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If beauty is fun and blogs are fun, it only stands to reason that beauty blogs would be fun too right? Right, but that’s not to say all beauty blogs are created equal.

We scoured the interwebz for the best of the best blogs. We’re talking beauty blogs we just can’t get enough of. Get ready to bookmark your way to the most crushworthy beauty blogs on the web. Please, feel free to add your faves in the comments below!

1- Makeup and Beauty Blog

As the brainchild of a freelance writer “obsessed with makeup,” this blog delivers. The author takes us on a lively tour of products she chooses to feature, chatting about everything from how to wear each product, to their chemical formula. Not only that, the Makeup and Beauty Blog posts great photos of the cosmetics being worn. One post might include more than ten shades of a lip pencil or eyeliner. If you’re a fan of the cosmetic brand MAC, this blog is definitely for you. This author’s secret? Thoroughness.

2- Beauty Blogging Junkie

True to its tagline that “Beauty blogs should be just as entertaining as they are informative,” this jewel of a site is manned by a contributor to Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Nylon – you name it! Author Amber Katz writes each post wittily, bouncing from watermelon pedicures to reverse ombre hair color to Olivia Wilde’s beachy waves. What really makes this blog glow is how Katz interviews celebrity stylists, sharing their insights on how they give A-listers certain looks and the products they used to get them there.

4- Temptalia

If makeup is your thing, Temptalia is your blog. This savvy site not only links to the cheapest place to buy a product but also compares it to other brands – making it easy for readers to navigate the sea of products out there. Temptalia ranks each product on a 1 to 10 scale for overall quality, pigmentation, texture, longevity, and application. This beauty blog also opens the floor to discussion, posting makeup-related questions and encouraging subscribers to give their own two cents. The site’s “hit list” allows readers to weigh in on the best and worst products and why.

5- The Clean Beauty Blog

For girls that love makeup and are interested in exploring the more organic side of beauty, we’ve found your new favorite blog. The Clean Beauty Blog emphasizes skincare and features natural, environmentally friendly products that are free of synthetic chemicals. However, the Aussie author uses all the products she reviews and researches them, sharing her thoughts and recommendations. The blog also features makeup artists and skincare specialists who walk us through their non-toxic beauty routines. “Clean beauty” has never been easier, or more fun.

6- Beauty Crush

If you’ve ever watched any of this UK sweetheart’s fashion and beauty videos on YouTube, you’re probably already in love with her. Not only is her persona great, but she’s also an innovative and clever stylist. Beauty Crush weaves clothing, makeup, and hair styling together for a full look, and the author models everything herself. Moreover, her beauty tutorials are very thorough and well thought out. Additionally, it offers real-life styling at its best – and it’s one of the smashing independent beauty blogs out there.

So tell us, which beauty blogs do you adore?

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