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Don’t do these things before bed


Don’t do these things before bed

Sleeping for six to eight hours, according to the body’s need, is essential for a human being and is a necessity without which a person cannot accomplish daily life’s tasks. Sleep is extremely important and, therefore, the lack of sleep might cause serious health problems.

But in today’s era, while we have hundreds of things to stress over and unhealthy obsessions with technology, the importance of slumber is ignored, and its adverse effects are not taken into consideration. A Few things may lead to insomnia and can result in diabetes as well as heart diseases. If the routine is slightly altered, and few things are ignored before going to bed, one can easily achieve sufficient sleep.

Following are the few health tips that can ensure a good night’s sleep.

Avoid using technology before going to bed

You must avoid using mobile gadgets at night and to read from e-books or checking e-mails at night can be a cause of disturbed sleep routine. One can read a book instead of reading from e-books and watching television because the light from an electronic device reduces melatonin, which can cause serious sleeping and health problems and can also result in eyesight problems.

Texting or calling people at night should also be avoided because it will engage the person in a conversation and will deprive the person of sleep.

Stay away from caffeine at night

Coffee and tea can also lead to disturbance to sleep at night. If someone is a fan of drinking tea at night, they can use “Herbal tea” or tea of any brand that is free of caffeine. Both coffee and tea contain caffeine, which is very dangerous for the health.

Chocolates also have an ample amount of caffeine and consumption of chocolate at night can lead to insomnia and also health problems like diabetes if it is milk chocolate. Dark chocolates are good for health but they contain more caffeine compared to milk chocolate.

Do not work before bed

If a person is workaholic and works before going to bed too, he can encounter serious sleeping problems. Sleep is necessary for working efficiently the next day. Therefore, one should always stop working before bed and relax. Ten minutes of meditation before bed can improve health and can also guarantee a good night’s sleep. If one’s mind is occupied by sleeping with work, they will not be able to sleep properly at night and the days will prove themselves tiresome for the person too.

Reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption

Alcohol as well as tobacco consumption, i.e. drinking wine, beer or other alcoholic drinks and smoking at night can disrupt sleep too. Drinking alcohol can result in restlessness and fatigue the next day while a cigarette contains nicotine, which is a cause of sleeplessness and other health problems like lung cancer.

Avoid working out intensely at night

Exercise is beneficial for us. It can help in reducing weight and can keep one fit and active. But working out should be done according to the needs of the body. One should not exceed working out because it will have worse consequences and may lead to a lack of sleep.

Do not eat spicily food

Spicy food can cause bloating, and gas as well as stomachache and can disturb one’s sleeping routine. Food containing fruits and vegetables with a less amount of spices should be a part of dinner.

If these health tips are followed every night before bed, one can easily sleep peacefully. Sleeping peacefully ensures an active day ahead.

All the above statements are true and give a real essence, that sleeping properly enhance the body performance. You must sleep on time because it increases the metabolism of the body and makes you fresh for a long time. The night is the gift from GOD which we must have achieved and rest at night.

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