Do You Talk Down To… Yourself? Stop It!

Talk to yourself

A small dose of self-criticism can inspire you to make changes, but too much self trash-talk can lead to depression. Here are a few ways to deal with your inner critic.

A woman’s self-talk is formed from the course of her human journey, and most especially, events occurring in the early adolescence of a young girl’s life impact the formation of self-worth and self-esteem. If those events are attached to negative reinforcements, then negative self-talk is the likely outcome.

A critical key to stopping the habit of negative self-talk is that you must first recognize and admit that you “talk down to herself.” Subsequently you have to begin the work of freeing yourself from the grip of human transgressions that may be the source of your negative “self talk.” These may be deeply held secrets that have disrupted and/or sapped your self-esteem and confidence that are not easy to reach, but it can be done. The bonds of negative self -talk can be broken.

Mistakes are experiences that can hinder or bolster your conviction to move forward. What needs to be kept in the “no longer acceptable” category are mistakes created with impulsivity and a lack of due diligence. You may need to refinance your emotional convictions before moving forward after making a mistake. So to free yourself with significance and sustainability, you need to insure your emotional and mental bank account is always funded with trust in yourself, like for, and confidence in yourself and overdraft protection for emotional overspending.

Repeating kinder messages and phrases can help rewire your brain to make self-compassion more automatic… though the initial phases of rewiring may require conscious, very focused and purposeful tweaking.  Slip-ups will happen, but remember they can also provide lessons and insights.

Developing a self-compassionate inner script will balance the less compassionate and even cruel challenges of our times. A woman’s ability to be kind to herself, respectful and thoughtful about herself, and accepting of her strengths and human limitations can and will lead to inner peace and a greater chance of fulfill innate capabilities.

Compassion is defined as the ability to resonate with the suffering of another, pity, sympathy and mercy… Surely, we can find such ability for ourselves from ourselves.

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