Business Ideas For Web Developers

Business Ideas For Web Developers

With so many websites being created, it’s an easy time to make money through web development. And more and more businesses can be found online each day. The problem with starting your own business is coming up with a good idea that will appeal to clients and make you money without requiring too much work. Here are 7 business ideas for web developers you can use to develop or improve an existing business as a web developer or otherwise generate extra income on the side!

1. Build an App Concept

On top of the list of business ideas for web developers is creating an app concept. Building an app can be a lucrative business idea if you’re a developer. According to Forbes, apps had over 2 million in 2016 alone. App revenue saw over $20 billion in 2016. And yet, apps aren’t just about revenue generation. Forbes reports that 1 out of every 5 American adults uses at least one social media app daily.

Your business idea could have a solid chance of being one of the 1 in 5 ideas to take off. When starting a new business idea, ask yourself these questions: Do you have any expertise in any particular area? What kind of apps does the general public need? What issues does your proposed app solution for the general public? Can there be enough demand for such an app?

With your app, will you make the majority of the money by charging users upfront fees, a subscription fee, or not charging at all and just relying on advertisements? What are potential solutions available to provide sustainable revenue? How do other apps market their products, and what makes them successful or unsuccessful?

Aside from the legal concerns, creating something like that would require a lot of time and money. When answering these questions, think about how much time and money it would take to produce your idea.

2. Build a Website

One of the most obvious business ideas for web developers is to build a website and monetize it. The broad term “website” can refer to eCommerce websites. In these review sites, you’re providing consumer reviews, leadership sites in which you’re approaching potential customers, crowdfunding platforms where funds can be raised through donations, or even membership/subscription websites.

You can make money with affiliate programs. Just be sure to check the legal requirements for running these types of businesses for your site. We have an in-depth guide on starting a WordPress blog if you want some general advice on starting a website.

3. Create Invest In Cryptocurrencies

A popular way to monetize skills is for you to create your digital self-help or how-to guide and offer it online directly to your customers. Investing in a course where you can teach someone something new can be lucrative if they want to learn the skill. Check out sites like Teachable or Thinkific for more information.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of writing an eBook, here are some resources to get you started. You may wonder how much to charge for your eBook and other aspects that need clarification. This is how you publish your eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

4. Publishing E-books & online course

You can create digital goods, such as books or online courses, to earn money from your ideas. To do so, you’d host it on a website. WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, and Squarespace are all ways that you could start a digital goods shop with 3D-Coat scenes for viewers to watch. You could also sell your downloadable book here.

To make money with your blog, you must create an account with Clickbank, Aweber, and Stripe. You get paid each time the reader buys an eBook copy of your content or signs up for an online membership or course. If they don’t want to pay, they can sign up for your mailing list or buy a one-off fee instead.

This feature will email your visitors about new info as soon as it becomes available. This is my favorite feature because it’s exciting to know that new products originate from my site before they hit other popular sites! You can decide if your readers want to make a purchase right away by setting up an automatic payment via PayPal or not.

5. Become a Freelancer To Get Your best-Ever Income

This is an excellent source of extra income and one you can likely do on nights and weekends. However, watch out: All sorts of other companies will try to entice you with business opportunities that sound like setting up a freelancing-type business. However, there are important differences between these two types of businesses. Keep reading for more about setting up a consulting-type business.

If you decide to become a freelancer and there is a demand for your skills, the opportunity could turn into a full-time job and more, depending on how people respond to your content. If you want to start your side business as a freelancer, complete the following task: Write a professional guest post based on the following description of building a successful web development company from scratch. Choose your company name, find clients, hire employees, and more.

6. Offer online marketing services

If you try to promote your services or products online, you can reach an almost endless audience. Online marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest provide access to potential clients of all ages and backgrounds. By creating and managing multiple online profiles for your clients—at least 1–2 per platform—you can advertise your expertise in various areas with millions of potential leads.

Inner thoughts: “That’s a good idea. I should build something beautiful by myself.” To have a successful business, start with one client and aim to show off your talent. A web presence that stands out allows you to attract clients in your own right and grow as you go. What better way to show off your talent than by building something beautiful from scratch? If you build up enough credibility, larger businesses might start reaching out to work with you directly.

Starting your own freelance writing business is not easy — it takes time, energy and a bit of hustle. Here are six steps I took when I started my freelance writing career: Step #1: Build Your Brand. You have to decide what kind of writer you want to be. Are you going to write about personal finance? Tech? Fashion? Travel? Whatever niche(s) interests you the most is the niche where I would start — it’s easier to sell yourself if people know exactly what they’re getting from day one.

7. Create a YouTube Channel For Business Purposes

If you want to find your audience and promote your business, consider creating a YouTube channel. Video is one of the most effective ways to share your message online. And if you don’t have professional video equipment at your disposal, don’t worry. There are a lot of free tools out there that can help you create great videos with decent visuals.

You can use your phone or digital camera to create simple videos; some even use Google’s AdWords Keyword, Planner Tool, to optimize them. Whether it is a personal/social mix of both, as long as your content is compelling, people will love it. From that point, they will be more inclined to buy from you or recommend you to others.


It’s never too early to think about your future as a designer, developer, or business entrepreneur. You must develop engaging and exciting ideas before beginning your first project. Keep in mind what direction you want to take if things don’t work out perfectly on your first try.

If you aren’t an experienced programmer but want to get started, know that your creativity is often easier when you understand what it takes to develop a specific type of software. Thinking about a target customer is the best way to develop business ideas for web developers that fulfill the needs of both parties.

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