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Spinal health: The backbone is most valuable part of your body

Spinal health

Vertebral column, also known as backbone is the main pillar of human body which extends from skull to hip bone. Vertebral column is flexible due to presence of intervertebral discs present between individual bones of this column. It is regarded as one of the most important structures in human body due to numerous reasons.

Vertebral Column situated at back
Vertebral Column situated at back

Provides protection and support to human body

Backbone’s main duty is to provide protection to spinal cord. The spinal cord is part of our Nervous system which is involved in numerous vital functions like our body’s involuntary response to different kind of sensory information like pain, touch and pressure.

Backbone also provides attachment for pelvic region and skull. It attaches our upper skeleton with lower skeleton and aids in walking, standing as well as bearing weight. Vertebral column also enables flexible motion of human body. Without flexibility motion would be an arduous task.

Backpain is due to disturbance of vertebral column

Strain in the backbone is most common cause of back pain. It is caused when you lift something too heavy due to which your muscles, ligaments or tendons can be stretched. Serious stretching of these tissues can cause severe back pain. This kind of pain is basically a worse condition. It influences daily routine and activities of your life. Any person suffering from back pain is almost unable to perform his/her daily life tasks. The main job of backbone is to support the body weight of upper region and help you to stand straight. It helps you to bend and twist. If health of your backbone is disturbed, it can be a burden on you.

Majority of athletes around the world are suffering from problems related to Vertebral column. Tendon or muscle stretch is the main cause of their back pain. Other causes include degenerative intervertebral disc disease and spondylolysis. Disc degeneration is mainly related with age. Discs between bones of vertebral column gradually become weaker and thinner due to which backbone becomes weak and someone’s ability to bend is greatly reduced.

Doctor explaining importance of backbone
Doctor explaining importance of backbone

How to maintain Spinal health and prevent the back pain?

One of the main reasons of back pain is being overweight. When you are overweight, your backbone gets a massive strain on its bones. Strain affects the strength of intervertebral discs due to which flexibility of backbone is greatly reduced. All these lead to excruciating back pain. Therefore, you should eat healthy and get active. Just stay away from foods which are rich in fat and cholesterol.

Stretching exercises are much useful to maintain a good spinal health. You should do back-stretching exercise at least 4 days a week. Back stretch can reduce the risk of strain on your backbone.

Posture also plays a significant role in spinal health. You should maintain a proper posture of body. Sit in a proper way on chairs. People usually sit at computers or laptops for several hours a day. Mostly people use their smart phones while bending in very bad posture. While doing all this, they do not realize the harm they are causing to themselves. Maintaining a good and proper posture of your body is really helpful for health of vertebral column.

A simple change in lifestyle can easily reduce the risk of problems related with spinal health. It is necessary that if you experience the back pain, a proper care is required. Consult a physiotherapist if symptoms get worse.

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