When you are a mother of Two


Life with a toddler and a newborn is way too difficult. You will be ridiculously exhausted and ridiculously happy at the other moment. In a way, it feels like you’re getting nuts day by day while raising both of them. You have to act way more patiently than before. I am undergoing the greatest exam of my life. Sometimes i become impatient and exasperated but then i realize i don’t have to lose my temper as it’s really not required here. I have to act way more maturely than before as it is supposed to be the most exuberant and mirthful time of my life and i don’t want to waste these precious moments of my life by getting provoked time and again. A lot of patience is required these days. Toddlers experience a big life change when a newborn baby comes into their world. Everything that was once theirs is now shared, including mom.Toddlers do behave incredibly insane at times and it’s the biggest challenge for you to handle them at that moment. Sometimes each diligent effort you put into keep the peace is undone in a matter of seconds. They both demand your attention simultaneously and you have to meet the needs of both children at the same time without grumbling even. Sometimes your toddler throws up a tantrum, screaming and stomping up and down all around like a bunny because he is demanding your attention. You have to go through many difficulties while raising a toddler and a newborn together. In short you need to act more sensibly when you are the mother of two.Becoming a mother is not an easy task. People around you will be constantly giving you advice and sometimes their words are quite excruciating. However, one should not give them an ear. Children are not born with a handbook and it can be very difficult for parents to raise them up in a best proper way. When you are a mother of two,Tough times are ahead of you. You will have moments when you are feeding a newborn and handling a cantankerous toddler curling around your neck like a monkey. There will be times when you feel like yelling and crying because of restlessness and you will wonder if you’re going to be able to sleep again or take shower in peace again. At times you will be shouting at your toddler while taking shower for annoying the little one. For a while, you will be completely wiped out. The only thing which you will be able to do with an ease is getting worried because that’s what we do as parents.  Becoming a mother changes your whole life and becoming a mother the second time around is a little different. You will not get time for yourself which makes you feel a bit gloomy. You will not get proper rest even and this thing will make you a bit boorish as well. Looking after your children is a big responsibility on your shoulders and you have to be extra vigilant while doing this job. Sometimes you lose hope and become mad but at the very next moment you regain your strength when you look at your children sleeping soundly. Becoming a mother of two can be quite challenging but a mother knows how to give herself and to fall head over heels in love with her children. A mother’s love is unconditional. She can give anything to make her children happy. Being a mother of two can seem very difficult but every mom of two knows that one day she will see her children giggling together and making memories.

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