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What blessing eyes are for us can’t be quoted in words. We can’t imagine how our lives or even a day without vision would be. The ones who are not blessed with this favor their lives are sure to be one difficult task. It’s indeed one of the biggest assets one can ever have. We should always try not to waste this blessing in unhealthy activities which are lethal for eye health. For example: playing video games without any time limit or watching cartoons and movies all day long etc. And not just the youngsters, elders should also be careful about their eye health. No matter how much the workload is they should always make room for their optic necessities.

Since eyes are one of the most important organs, so are the optometrist. Whose assistance and consultation we constantly need to keep our eyes and vision clear and healthy. Like any other thing, our eyes also need proper care and consideration. Sometimes even medication is needed to keep them at their best of functioning. But to find a good optometrist is a bit difficult. Because even if we get a reference to some good optician we wouldn’t have any knowledge about their techniques, their experience, and other whereabouts. In short, an online appearance for an optometry clinic is very crucial these days. To keep the patients updated about the facilities or treatments they provide, timings and fees of consultation, about physicians and other staff members, photo gallery, optometry product details (lenses, glasses etc.), pharmacy details.

Optometrist WordPress theme:

To make the interaction between you and your optician easier Webful Creations designed a theme “Optometrist WordPress theme“. This theme covers all the necessary elements that an optometry site can acquire. (opticians details to optics store this theme covers everything). With this theme, an ophthalmologist can even create an online store for selling lenses, and other optics-related products. This theme has already gained so much appreciation that it’s now one of top rated optometry theme.

Features of Optometry WordPress theme:

Optometrist WordPress theme

Here is the detail of all the features of this Optometrist WordPress theme:

  • Optometrist WordPress theme is designed to serve all optometric elements. From revolution sliders, built-in header and footers types and a news section, about section for all the necessary information, social links, FAQ’s and testimonials, fully designed web store and many other optometry related functions are available here.
  • You never know which device and from which browser your user is accessing your site. So to make sure they don’t get any difficulty in reaching you. Your site should be responsive to all devices and browsers. Optometrist WordPress theme is designed while keeping all these important attributes in mind and is responsive to all devices and browsers.
  • We all know the frustration we got to face while waiting for a website to load. Any site claiming to be user-friendly should have excellent loading speed and Optometrist WordPress theme offers fast loading speed of all the pages and media.
  • Even though Optometrist WordPress theme is designed for pure optometry purposes and it has everything that an optometrist may need but still if you are not satisfied with the available features of this theme you can easily transform it according to your need and demand through self-optimization option.
  • With the help of WordPress live customization tool, you can change your style, formatting, your site identity, in-post layout, homepage layout, etc.
  • If you have many pages on your site then they can individually be customized through optometrist WordPress theme page customize options. This helps you in setting all the default options of header and footer, side, and top bars, color scheme, linked material, according to your requirement.
  • Optometrist WordPress theme has built in sidebars option too.
  • This theme also lets you translate your stuff into many languages. It has an RTL in default settings. (right to left for translating the page in languages like Arabic).
  • Optometrist WordPress theme offers 24/7 support. Full support for the customers is available for any purchase related query.
  • You can easily turn your website into a web store just by activating woo-commerce from default settings.


Other than these features there’s a lot more that Webful Creations have in store related to any optometry site. For now here’s a demo of Optometry WordPress theme. For any further query contact Webful Creations.

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