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Pound shedding is no more difficult!


The demands of 21st century are never ending. Whether it is education or globalization, the demands of the world of 21st century are expanding faster than ever before. One of its revolutionary demands is fitness. In the whirlwind of life events, we often forget to love ourselves and to nurture ourselves. Being fit and healthy is not just getting fit into your dream couture hanging in your closet. Rather, it is a complete way of life.

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

From the first idea of getting fit to the last chunk of that journey requires immense dedication and determination. Not just physical fitness, moreover, it’s a total mind game. That is why positive attitude and utter will power are the most powerful tools to achieve your fitness goals.

It is never too late to start:

“Being fit is not a destination; it is a way of life.”

If you have not yet kick started your blissful healthiest year then no problem at all. Get up, head out of the door with your favorite pair of snickers and tell yourself, “I can do this.” If fitness is the name of the game then the definite winner will be you. All you need is self motivation. No one will come over you and cheer you up for your goals. You have you and that is the greatest strength of all. Be strong and struggle hard so that nothing can hinder between you and your life goals. Getting fit does not just make you feel good about yourselves. It’s a cherry on top that it gives you more confidence, clarity, focus and determination.

You are what you eat:

Your life style is not just a nutrition plan instead it is a way of life. Your food choices reflect your personality in a trillion of ways. To eat is healthy but to eat intelligently is an art. Balanced diet is utmost important as you do not have to eat less you have to eat right. Your plate should be equally divided into lean protein, good carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Healthy food not just kick your cravings altogether but also changes your life for good. Do not waste your money on stuff that is just loaded with shit loads of sugar, artificial color, and extra calories. The motto is:

Do not starve. Go balanced! Go healthy!

Hustle for that muscle:

“Train insane or be the same” whoever said it, said it right. Stretch your body, move it hard and sneak more exercise into your busy schedules. Getting a move on is great for your body as well as your mind. Exercise is a necessary tool for weight loss. It pays off in the long run by keeping you physically and mentally stable and as fit as you can be. Your exercise should always be progressively more challenging. This is the single most important factor in any training program. Replace tomorrow with right now and make it a habit. Here are 10 enormous benefits of exercise enlisted:

  1. Builds self esteem and boosts mental health.
  2. Lifts your mood and improves concentration and learning abilities.
  3. Fights dementia and reduces feelings of depression.
  4. Sharpens memory and boosts productivity.
  5. Improves body shape and gives you confidence.
  6. Lower the risk of blood pressure, diabetes and certain cancers.
  7. Improves posture and eating habits.
  8. Improves joint function and prevent osteoporosis.
  9. Prevent strokes and has anti aging effect.
  10. Increases energy and endurance and overall improves quality of life.

Calorie deficit is the key:

How do you want to feel this year? Fit or jealous? If you want to lose weight this year, you have to consume fewer calories than your body requires (calorie deficit) in order to reach toward your goals. The optimum pattern of weight loss is one in which fat mass is lost by gaining lean muscle. The aim is to maintain a negative balance either by consuming less calories or burning more calories through exercise. You have to burn more calories than your intake to lose weight. Calorie deficit is the most important element of achieving your fitness goals.To reduce 2 pounds in a week, a deficit of about 7000 K cal is required. Hence, a sustained calorie deficit results in fat loss.

 Seven barriers to losing weight:

“Impossible is nothing.”

Mohammad Ali

People usually think that the most difficult thing in life is weight loss. You find everyday a new person crying over his/her increased weight. Every other person is saying that I am doing everything still my weight is not shedding. Actually being slim and smart is easier than you thought; you just have to implement the correct strategy. Few factors are worth mentioning that bottlenecks the weight loss journey:


Due to hectic schedules and sedentary lifestyles, people today usually prefer easily available food i.e. the packed and the processed food. It not only decreases the nutritive value of product but also leads to weight gain.


Our metabolism slows down with our increasing age so it takes more time for digestion leading to weight gain. It is constructive to exercise daily for 30 minutes to avoid such problem.

Sleep and stress:

It only takes a few weeks to form a habit. If you want to keep fit and healthy proper sleep is a necessary tool. Sleep less than 6 to 8 hours leads to unbalanced hormones and slow metabolism that will eventually result in weight gain. Not sleeping on time also increases your hunger cravings leading to late night munching and estrogen pads on your body. Stress, on the other hand, releases Cortisol makes your overeating a habit. It can cause higher insulin levels leading to low blood sugar and increase cravings for fatty foods.


Genes could be one big reason why you are not losing weight. Obesity is passed through genes as well. Someone has rightly said, “It runs in the family because no one runs in the family.” Eating healthy diet and exercising 4 to 5 days a week can get rid of gene related obesity risks.

Medical circumstances:

Certain medical conditions also hinder weight loss like Poly-cystic ovary disease, hypothyroidism and sleep apnea.  In case of these disorders consult your physician and acquire a proper diet plan in order to achieve your desired goals.

Protein deficient diet:

Increasing protein intake enormously affects on your metabolic rate by increasing the number of calories you burn. Studies have found that people who eat diets rich in protein ends up burning more calories than people who don’t. it promotes fat loss, boosts metabolism and help protect against muscle loss.

Low water intake:

Low water intake can also be a factor to your stubborn fat. If you are looking for a magic bullet to get your weight loss under way, there is no better strategy than to drink ten glasses of water a day. Water helps the body metabolize fat so it is hugely beneficial for fat loss.

 You are your only limit:

Commitment to fitness is not something we can just turn on like pulling a switch in our heads; it is always a gradual process. Track your fitness efforts, use small plates and pick a plan that fits your life style. Always appreciate yourself as your should be your biggest supporter. All you need is “do not quit!” as the most charismatic heavy weight champion of his time Mohammad Ali once said:

Champions are not made in gyms.

 Champions are made for something they have deep inside them.

A desire, a dream, a vision


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