How to help youngsters to navigate a route to career success?


Parents being the first pedagogue of children should involve themselves with each and every alteration of their (especially)youngsters life and when it came the fact of guiding your child for a proper career so they must behave proactively to make them a proper and satisfied enough professional.

It has been seen that parents usually neglects to connect more with their children when they are meeting their pubescent age thinking that as they are being mature now so they need some distance to be confident. Yeah, this strategy is beneficial to some extent but a connection between youngsters and parents should be an obvious trait. A survey in January 2014 reported that ” Almost half of the parents are unaware of the range of options open to young people turning 18″

Here are some tips that could help parents for navigating their young stars a better route to a career.

  • Ignite the hidden spark of your young star!

Everyone’s journey in this globe is different from his fellow being. It’s not necessary that if someone is a successful engineer so your child would also get success if and only if he will become an engineer. All of us are blessed with almost everything different but definitely best from the others. So the point is to realize the spark that is hidden inside the personality of your child and to assure him or her that the spark they have is the most precious thing in the universe and they have to explore it in such a unique way that the world would remember their name afterward.


  • Adorn your youngster with life and work skills.

Helping parents


Assist your young star to cope up with their daily life in a managed way so that they become manager of their selves at the early age. Management is the key thing for the attainment of any goal in one’s life.  Once your child is capable of managing his routine he will find no difficulty in the attainment of any goal in his life. Confer them some responsibilities and roles so that they start to thought they have a purpose to live.



  • Be Enthusiastic about the obsession of your youngsters.

Always provide a warm feedback at your youngster’s obsession. Ask them about their future dreams and goals and if you have any sort of experience regarding that field share it with them. That’s a 100% resulting technique people benefited all around the world. Have a communal relationship with your child try to know their perception about success and what they think is necessary to be successful in life.

  • Provide them a living example.

Mentors help in navigating a career!

People at their teenage are perfect imitators of whom they love, if they idealized a movie star they tried their hard to be like them in their life similarly if parents gave them or confer them a perfect living example of what their youngsters are passionate about and what should be best for them on the basis on their utmost skill that would be a great strategy for navigating them a route to career.


  • Assist your youngsters in exploring different career options.

Encourage youngsters to do work experiences so that they will learn the value of hard work by doing work hard. Arrange different activities for them out of their academic major so they will develop their work skills. Especially in this era of revolution where every solution is digitalis with the help of IT. Use tech tools for exploring their site of interest, their type of work, their perfect field!

  • Make sure your youngster has an up-to-date CV.

Almost from the day one of my sensibility I listen to a proverb that tells :

“The first impression is the last impression”

Make sure that your youngsters have an up-to-date CV containing all the good marks of your personality. All in all, your CV should elaborate yourself as it will speak first then you!

  • Support your youngsters to get work experience.

Building a career success is not a one-time problem. It’s a continual process which needs great appreciation and affection to be bloom at the top. Help your child to get work with the help of your links and contact via your friends or colleagues. Appreciate them with their first the job they get, if it’s not so good to encourage them too. Soon their hard will conquer their mean of success and will make them happier than ever before. As “Hard work is a key to success

  • Cooperates with the struggling one.

Everyone in this universe not gets the desirous life. Although all have to struggle for the life they want here we also have some people who have to try harder and harder enough to get a desirous life for them. I think they are the someone closest to god or have some extraordinary qualities so the faith examines them in a little different manner, that solely analyze their willpower and their task is to be steadfast and to not give up at the moment. The portrayal of parents here should be supportive, en-courageous and to be a shelter for them.

A world’s famous teacher and career consultant Tolo Pereira said that

“when my daughters were making career choices I found it really helpful to ask them about their studies and encourage them to share a highlight or something new they learned that day. Probably the most important thing I did to help was believe in them, accept the choices that they made and support them.”

You can certainly guide your youngsters by making connections and introducing them to those with advice and information, but your youngsters needs to be the one who takes action. Joan E. McLean, associate dean for academic advising at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, once said :

“Part of guiding high school juniors and seniors toward their calling,” she said, “is allowing them to find that calling, to see what best suits their still-developing values and interests.”

If your youngsters wants to be a professional singer, he or she might shadow a singer or a voice coach to see what that person’s life is like, read biographies of singers and talk to those in the profession about the needed education and what they did to build careers.


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