How To Become A Runner?

How To Become A Fast Runner?

How to improve your running


It’s a frequently asked question, how to become a runner?” Behind every record, there is a magnanimous effort in order to place a world record to the peak of success. Running is a process in which muscles make effort and the legs apply force to hit the ground and the foot moves forward fastest. Human limbs can handle the best forces at top speed helping the foot to move forward operating force limits of muscles to the ground.

Fastest people in history

Running fastest ever a human can on our planet earth is 44.72 km/h. A Jamaican athlete USAIN BOLT hit the ground nearly at 28 mph in the 100-meter sprint. It was an outstanding speed calculated ever on any running track. It was recorded in 2008. The speed limit of 3 females and 3 males as the fastest runner calculated by are listed below:

  1. Jamaican athlete USAIN BOLT calculated 9.58 meters per second in 2008.
  2. US athlete TAYSON GAY calculated 9.69 meters per second in 2008.
  3. Jamaican athlete ASAFA POWELL calculated 9.72 meters per second in 2007.
  4. A US athlete FLORENCE JOYNER GRIFFITH calculated 10.49 meters per second in 1988.
  5. US athlete CARMELITA JETER calculated 10.64 meters per second in 2009
  6. A US athlete MARION JONES calculated 10.65 meters per second in 1998.

The fastest speed limit in marathon running of 3 females and males calculated by Runners world are listed below:

  1. DENNIS KIMETTO calculated 2:02:57 in 2014
  2. KENENISA BEKELE calculated 2:03:03 in 2016
  3. ELUD KIPCHOGE calculated 2:03:05 in 2016
  4. PAULA RADCLIFFE calculated 2:15:25 in 2003
  5. MARY KEITANY calculated 2:17:01 in 2017
  6. TIRUNESH DIBABA calculated 2:17:56 in 2017

How to become a runner just like these amazing runners? This article is your ultimate guide to becoming a fast runner.

How to become a faster runner?

Here’s how to become a better runner. To achieve the best results with a maintained pace and speed, workouts are most important for outstanding running.  Learning speedy workouts is not enough to become a runner you have to know how they work on a human body. Continuous speedy work in the starting would let your muscles damage and you will not achieve your goal. Remember always if you want to strike the ground with speed begin your workouts with “Tempo Runs” and “Interval Runs” Start running at an easy pace and make it your routine whether it is for 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Keep on doing till then you don’t lose your breath and you can freely talk, try even singing. After then carry it on with adding some more time. This is the way to have shining results as the best runner.

If you are habitual of jogging it will help you to attain the best running pace. The daily small amount of jogging and some running can create a perfect recipe for speed running. Adjust your speed with your abilities. Keep them moderate while you are starting. Increase your speed time to time while in the last run or as for workout average time. Some factors are very important to resolve the query of how to become a runner.

Factors that could affect a runner

Following are the factors which directly affect your running. If you want to figure out how to become a fast runner? make sure you work on the following factors:

  1. Age factor
  2. Fitness level
  3. Body shape
  4. Gender
How To Become A Fast Runner?


Running speed and stamina depends upon age. This factor may decline your speed of running. Age is a factor that may ascend or decline for an athlete too. A running speed is at its peak at the age of adulthood which is 18 to 30. After that, an athlete works hard to maintain that pace and speed. Best runners are in adulthood after that runners might lose their speed to its best and they will retire as a runner.  To be a runner age factor should be kept in mind if you are capable to descend a runner.


Fitness is the most important factor to be a hard runner on the best strike. Even the best athletes have to be conscious about their fitness. Muscles should be fit enough to run fast. If your legs and muscles are fit you can save energy as to run more miles away conserving less energy without being exhausted. If you are not fit your muscles will contract, energy will decrease as a result your speed declines and you will not be able to win as a champion runner. Keeping a good pace and training your chances of injuries would improve. For the best results do not increase your level of training speed in the starting it will damage your muscles. Make your body habitual then add more running steps in order to be fit.


The basic structure and dimensions of a human body affect your running. The length of legs, hip bone structure, foot type, and weight depends as to run fast. The more your legs are long, the more they can step up and cover more space while running. The shape of the foot is how much they are broad, flat, or long. Your foot structure will help you in running. For a better running speed, hip bone structure increase or decrease your ability to run as fast as you can.


how to become a fast runner? The answer to this question would be slithly different according to your gender. The average speed of runners differs on the basis of their gender. The fastest runners are young men. In order to be fair in decisions, PRO races have been included to consider the best speed level. The speed of female runners (18-30) at the same miles per hour concluded more than males. A man runner would run fast at the same mph as a female runner, while woman runners acquire more time to run at the same mph.


These are the factors to indicate running speed. They also determine how to become a runner. The participant takes place from the world. These factors may not descend your speed if your workouts are strong and you will work hard to become an outstanding runner. It will more count as your quality that you may not have some factor still your hard work ascended you to the peak. Appreciations can build up your passion for success. I hope this informative article will help you figure out the query of how to become a faster runner?

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