Voices Of Inner Soul!

Do you ever sense anxious by dint of several voices endlessly? Scratching your brain with a few creepy drifts and it is strenuous for you to grasp is it real or unreal? Have you ever been to this situation where the voices get so loud that you can’t hear what other person is trying to say to you? That is what portrays devils promotes with the voices in our mind! At times, people are suffering from many issues like that still they can’t express to others what they are dealing, unfortunately, people also inadequate to recognize other’s misery…

The Consequences.

From time to time, the vociferations get so intense that it is impossible to neglect them and eventually person start doing what is exactly proceeding in their heads. This is called schizophrenia. A chronic and severe mental disorder i-e affecting more than 21 million people worldwide. The point is, why this mental disorder affecting a large number of population? What are the causes? Is there anything that is flawed in our social bonding, our family behavior or an individual’s own demeanor towards society? There are many questions like that come to light when we concern about this topic by virtue of in some such way it is related to all of us. On some levels but may be the way of dealing with depression and anxiety is the reason that decides who stays long in this and who just jump out of it and shines like a star!


Have you ever envision why people feel depressed or why this thing is common in today’s world? I mean if we assess the old era, there were many problems and hardships we think people had to face on a daily basis but they seem healthier than the modern generation. Why is it so? I think the problem start where we start using technology and get addicted to it that we ignore our family relations and patterns and focus on others rather than ourselves… Intermittently, we take things on our head so seriously that we don’t get the idea we have many things to feel blessed rather than suspicion disturbed due to we don’t have something that other people might have.

The Insecured Voices Leads Discontentment!

Fanaticized by one’s life so much that we start degrading our life and our things. We want to be like them, want to eat like them, want to go on vacations like them and so on . . . that is the beginning of our insecurities that turn into a severe disorder and we gradually step towards depression and that results in a depressed mood, lack of interest in enjoyable activities, insomnia or hypersomnia, feelings of guilt or worthless and at last suicidal thoughts or behavior.


Chiefly people who are suffering from depression easily go towards anxiety on the ground these two correlate with each other and off and on it gets worse as when a person is in depression and anxiety, it decreases the chances of fast recovery. Anxiety itself can be useful on occasion as in daily life like work done on time, to increase work potential but it ends when the difficult situation has gone. But if it gets serious it is really difficult to cope up with the daily routine. If we don’t look after it and don’t try to control ourselves and leave it, then surely we ended up in restlessness, excessive worry, irritability and sleep disturbance.

The Disturbing Statistics!

Once in a while, we can’t describe something to others what exactly we are feeling! It doesn’t have any particular age group that we divide easily that these voices only frighten you in particular interval no! It is not like that at all! Remember when you are young and get horrified as a result of any fictional character. And you always think at night, that character just blow into your room and kill you. Those murmurs, that made you believe, that character can come into the real world and you believe in those mutters easily. As you considered those characters so real! If you can’t control over those freaking inflections you can trap into those hallucinations. Then it is impossible to overcome it with time and this leads to a horrifying disorder…

Voices Of Society!

There are many voices we all also can relate like don’t do this thing in public, what people will say? You can’t be a photographer considering your family wants you to become a doctor or engineer etc. If you are a girl so you can’t do this. You are a boy stop doing this it doesn’t suit you. Or you are not a teenager stop behaving like them blah blah blah.

We all heard these intonations in our head. On some point when we are going to do an existent, that might be society won’t accept owing to there are many stigmas relates to every person or gender. Now and again, these modulations overtake our life so feebly that we forgot to live for ourselves. Destroy our mental condition as well as our life’s most cherishing moments. Many choices that we made for ourselves are for that reason on behalf of society won’t allow us to do so. So far then we exactly do the same things with others.


Consistently, when you feel alone yourself in some situations, you need someone to talk to! You need a person or a relation with whom you share everything that is going on in your head. But the real problem occurs when we don’t have that person or relation. These things drag a person to grave danger. That every so often a person itself doesn’t know what exactly is coming towards that person. On the other hand, we made some bizarre relations that ruin our lives. We lose our self-confidence, and we also try to build our personality as they want to see us but forgot what exactly we want. We lose our originality and somehow lose ourselves as well! So, relationships can be a cure or poison at the same time in some scenarios. So careful for the sake of yourself.

On The End Note.

Subsequently,  analyzing every point deeply, we should be cognizant of that we shouldn’t play devil’s advocate. Don’t allow these utterances to ruin our life. And if you consider yourself alone in this world, then just thought how many people are suffering from the same thing. Find a reason that motivates you to come out from this condition. Make good relations, act wisely in that. Don’t copy anybody and don’t fanaticize someone just looking them on social media and assume how happy and perfect they are. Just focus on how to bless you are! 

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