Mother’s Day Gifts She Really Wants

Mother's Day

May 11 is Mother’s Day—and how can you possibly thank your mother enough? Sure, she nagged you about picking up your dirty socks. She wouldn’t buy the Easy Bake Oven because it could have set the house on fire, but she birthed you! Raised you! She cooked your dinner and packed your lunches every day for thousands of days. And she showered you with love and support. Even when you had a face full of zits when you wore zany outfits. When you failed to write thank-you notes to your relatives, and when you got a big fat “D” in chemistry.

The very least you can do is buy this everyday saint a gift—something for her. Not a cookbook you secretly want for yourself. And will borrow fairly immediately, or some gizmo that will soup up the smartphone she only uses to actually call people. A gift that will make her smile. This will make her feel pampered. This will allow her to forgive you for the time you borrowed her vintage gold watch and promptly lost it at the mall.

Use our curated gift guide below to find the perfect special thing for the special mother (or mothers) in your life. Happy Mother’s Day!

1- Get Fresh: Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

No green thumb, no problem! You can still grow fresh herbs right on your countertop with the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden ($99), which handles the trickier aspects of tending a garden. Just plug the planter in and fill its water tank. The nano-tech growth medium does the rest, giving plants the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients. It also uses sensors and software to make sure plants are faring well. Comes with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm.

2- Irresistibly Cozy: CozyChic Robe by Barefoot Dreams

Nothing compares to the soft and luxurious feeling of a copy and comfortable robe, and this pick is certainly irresistible. The perfect way to start and end your day. The CozyChic Robe ($107) is made with the brand’s signature poly microfiber knit. Features a shawl collar, and is double belt-looped for comfort. It comes in three sizes, is available in several colors. And arrives neatly packaged in the color-matching bow, which makes it all ready for gift-giving!

3- No-Guilt Fries: Philips AirFryer

This gizmo sounds too good to be true: It crisp-fries foods using a fraction of the oil you’d normally need—just half a tablespoon, compared to multiple cups. The secret lies in its Rapid Air Technology, a system of fast circulating hot air and a grill element. Besides being able to eat French fries and other favorites again, you’ll also appreciate that there’s no oil-splatter mess to clean. The AirFryer ($299.95) has adjustable temperature controls, a timer with an auto-off function, and a food separator accessory so you can fry multiple dishes without mixing flavors.

4- Get It On Paper: What I Love About You, Mom

The ultimate DIY keepsake with your personality stamped all over it, What I Love About You, Mom ($14.00) s a fill-in-the-blank journal that offers a personal and heartfelt way to tell your mom exactly how you appreciate her and all the things that she’s done for you. With writing prompts, checklists, and space for photos or drawings, this adorable journal celebrates all that’s unique and wonderful about your relationship with your mom – and definitely something she’ll cherish forever.

Mother's Day

5- Juicing Frenzy: KRUPS Infinity-Slow Juice Extractor[

Taking the world by storm, nowadays juicing has millions of people gulping down pounds of fruits and vegetables by the glassful. The KRUPS Infinity-Slow Juice Extractor offers slow-squeezing technology – which is said to produce the most juice. The machine features a breakthrough design, a three-compartment feeding tube, continuous extraction (with an external jug to collect compacted pulp as it is produced), and a silent motor (so no worries about waking the neighbors when this gets turned on). Retails for $279.99.

6- Light up relaxation: The Citrus Verde Botanical Soy Candle

The scent of sweet orange essential oil has been shown to curb stress and anxiety. That’s what happens when you light up the Citrus Verde soy candle from the Archipelago Botanico collection ($39.95). If the fragrance blend, featuring mandarin, avocado and mint leaves, isn’t relaxing enough, the 100% wooden wick creates a subtle crackling-fire sound when lit that is sure to soothe the senses.

7- Toxin-free Talons: Jamberry Nail Lacquer

Everyone loves a pop of polish, but most lacquers are made with harmful chemicals. The new high-end line from Jamberry, a brand started by three best friends who happen to be sisters, is free of chemicals such as formaldehyde and camphor, and has no noxious odor. It’s fast-drying, too. Jamberry nail lacquer comes in 18 vibrant shades—with fun names like Cardinal, Envy, Kiss, Raven and Stardust—plus four topcoat options and two base coats. ($15)

8- Get Noticed: Fiji by Big Buddha

In the hottest color of the season, get mom noticed with this gorgeous coral Fiji Carryall Tote ($95), with geometric and floral perforations with metallic underlay. Mom will love this stand-out spring/summer style, and the fact that it’s animal-friendly and stylish. The Fiji features gold hardware, elegant rolled handles, magnetic snap closure, interior zip pocket and 2 slip pockets.

9- Foot Rescue: The Air and Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Whether you wore stilettos or sneakers, when your dogs are tired at the end of the day, a good massage can be just what the doctor ordered. Enter HoMedics’ new Air and Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat ($79.99). This gizmo has a lot going for it: There’s the deep kneading shiatsu, which pummels tense soles and arches into submission, plus air compression and soothing heat. Grab your tablet or the remote control before you sit down because once you place your feet into this massager, you won’t want to get up for a while.

