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March is like a fresh bouquet of bright blooms. It is a proverb that “March comes like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. This proverb means that March can have cold, harsh or unpleasant weather at the start, but ends mildly, warmly, calmly and pleasantly.  

March is the third month of the yearly calendar. It has 31 days. This month is the beginning to renew life for everything. March is also known as early spring month because this month is the start of the spring season. March has two zodiac signs; the first one is Pisces (19 Feb-20 March) and the second one is Aries (21 March-19 April). In the Southern hemisphere, March is the same weather as the month of September has in Northern Hemisphere.


In earlier Roman times March was considered as the first month of the calendar. January and February were not introduced as months in the Roman calendar back then. This was just the period of the cold season. For many years New Year came in March.

Month March is named after God Mars. Romans had many gods. God Mars was the Roman God of Wars. Mars God was very dangerous and powerful among all other gods. According to Romans, this God holds javelin in one of his hands and a shield in his other hand. They also believed that rain and thunderstorm were in control of God Mars. In March all conflicts were resumed after the winter period.

This month has some historical names like:

  • Martius (Romans)
  • Hrethmonath (Saxons)
  • Springtime month (Germanic)
  • Marche (Middle English)
Mars God
Mars God

March in other languages

Following are some names of this amazing month in other languages:

  • Maart (Dutch)
  • Março (Portuguese)
  • März (German)
  • Mart (Turkish)
  • Marzu (Maltese)
  • Martie (Romanian)
  • Marsh (Albanian)
  • Mars (French)

March Important Days

In Pakistan, we celebrated 23 March as Pakistan Resolution day or Pakistan day. This day has a national holiday in the country. The Joint Services Pakistan Day Military Parade held annually on 23rd March in Islamabad. This is the main event of the day. Many people come to see this spectacular parade. This ceremony broadcasted live so whole Pakistanis actually watching the parade. This parade is also attended by dignitaries of different countries.

 Following are some International UN Days:

  • World Wildlife Day (3 March)
  • International Women’s Day (8 March)
  • International Day of Happiness (20 March)
  • World Poetry Day (21 March)
  • International Day of Forests (21 March)
  • World Water Day (22 March)
  • Word Meteorological Day (23 March)
  • World Tuberculosis Day (24 March)

Famous People Birthdays in March

Some famous people who born in March are listed here:

  • Shahid Afridi (1 March) –Pakistani cricketer
  • Justin Bieber (1 March) –Canadian singer and songwriter
  • Camila Cabello (3 March) –Cuban American singer and songwriter
  • Muniba Mazari (3 March) –Motivational speaker
  • Eva Mendes (5 March) –Actress
  • Olivia Wilde (10 March) –Actress
  • Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (10 March) –Prince
  • James Taylor (12 March) –American singer and songwriter
  • Amir Khan (14 March) –Bollywood actor
  • Albert Einstein (14 March) –Theoretical Physicist
  • Alia Bhatt (15 March) –Bollywood actress
  • Lily Collins (18 March) –Actress
  • Lady Gaga (28 March) -Singer

Personality Traits

It is said that people who born this month of the year, have some qualities which altogether make them unique. Following are these qualities which make them different from the rest of the people:

  • They are very smart.
  • These people are very generous, kind and sympathetic.
  • They have a heart of gold.
  • Very creative
  • Faithful individuals and very good lovers
  • They are very shy, reserved and secretive personalities.
  • Mostly enjoys their own company.
  • They love to travel.
  • Sometimes they become moody.
  • These people are very career orientated people.
  • People born in this month are good philosophers.
  • They adapt to any situation easily.
  • These people love music and fine arts.
  • They are over thinkers.
  • These people eager to help others.
  • Sometimes tends to hold grudges
  • Have very sensitive in nature.
  • Love to be appreciated.
  • They are nature lovers.
  • People born in this month also have optimistic nature.

Spring month

March is the welcoming bell for the spring season. After cold, dry and harsh months of winter, this month brings colors, warmth and super sunny days. In this month everything rejuvenates. Everything breathes a new life in March. Every plant starts growing again. New leaves are coming out. This month is also filled with flowers’ beauty. Flowers are blooming everywhere. This month is like an early spring garden where you see freshly bloomed flowers with amazing smells everywhere. It is such a beautiful sight to be seen. Especially in Pakistan, many flower spring festivals happen this month. At festivals, there are many flowers exhibition, musical concerts, funny skits and food stalls.


