Power tussle between the Brain and the Heart!


The Line!

All the game of a human in this universe is highly reliant on the signals coming from the boss prototype organ the heart. It is the hub to which all the organs are mainly connected and are highly dependent. The debate on the topic heart is not new at all but being popular in all of the ages. I personally do not think that any of the languages of here exist which do not elaborate the sates of heart ‘the depth of my heart’, ‘listen to your heart’, ‘a feeling in my heart’, ‘with all my heart’, ‘with heart and soul’, ‘Engraved in my heart’ and last but not the least, “a broken heart”.

But being a Muslim we have some different lexis for this boss prototype organ. We often listen in the book of divine guidance ‘the blind heart’, ‘the dirty heart’, ‘the locked heart’, ‘the veiled heart’, ‘a confuse heart’, ‘the pure heart’.

ALLAH said in Quran: “A day when there will be no benefit in wealth and children but only in who come to ALLAH with the pure heart”(26:89)

Hence, Islam emphasizes a great impact on the state of heart we maintain.

“The BRAIN or the HEART?”

As per science, it is the brain which is the sole conductor of the human body’s symphony even the actions of the heart.

So the point here to be elaborated is, it’s more than a pumping machine, an emotion-driven organ but when it came to the fact of logical functioning and wise decision making, we need a brain. So according to this stance, when we say that “I wants to have ice-cream”, so the scenario inside our body is that our stomach is feeling empty and our body is running low on sugar so our brain receives a signal and synchronized as “I want to have an ice-cream” although most of us would find it funny and not based on reality as most of us not accept this ‘heart-and-brain’ scientific connection.

Brain and Heart in the view of Science.

Science changes on expeditious pace, the thousands of universal scientific theories that initially seemed to be against the teachings and information of Quran and Hadith, now comes up with the aligning facts. The facts that the Quran discover fourteen hundred years ago, science is seemed to enhanced them yet. Hence the science is also seemed to be coming around the brain-heart-power-tussle too.

For more than a half decade, the sparkling field of neuro-cardiology; which is working for the interest of people of science and pharmacologists; laid an account which acknowledges a layman that there is more to this ‘blood-pump’ than the human knowledge has reached.

“I agreed with the fact that the heart is more than the pump”, said Dr. Ronald Freudenberger, chief of cardiology at Lehigh Valley Health Network. “The heart has many functions that we are not probably aware of. We are finding new attributes of the heart; new role of the heart”.

Brain and Heart, According to Islam.

Amazing as it is, the more the scientist researches about this world the more they got what the book of divine knowledge has encompassed fourteen hundred years before. So it is true that no one could challenge the absoluteness and infiniteness of ALLAH’s ilm(knowledge). This text piece is a draft of a few chunks of these interesting research which aligns their research with the information of Islam. ALLAH reserves two faculties in the human body, the heart is reserved for thoughts and emotions and He reserves the faculty of the brain to thought and to decide what to do?

Our beloved Prophet(peace be upon him) said: “surely in a body, there is a small piece of flesh; if it is good, the whole body is good, and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted and that is surely the heart”

So the human body works like a network, in which heart is a server by which all the intuitions and data is coming and it is displaying on the front end of this network which is the face of the crown creation of the world, as “Face is the index of the heart”.

Aligning the Brain-Heart Roles.

Conferring the same thought on heart power Dr. Ronald Freudenberger further resulted that,” the heart possesses its own nervous system, with a network of  40,000 neurons. It releases hormones that enable it to not only self-regulate but also to send messages to the brain that may have an effect on the whole body. Scientists have known about the hearts neurological connections since the beginning of the last century,  but that information has come back to the forefront recently, as more physicians delve into the study of heart-brain interaction to solve the enigmas.

Those interactions work like a network of computer, it’s like the internet. Different computer functions together but they can also function completely separate. The heart gets a signal from other computers- your brain, other hormones that are secreted by your brain- but it also has its own operating system inside the heart itself. We are just learning more about how that independent operating system works”.

The science also reveals that both the heart and the brain have intuition. They both predict and received the events before they happen. What’s more surprising, according to the scientists, is that the heart seemed to get this information before the brain does.

“And ALLAH know that Allah intervenes between man and his heart,”(Al Anfaal:24)

The Extracts.

The head is the clarity of vision where you want; acknowledging yourself that what you want to be? what is the perspective of life according to you? and being able to navigate yourself to get there. A good heart is able to understand what your intuition and heart want. There is a two-way communication between the brain and the heart: the heart can send a message to the brain, and vice versa. In other words, there is actually cell in the heart that is communicating.

The first organ which is developed in the womb is the heart, its been working before the brain has formed. The sign of life starts from this organ and in death too. The clinical definition that is used for death is ‘when the heart stops beating’.


So yes, indeed, we are because of our hearts, in life and in death and for sure, in the hereafter.

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