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How to Avoid Your WordPress Website Being Hacked


Hacking is most popular and fun making strategy of many people. Users of internet perform hacking just the sake of fun which is only hurting for the owner of the victim website. Many laws and regulations have made for the protection of people. But no rule is made to protect the websites by governments and officials. It is not a good feeling when you have a large business and some hackers hijacked your website and you lost all the data. For security precautions, we are sharing genuine techniques to protect you from hackers.

How to Avoid Your WordPress Website Being Hacked

  • Strong passwords combinations are required for better protection of websites
  • Visits the new blogs of WordPress for vulnerable activities
  • Use SSH for data uploading and downloading and saving, no ftp

Technique1: Strong combinations of passwords

Passwords are the main entering door of any website. It is always recommended to secure your website with good combination of passwords. You must use space button into your password because it is hidden button.  Do not store website’s passwords into your PC or any mobile device. Always use RoboForm to save your passwords because it is protected tool. These tools are most useful than your computers.

Technique2: Visit latest WordPress blogs

It must be noted down and necessary to visit all the websites specially the WordPress websites. Just visit WordPress website and you will get latest news about the latest bugs and hacks in the WordPress. is the website that will tell you about the new vulnerable hacks that generated by the hackers.

Technique3:  Don’t use ftp, always use SSH

Mostly people use ftp to upload their websites files in the server. Ftp is not secure now because it does not encrypt all the data which you sent through it. It is very vulnerable to the websites. SSH is a new algorithm which you must have used because it encrypts all the data sent through it. SSH uses runtime algorithm for the websites which is not vulnerable at all.

Technique3:  Scan your tools

You must have many plugins that you installed on your WordPress. Scan all these tools after you download. WordPress needs to scan all the plugins before you start your website. All plugins must scan with proper antiviruses in your websites.

Technique 4: Change the table name of database

Database prefix table must change by you. By default it is WordPress, you must change it and make it with other name of the table. It is necessary to make new changes in this regard. Prefix table is the backdoor of any website’s database.

Technique 5: Avoid installing unknown plugins

Always remember not use unknown plugins into your website. Hidden people can get access to the database of your website. Make sure you are the best anti-hacking person for your website. It is always being a good decision to do all the tasks with good skills.

I hope you have liked this information and share your good thoughts and decisions with us to improve the quality.

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