Full Worm Moon

According to Farmer’s Almanac, March’s full moon is named Worm Moon because earthworms appear when the soil warms in spring. It is also believed that this name is symbolic. Phases of the moon of this month help farmers when they can plant and sow. This Worm Moon also signifies the last moon for the first quarter year.

March Equinox

It is also known as the spring equinox. March Equinox is the specific time when in most of the time zones in the world, has an almost equal duration of day and night. The First Equinox of the year is March Equinox. In reality, it is just a specific moment of time but in many cultures around the world, celebrate the whole day as of this first Equinox and hold feasts. Astronomers and scientists use the March equinox as the start of spring. This year March Equinox was on 20th March 2021.

March Equinox
March Equinox

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about this month are following:

  • Easter is sometimes celebrated in March. Easter is a movable feast between March 22 and April 25.
  • The first three days of March were once considered as blind days having bad luck.
  • the last three days of March known as borrowing days.
  • Eiffel Tower’s grand opening was on 31st March 1889.
  • Oreo, one of the favorite cookies of America debuted on March 6th, 1912.

March Birth Flower

Every birth flower is personalized with some qualities and traits. It will be a very thoughtful plus meaningful gift if you give birth-flowers to your loved ones. March birth flower is daffodil. Jonquil has also known as another birth flower but it is one of the species of the daffodil flower so daffodil is the main one. These little buds of sunshine are also known as flowers of spring.

 Daffodils look like sunshine due to their bright yellow hue. This cheerful flower symbolizes a new beginning, vanity, prosperity, good luck and faithfulness. Shakespeare was also a big fan of these happy daffodils. Daffodil is the national flower of Wales and their people celebrate its faithfulness of re-blooming year after year at the same time. Daffodil is the symbol of hope and rebirth. American Cancer Society also uses daffodils to represent hope for a cure.

Daffodil’s roots are from Greeks. Daffodils are also famous in literature also. In Greek mythology, there is a story of self-loving Narcissus death and its return as a daffodil flower.

If you give one daffodil flower to someone it will consider as bad luck. Instead of one, you should give a bouquet of daffodils which brought good fortune. It is also said that if you give daffodils as a gift, it gives the message that the other person is like an angel.

Daffodils come in many colors and each color represents some meaning.

  • Yellow Daffodils –positivity and joy
  • White Daffodils –youth and purity
  • Orange Daffodils –friendship  

March Birthstones

There are two birthstones of this month; one is blood stone and the second one is aquamarine.


Bloodstone is the traditional birthstone of March. This stone is a type of quartz. It is dark green in color having large spots of red in it. These red spots resemble spots of blood. In India, Brazil, Australia, Germany and Italy you can find this stone.

This stone has healing properties. Ancient Egyptians had the belief that this stone gives strength to warriors in battle and even gives invisibility power for protection. Now athletes also use this stone to increase their strength. This stone in powder form is used as an aphrodisiac in India. Sailors used to carry this stone with them to protect themselves against drowning.

Bloodstones were very much in fashion back in old times. It was used in every type of jewelry for both male and female both.



Aquamarine is the latest birthstone of March. It has striking blue to blue-green color. It is an excellent jewelry stone and also available at a reasonable price. You can find this stone in Brazil, India, Nigeria and United States. It is also found in the Karakorum foothills of Pakistan.

Aquamarine is associated with the ocean. It represents youth, hope and eternal love. This stone brings happiness and has a soothing influence on the married couples. It is also the symbol of unity.

Aquamarine stones
Aquamarine stones

March quotes

Here are some quotes about March:

  • “Our life is March weather, savage and serene in one hour.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” –Charles Dickens
  • “March, when days are getting long, Let thy growing hours be strong to set right some wintry wrong.” –Caroline May
  • “In March winter is holding back and spring is pulling forward. Something holds back and something pulls inside of us too.” –Jean Hersey
  • “March, master of winds, bright minstrel and marshal of storms that enkindle the season they smite.” –Algernon C Swinburne
  • “March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil.” –Sara Coleridge
  • “This is the perfume of March: Rain, loam, feathers, mint.” –Lisa Kleypas
  • “Only those with tenacity can March forward in March.” –Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
  • “March is the month God created to show people who don’t drink what a hangover is like.” –Garrison Keillor
  • “Spring time is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”  -Lewis Grizzard

So this is all about month March. Hope you like it!

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