Lessons For Hard Times.

Hard times teach us valuable lessons.

If we don’t learn from the hardest times in our lives we will never be able to past them. If we don’t the lesson, it almost certain history will repeat itself in some form. Whenever things don’t go to plan, whenever life throws us challenges and hardships there is always a hidden blessing and always a strong lesson. It may not be our fault, sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control. But, if we detach from the situation and look at it objectively we might be able to see an area where we could have done better. An area where if we had done the groundwork, the impact would have been less damaging.

Whatever happened, whatever you are going through, use it. Use it to develop yourself, to grow into a stronger human being, to help others who may be going through something equally as challenging. People face various situations in life such as getting divorced, losing a job, dealing with huge debt, death in the family, and many other upsetting events that totally break them from within inside out. At a point, life can become really difficult to handle and a person loses all his hope.

Here are some lessons that will help us in tackling the hardest of our times.

Self-Work Works In Hard Times!

During the hardest times, we really see who has done the work on themselves and who has not. Self-work does not guarantee that negative things won’t happen to you but make yourself strong enough to tackle the situation. It ensures that your response to those negative events will be far better than those who have not done the work.

Moments Of Difficult Times.

During difficult times it is important than ever we react from a place of calm and clarity not from fear and panic. And that is where self-work comes in. Those who have done the daily work in meditation and mindful practices in a better place to make better decisions. Those who practice daily gratitude are in a better place to resist the surge of negative energy flowing around them. The people who have done the work to learn and develop are far better positioned to make stronger moves in hard times.

Start It Right Now!

If you have not been doing that self-work now it would be a fantastic time to start. Don’t brush it off. Nor swipe it under the rug. If you are not in a good place right now and you have not been doing the work that really matters. Ask yourself if you want to continue living this way? Do you want to continue feeling these feelings throughout your life? What about the next time something happens? Do you want to be in a strong position mentally and emotionally? If so, commit to start that daily practice and commit to it today. Write down your “no matter what” practices. No matter what each and every morning I will practice gratitude, meditation, reading something positive. All the things that you know will make you a better, stronger, and happier human being.

Everyone Is Not That Important!

Hard times can be a blessing in so many ways. One of those is noticing the things that we gave too much space in our minds and emotions that were never really that important. We notice those who are always there. Those who really care and perhaps some who do not. We notice those who make time for you no matter what and those who do not. Take a moment in silence and ask yourself: What has been consuming too much of my energy that really is not that much important? Maybe it’s time to make some changes to reduce or eliminates those things for a better quality of life?

To Realize The Important Ones!

Tough times reveals what really matters.
Tough times reveals what really matters. Yout true friends, resilience, and resourcefulness and how amazingly strong you are.

In our life somethings and some people are really important for us and we must show that we know this and appreciate this. In contrast to the previous point, hard times can really jolt us into understanding what and who really cares about it. Who do we turn to in hard times, who do we jump to protect, who would we do anything for, no matter what storms are ragging? who would do anything for us? What makes us better and stronger in these times? What makes us feel better no matter what is going on? Get quiet for a moment and ask these questions to yourself. Trust the answers. Maybe you need to tell those people that are important to you that you are thankful for them. Maybe you need some changes in life to lock in those things that are important, replacing some of those things that are not.

Things Must Change In Hard Times.

During the hardest of times, we all know that things must change. But most people are not willing to make those changes. Poor habits, fear and conditioning keep us locked in to the prison of past. This only guarantees more of the same in the future. Nothing will change longterm unless you change everything that needs changing. Expecting your circumstances to change when you don’t is insanity. Commit to the self-growth changes you can make to create the life you must have. Commit to it now and commit to it as a daily practice. It has to be your new identity. The old you must die for the new you to be born.

This Too Shall Pass!

This too shall pass like a kidney stone. But it will pass.
This too shall pass like a kidney stone. But it will pass.

This too shall pass. It’s hard when you are going through stressful, life-altering moments to hear this. But if you think back over your life, and the lives of everyone you know, you came to know that everything passes. Good times don’t last forever and neither do hard times. Trust that this moment will pass. Know that it will and start doing the inner work now so that no moment in time can alter your state. Do that work on you so no moments in time, no event, no circumstances can change how you feel about your life. Keep going, and keep going with optimism and faith in your heart.

When you pass the test, then this too shall pass. Everybody goes through difficult times, but it is those who push through those difficult times who will eventually become successful in life. Don’t give up, because this too shall pass. Our mortality makes it impossible for our problems to last forever.

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