How to deal with toxic people


If your relationship is making you feel bad and doesn’t make you feel good anymore, or you think that your relationship has lost the spark, there might be some toxicity. Toxic people’s characteristics and behavior make the relationship suffocate.  Many people who are surrounded by negativity and toxicity cannot separate or cut out toxic people from their life. In this article, we discuss the signs of toxic people, and if you are already dealing with this kind of people or did not know what to do, or are scared of taking any move, this article is for you.

1. Set Clear Boundaries:

  If you have a toxic person in your surrounding, it’s important to set clear boundaries with that person, it’s doesn’t mean to shut them off but setting boundaries which means minimizing contacting them, less interaction, avoiding meeting them, or ignoring them when they are misbehaving or moving to another place to avoid that negativity into you. Also, you can use phrases like “It would be better if I….” or ‘I don’t like it when…” or ‘ I am not comfortable doing this…”.

2. Speak Up:

 Express your emotions openly. If the behavior or attitude of that person seems unbearable,  and you want that person in your life or want an improvement in your relationship, you can communicate with them calmly. Let the other person know how you are feeling, how they made you feel beaches nobody’s going to read your mind language.

Maybe the other person has a valid reason for that, even if he says; “What does it mean?” It will make him realize that this behavior has hurt you and you are not okay with that. 

Learn to take a stand for yourself while dealing with a toxic person. If you choose to stay quiet, or the emotion inside you, it will worsen the situation. 

Expressing your emotions may not change the other person’s behavior but being okay with them means when it’s clear that they are damaging you from inside, it is not okay. Staying quiet or taking anger, negativity from themes will not make them a good person. Short-term compromises can lead to long-term complications. It might be challenging, it may aggravate the toxic behavior of that person, or he might be surprised that you are speaking up for yourself.

But you can start the conversion in the right way 

“I found that our relationship is not going to work this way.”

Look, your behavior is hurting me for a few days. Like…..”

 The toxic person might have prepared some defensive statement in their support but at least it will make them aware that something is wrong with them that is troubling you.

3. Don’t let their negativity overtake you:

Toxic people are manipulators,  and when you speak up and openly express your feelings, they will make you feel guilty for your behavior. Remember that they are toxic, and it’s just another way to trick you, but not this time let their negativity and toxicity overtake you. Remember that it’s them that are bad, not you. Don’t let it hurt your confidence and feel insecure or feeling insulted. Just consider that they are toxic and they cannot do anything to you. If they are getting angry or showing mood swings, remind yourself that it’s not your responsibility to handle them or to fix them. 

 4. Cut off toxic people:

If nothing is working and you have tried everything to make the relationship work by every means, then it’s time to cut them off from your life and you don’t have to feel guilty for it. You deserve to invest your time and energy with those people who make you feel good about yourself or love you for who you are. Toxic people only change if they have a desire to change themselves or if they recognize that their behavior is toxic towards others, then gather up the courage and finally say goodbye to them. 

When is it time to cut off toxic people from your life? When a toxic person starts impacting your life negatively and you are going through waves of depression, mental breakdown or there’s a lot of negativity inside you, and it’s clear their abusive behavior cannot be tolerated anymore, cut them off. It would be very hard for you to break every relationship with them, but it’s difficult but it will save your future from mental trauma or being a victim of their toxic behavior.


We all have some black sheep in our; life, but it’s not our mistake when they come in life. It is worse when these people stay in our life for nothing. When their energy, attitude, and behavior are draining for us, troubling our mental health, and causing depression, it will not be a healthy choice to live with this kind of toxic people.

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