5 Healthiest Superfoods You May Have Never Heard Of


There are some healthiest superfoods that have been around for thousands of years. But for some reason haven’t received the same hype as others like açaí berries and coconut oil. Well, it’s time that these guys became part of the popular crowd! Here are 5 of the healthiest foods you may never have heard of and the best ways to eat them.

1- Purslane

This vegetable, which is popular in Mexico, China and Greece, contains the highest amount of heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids than any edible plant. In addition, it contains a high level of melatonin. An antioxidant which helps regulate the sleep cycle and may help to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

So how do you eat it?

Think of it as a great substitute for lettuce and use it in salads, wraps and even to top sandwiches. You can typically find purslane in Chinese or Mexican grocery stores or markets.

2- Goji berries

Sure you may know that berries are good for you, but chances are you stick with the typical blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. If you haven’t heard of a goji berry, one of the best superfoods, you’re not alone. These berries are about the size of a raisin and taste like a mix between a cherry and a cranberry. What makes them so special is that they contain one of the highest ORAC ratings—a method of gauging antioxidant power—of any fruit. In addition, the sugar in this tart berry may help to reduce insulin resistance. You can find these berries at specialty food markets or even purchase them dried online.

How to eat them:

They’re great for mixing into yogurt, on cereal, or in smoothies.

3- Pearled barley

Pearled barley’ the superfoods, one of the healthiest superfoods, is a little-known jewel of a superfood that can help you shed pounds. This hulled grain, with a chewy but nutty flavor, is mostly made up of slow-digesting carbohydrates. This means that this food travels through your digestive tract slower, allowing you to feel full longer.

In addition, pearled barley contains a good amount of resistant starch, which is a fiber that passes through the small intestine without being digested, allowing you to feel full without absorbing calories. This combination makes this food a terrific option if you’re looking to lose or maintain your body weight.

How to eat it:

You can use pearled barley in bread, soups, or even as a side dish in replacement of pastas or rice. And it’s easy to find! Just look for it near the dried bean section in your local grocery store.

4- Kimchi

This Korean staple is a pickled cabbage with a kick that’s packed full of vitamins and phytochemicals that can help boost your immune system.

How to eat it:

However, it’s a wonderful spicy side dish that’s rich in fiber and low in calories, which makes it a great choice if you’re watching your waistline. You can typically find Kimchi in the refrigerated section of Asian grocery stores or in the ethnic food section of your local market.

5- Shirataki noodles

If you love pasta, you’ll love these! Shirataki noodles are made from the root of an Asian yam and contain no-calorie soluble fiber, meaning that they provide your body with almost no calories when eating as opposed to 100 calories per ½ cup of cooked pasta from other sources. The fiber found in these noodles, glucomannan, has been found to help reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, making it not only a great choice for your waistline, but also for your heart.

How to eat them: These noodles have little flavor on their own, but they’ll take on the flavor of any seasoning or sauce you add to them making them a great addition to stir-fry, soups, and even on top of salads. You can find these in most grocery stores in the refrigerated section.

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