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Playing Devil’s Advocate With The Voices In Your Head

Playing devil's advocate

Have you ever felt that some horrible voices are knocking on your head and you can’t get rid of them? Playing devil’s Advocate with the voices in your head is an important discussion that we need to talk about. The voices in your head tell you what to do and how to do it. You are confused about differentiating between which voice is real and which is unreal. A real voice is blurred in your head and you can either become a living hell or get a track to heaven. This type of voice shows some mental illness known as an auditory hallucination. 


This problem is not a joke, it can be serious or mild. It can have many forms and ways, and we can’t ignore any of them. If you are going thru depression, then you must have mental illness too. It can lead to suicide, abuse, and self-harm too. But still, our society doesn’t make it a major issue. In our society, it is difficult to accept that we can have flaws too. It can make you different, but not make you any less than a person.

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Can it be normal that you don’t avoid lunch when other people are around you in the same room and you are terrified? Were you holding all your trash in your class because you didn’t dare go in front of people? 

Playing devil’s advocate is serious issue. Sometimes in our childhood, we see a horror movie with our family. But our mind voice starts to say to be scared. Now, this is the hidden voice that is inside of yours and telling you to be afraid even when you are around your parents. You cant let this voice down without any mental illness treatment. 

Moreover, if you are a student or even if you were in the past, You may feel confused or depressed while sitting in an examination hall. An overwhelming thought comes into your mind that you will forget every question and you won’t be able to give your best in your exams, even though you have prepared everything. You felt depressed and started overthinking because you couldn’t let this voice take over.

Effects over the age

When you become 7 years old, these voices start to bother you. But if at the start, you try to show them away, then they will definitely disappear. When you become 14–15 years old, and when you are a student, and all of your friends are going outside to enjoy the trip. You want to enjoy your life, but you always think more about others than what people think about you. What will your parents think of you? You are taking voice over and your overthinking is killing you from the inside. 

When you become 17-18 years old and your college is going to be off, there are voices that ask about your abilities and you end up losing hope when things don’t go according to your plan.

When you become 20+ and if it’s almost night and you are reading your favorite novel, but you don’t believe the villain. But still, you are scared of everything and there are thoughts coming into your mind that make you afraid. You are trying to let the voice over. 

There may be a moment that comes into your life in which you think everything is finished. It may be because of relationship failure or job failure. Your mind is telling you to give up and you are going thru the condition when you can’t let go of your voice. 

When you become 40+ and you have your own children and family. You are parenting your children and your life. You want your son to become a businessman like you, but he is interested in other skills like photography. He doesn’t want to live your dreams. Because of this, you may feel angry, and you know that becoming a businessman is more beneficial than becoming a photographer. Now you are letting the voice come.

Bottom line

The takeaway from all of this is that we all face a moment when we overthink, and that becomes the reason for our fear. There are always voices that pop into your head and always tell you that this thing is impossible and you cant do it. And when the result usually gives you up.

We have to accept that life can’t go according to our plans. We face moments when we see unexpected turns in our careers, academics, and relationships. But it doesn’t mean that we have to lose because it would be the winner of the devil’s advocate. We shouldn’t listen to these voices that force us to break our dreams and goals. Instead of this, we need to use them as manuals, which would be helpful in following our dreams. 

If you found this article informative. Then kindly let us know your thoughts about this article. We would love to hear from you all.


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