on increasing the IQ of our children but not any efforts for increasing the EQ of our child, which is even more significant for our personal and professional life.

When students fail in school, or students break up with their best friend or they feel embarrassed about the insult in the class. Nobody teaches them how to control their emotions and how to treat themselves when they are going through this.

Daniel Goleman in his book, Emotional intelligence states that there are five components of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness, empathy, social skills, internal motivation, and self-regulation.

“Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth.”

Mayor and Salovey,1997.

The students and children who have low EQ, generally are more depressed, feel insecure, jealous,under-confident in their skills. Emotional intelligence is something that we can work on, we should teach our kids how to respond to different situations, how to manage relationships, how to manage conflicts, and how to respond by controlling your emotions.

The students having high emotional quotient have good leadership skills, good people management skills, respond rationally to conflict, are confident over their decisions, and have long-lasting and quality relationships in their life.

 4. Stress Management: 

Students, teachers, people in practical and personal life deal with problems and nobody teaches us how to deal with stressful situations. The students stress before the exam day, a few even faint, sensitive students can even have a nervous breakdown, committing suicide is the extreme case because of peer pressure.

The management and teachers are asleep and they do nothing instead of being sad about the condition of students. Problems are natural and we cannot avoid them in our lives.

The schools and management don’t even have a single workshop where they educate kids and children about managing and dealing with stress.

  Students get stressed about grades and not performing well in the grades, so we should educate our children on how to deal with stress and how to respond rationally to tackle and deal with the problems. The school system failing to help our students on how to deal with and handle stress is one of the major drawbacks of a failed school system.

5. Relationships:

Students are always dealing with other classmates, teachers, parents, and relatives but not about relationships. We are teaching our children about manners and etiquette but not about how to survive after a failed relationship, how to avoid a toxic relationship, how to get out of a manipulative relationship, and how to make the relationship long-lasting.

When students don’t learn about basic life skills, they get depressed in real life with failed relationships, insecurity, being bullied by other people and their lives becomes miserable.

The school system focuses on feeding the students with a lot of information and taking tests but not preparing them how to deal with different relationships in real life. And parents are not always best in this thing as we have exceptions there too.

Debora Tanon, writer and professor has written several books on managing the gender-based conflicts of men and women, to mention her book; Men and women in conversation, she explained the differences in communication styles and how to understand the other gender in a better way. There are names of other good books like Mean are from mars and women are from mars and five love languages. All are wonderful if you want to get better at relationships. These books can be introduced as a part of the syllabus in schools to improve relationships.

 6. Failure is a bad thing:

In schools, we think that failure is not something we should be proud of. The teachers and school system don’t approve of the failure. You are bullied for getting low marks on the test by students and teachers.

In school, we fear failing because the students do not dare to show their mark sheets to their parents and to take criticism from their relatives.

But practical life doesn’t work like that. You have to fall in love with failure if you want to achieve something in your life. I know this isn’t something normal but consider the example of entrepreneurs, businessmen who have dealt with failure in their lives. People gave up when they are too close to success because we haven’t prepared students for dealing with failure.

Thomas Edison has something beautiful to say about failure.

” I have not failed. I have found ten thousand ways that won’t work.”

7. Business and Entrepreneurship:

Our school system is preparing our children for jobs, not for business. Children and students in our school don’t know how to start a business on their own, what it takes to build a successful company, how to deal with customers, how to understand the market, how to advertise the product.  The student should be taught at the school level about these things as students have potential and energy at their peak at these ages. They can make up their mind for building a business in upcoming years.

But unfortunately, the school system is still the same as it used to be in the18 century focusing on the grades and marks, real-life hits hard on your face. It will be too late for you to realize that marks do not count in that. ( matter to only a small extent).


 The School system still has an orthodox system and we cannot rely on them to prepare students for the future and practical life. So try to engage with your students what are their interests and what they want to do in their life and enroll them in a course and teach them life skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and entrepreneurship so that they can have a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset.

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