10- Track It: UP by Jawbone

An integrated system that’s built around its user, the UP by Jawbone ($129.99) helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat – tracking movement, sleep patterns and nutrition. The new app that goes with the Jawbone also delivers insight, celebrates milestones and challenges you to make each day better – and let’s you share accomplishments with friends also using the UP app. The Jawbone also features an alert feature, a (silent) Smart alarm, and a food journal. More importantly, it works with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, is water resistant and comes in a variety of colors.

11- Music to Your Ears: PUMP HD Sportsbuds

Earphones don’t always stay put when you exercise. That’s why we love the rugged, wrap-around earbuds by Blue Ant ($129.95). Not only do they come with six different ear tips to get your just-right size, and have an adjustable flat band that wraps around your head for a secure fit, but the PUMP HD Sportsbuds also have a built-in music player with high-quality audio that syncs with any Bluetooth-compatible device, including your cell phone. However, with a battery that lasts eight hours. And your favorite tunes sounding crisp and full, your workout just got a lot more fun.

12- Sleep In: Veruca Chocolate’s Breakfast In Bed

Forget waffles and OJ. What mom really wants is a box of insanely decadent artisanal dark chocolates that just sound like breakfast in bed. Veruca Chocolate’s special Mother’s Day box (from $9, Mother’s Day collection: Breakfast in Bed) fits the bill. It’s 4, 9 or 18-piece boxes feature chocolates in Vanilla Latte, Strawberries & Cream, Yogurt & Granola and Pink Grapefruit Caramel.

13- No Ordinary Smartphone: Galaxy S 5

A superior and sleek smartphone, the Galaxy S 5 has put everything it knows about HDTV on brilliant display, starting with its 5.1-inch Full HD screen, a 16-megapixel camera (that lets you take pics like a pro!) with multiple modes for creative, a 1080 HD camcorder (for one-of-a-kind shots and video), and the S Health—a platform that can plan and track everything from your meals, to your heart rate and even mopping your runs (making it a perfect workout partner). Moreover, available in black and white, and on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. (Price is determined by carrier; AT&T and Verizon price is $199.99.)

14- Beauty Must Have: ICEbOX Wide by SherrieBlossom

Stylish and functional, the ICEbOX is by far the most luxurious makeup organizer ever, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite among A-listers. Made of see-through acrylic, the ICEbOX ($415) features 5 drawers, 6 tiers and 3 separate inserts, making it the answer to makeup clutter. The ICEbOX also offers the sleek look and functionality of a department store makeup station in your very own home, and lets you place products in a variety of ways (in either the top lid or drawers), while the grid inserts help adjust the large sections to your liking, also making it ideal for organization and easy access to your daily makeup picks.

15- Fit It In: FitKit

Moms who can’t get to a gym, have busy schedules or want the flexibility of a home (or on the road) workout solution will love the FitKit ($34.99). However, the Total Fitness in a Kit is a portable, packable fitness solution with all the tools for a total body workout that can be done anytime, anywhere. The 250+ online exercise library includes strength, cardio and flexibility; along with nutrition and fitness tips for moms! The FitKit also includes an emergency ID tag to wear while exercising, and a reflective armband.

16- Curated Kitchen: Hamptons Lane

A subscription box unlike any other, Hamptons Lane ($45 and always free shipping) provides food lovers with the tools they need. The best ingredients, kitchen tools, serveware, and local artisan foods, inside a themed box every month. A “Peek and Pick” feature on the first of every month allows you to take a peek inside. However, see if its something you’d like (no charge for boxes you skip!). Recent boxes have included. A Taste of Tuscany (filled with local oils and artisan cookware), Picnic Time (filled with travel foods and fun containers), and Southwestern Fiesta (filled with an authentic Lava Rock, artisan salt, local salsa and spices). Membership is free, and you’re only charged when the box is shipped.

17- Glitz It Up: Coquette Pouch by Deux Lux

Mom will love this crystallized pouch for her wardrobe, as it adds just the perfect amount of glitz! The Coquette Pouch ($120) features a roomy interior. Moreover, it can easily house a wallet, sunglasses, a phone and other essentials for a day or night out.

18- Yoga Pant: Compression Long Legging by Vimmia

The ultimate high-performance yoga pant. This legging provides amazing comfort, 4-way stretch and a secure fit throughout the waist, hips, and thighs. Moreover, wear them day or night, the Compression Long Legging ($90) provides great shape and stretch recovery. It has no side seems – which means a sleek sexy look regardless of the occasion. Vimmia’s special compression fabric also means increased blood circulation. Improved blood flow and oxygenation to muscles and tissue (during those gym workouts). And an increased recovery speed after exertion (now we’re talking!).

19- Flashionista: POSH Mommy

A beautiful and timeless keepsake that any mom would love would be this celebrity-coveted customizable monogram, available in gold plate, 14k gold or sterling silver (with or without diamonds)! Posh Mommy jewelry is something a mom can wear day or night, anytime, or anywhere. However, these signatures monograms offer a style like no other. Especially since they can feature up to three initials. They can be worn alone or complemented in layers with other pieces. (From $275)

20- Eco Mama: My Other Bag

For the mom who doesn’t always want to take her fancy designer bag out for a day of shopping. A run to the farmers market, the gym, or the day at the beach. My Other Bag gives her another eco-chic option and at a fraction of the cost ($25-$55). Moreover, designer-inspired reusable canvas totes from My Other Bag feature caricatures of designer handbags like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. And are printed with vegetable ink so they are eco-friendly too!

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