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HP Envy Series Laptops


HP Envy Series Laptops


This blog is the information container for all types of IT hardware that needs to be access in daily life. HP envy series laptops are the new innovation in technology. It has laptops of i3, i5, i7 and it makes the whole 4th generation laptops easy to understand. It can easily manage the laptop series and have great knowledge of evolution of new technology. You can get all the important and latest hardware in the era efficiently. It is easy to get all types of information at a single place to manage timely.

HP Envy 4th Generation Laptops

HP series are the perfect series of laptops which are costly but the quality of the laptops are quite efficient. People love to get HP envy because it has the 4 – core processors with built-in RAM of 16 GB with 1TB unlimited HDD for free. It also has the retina display which is new technology in the laptops. HP envy series laptops are available in touch WIZ capabilities with splitting of the LEDS retina display. The laptops are available in the display of 13 inches, 15 inches and 19 inches. It also has the super drive which is adorable and synchronizes with the laptop’s hardware compatibility. Nowadays prices of the 4th generation laptops are relatively low as compare to others 5th generations.

HP 5th Generation Laptops

You are already known that 4th generation is more powerful than the 5th generation. But the new 5th generation laptops are power saver than the 4th generation laptops. The display screens and battery backup time is more precisely saves in the new kind of 5th generation laptops. These laptops are pretty much expensive than you compare it with all other 2nd and 3rd generation respectively. There is new technological behaviors are being introduced day by day. These HP laptops are perfect integration of technology into new kind of technologies. 5th generation laptops are more costly and increasingly coming with huge collection of latest gadgets and software updating. All the bugs can easily removes by the 5th generation laptops. There is good news that the 5th generation laptops has the capability to protect from unauthorized access and prevents from the viruses successfully.


There are some latest laptops are coming in 3D display technology where you can easily watch your favorite movies without going to any cinema at single place. 3D technology is the awesome way to embedded into the laptops because this way you can make your laptop as a whole cinema. This blog promised to get you keep updated from all new laptops, tablets, printers, notebooks, mobile phones and computer accessories easily.

I hope now you are able to find out the difference between the 4th generation laptops and 5th generation laptops. I will suggest you to be online on this blog and we promise you to give genuine information of all the latest technologies in coming days. Please stay with us and tell your friends the address of this blog to get latest news about new hardware technologies.

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