Common Makeup Mistakes Women Make

common mistakes women make in makeup

Makeup is an art, not a trick. You should only know the basics of makeup and then you can apply it finely all over your face. Makeup has always taken an important part in a woman’s life. Every woman is incomplete without makeup and every woman is illiterate without knowing how to apply makeup and how to avoid makeup mistakes.

There some very small and common mistake women commonly make while applying makeup. Some of them are as follows

Unsuitable products:

First of all women should learn to use the suitable makeup products. Every woman has different skin tone and texture so everyone needs different products. One of the most common mistake women do is to use unsuitable makeup products on their skin. This is not only harmful for their skin but also produce very poor look and women look horrible after makeup instead of looking beautiful. So always know about your skin and use the products accordingly.

Use of proper foundation:

Money women do not know about their skin tone and apply the wrong foundation that makes them look so ugly. It is necessary to learn about your skin tone so that you can apply proper foundation evenly at face and neck. Many people apply dark foundation at their face whereas it is commonly advised to apply a little lighter colored foundation at your skin.


Contouring can change your face a lot. It can change the face of a beggar into a princess’s face. Contouring not only maintains the face features but also prominent those features that need to look bigger like eyes whereas it reduces those features that need to look smaller or reduced like wide cheeks or a big nose. So you should always know about your features and their proper contouring so that you can prominent or reduce the features accordingly.


Whenever you apply eye shade, foundation, powder or any other thing on your face always blend that properly. Improper blending destroys all your face beauty and charm. Proper blending of colors, foundation, and proper brings charm and beauty to your face and makes you look wonderful. Many women should first learn about blending before applying anything to their own faces as blending decided the beauty of your face.

Mascara application:

Always apply mascara according to the shape and size of your eyes. The most common mistake women do is to apply mascara just by following the tutorials and other’s techniques. It is a very common makeup mistake because only the mascara shape and length will suit you that is according to your eye shape and length. Long-shaped eyes need normal mascara whereas small eyes need long mascara application. So avoid this mistake and apply proper mascara.

It is necessary to learn the basic art of makeup before applying anything to your face so that you can look beautiful after makeup rather than ugly or horrible. Avoid above listed mistakes.

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