Adobe Creative Cloud Vs Canva: Which is better for Designers ?

Adobe Creative Cloud Vs Canva: Which is better for Designers ?

Are you up for any projects, but you’re not sure which designing software to start with? Here, you’ll find all the important details regarding the two best functional design tools Adobe Creative cloud and Canva. This ought to assist you in choosing Adobe Vs Canva if you’ve been unsure about which option would be ideal for you.

Regardless of your level of graphic design expertise, Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud both approachable, web-based graphic design tools that promise to enable you to produce beautiful visual designs.

Are you ready to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each platform?

Adobe Creative Cloud:

A collection of over 20 software programs known as Adobe Creative Cloud is used by content producers to create visual content for both personal and business purposes. Examples of this type of content include: books of any length; websites and applications; photo editing and retouching; logos, color schemes, social media graphics, and other brand design elements; and videos of any duration.

Ever since forming Creative Cloud, Adobe has made all of its software cloud-based. However, though, you can’t just use a browser like Canva to access Creative Cloud. To use the program, you must first create an Adobe account. Then, you must download and install Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer.


Canva launched in 2013. A cloud-based graphic design tool, to generate training films, sales presentations, and marketing materials that are consistent with their brands. Features like drag-and-drop design and photo editing with customizable fonts, frames, shapes, grids, and icons are available in this solution.

Anyone with internet connection can use Canva as a browser based program on a computer, phone, or tablet. You may download a stand alone Canva app for the latter two. The software from Canva is just one program, but it has a lot of options already included. All of Canva’s tools are available to you if you can access it. To utilize Canva, all you need is an email address and an account.

Difference between Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva:

Discover the details of online design programs, specifically Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud, and how they can transform your career. Understand the pros and cons of each program, their cost, ease-of-use, templates, features, and customer service to help you decide which one meets your needs the best.

Difference between them can be categorized on following basis:

1. Features:

Both Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud have a variety of options in their design tools that enable customers to produce beautiful graphics.

CanvaAdobe Creative Cloud
Canva is renowned for its simple user interface and drag-and-drop feature, which enable users of all levels to create designs with a polished appearance.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a more sophisticated program that provides a wealth of customization possibilities and design alternatives for designers with greater experience.
2. When it comes to real time collaboration, Canva’s collaboration tools let users share their creations with others.
Adobe Creative Cloud also provides collaborative capabilities, its features such as version control and project management tools are more suited for professional teams and agencies.
Features of Canva Vs Adobe Creative Cloud

2. Templates:

When it comes to using templates, Canva offers an extensive selection of templates as compare to Adobe Creative Cloud.

CanvaAdobe Creative Cloud
Canva offers an extensive selection of templates for various design types, which is one of its primary advantages. You can use Canva’s basic templates for free within the program to create a variety of documents, including invoices, lesson plans, posters, and social media posts. With the Pro subscription, you can access much more.

Adobe Creative Cloud offers templates for every program. You can download and utilize templates for flyer, postcard, and banner projects from the Adobe website.
2. In Canva, the templates are hosted within the program, these are quite easy to use and alter after downloading.
Templates provided in Adobe Creative cloud must be used by an expertise designers on Adobe’s website.
3. To make these drag and drop tutorials visually appealing and on-brand, not much technological expertise is usually required.
Adobe’s templates are quite imaginative and highlight the excellent quality of artwork that can be produced using the applications.
Templates of Canva Vs Adobe Creative Cloud

3. Price:

Price has a significant influence on our decision to use a service. The real costs, subscription alternatives, free trials, and ease of cancellation may have an impact on your decision.

CanvaAdobe Creative Cloud
Canva Pro is available for free for thirty days. This is more than enough time to explore the capabilities of Canva Pro that the free edition does not offer. However, Canva’s free edition is quite functional, and you can make a lot of things without a Pro membership.
Adobe’s software plans are available for a 14-day free trial. It is not necessary to receive a trial for every application at once, as you can subscribe to specific programs. To determine which programs would be ideal for you, you can space out the trial.
Canva is free to use for everyone. With restrictions specifically affecting the use of premium graphic elements, Canva’s brand kit function, and specific save settings, its primary free program offers access to the majority of its capabilities.

Subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud come in a wide range of pricing options. For instance, if you want access to everything, you can subscribe to All Apps. You can also select a single membership plan or a smaller package, such as the Photography plan, which comes with Photoshop and Lightroom. There are various prices for each plan.
3. The monthly cost of Canva Pro is $12.99, or $119.99 for a yearly membership. It’s simple to stop a monthly subscription if necessary, however canceling an annual subscription is not doable.
The monthly cost of a full Creative Cloud plan is $54.99. On Black Friday and other discount days, you can find even more savings, as well as more affordable options for students. The Creative Cloud plan is an annual subscription, therefore even though it is invoiced monthly, it is impossible to quit in the middle of the plan without incurring a significant cost.
Price for Canva Vs Adobe Creative Cloud

4. Ease of Use:

Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud take various tacks when it comes to accessibility.

CanvaAdobe Creative Cloud
Anyone can start designing with Canva because to its user friendly and intuitive interface.

Beginners may find the interface of Adobe Creative Cloud to be stressful
Canva’s drag and drop interface makes it simple for users to add elements to their designs, and its pre designed templates make it quick and simple to produce designs that seem professional.

 It can take some time to become used to the large number of tools and functions available on Adobe’s website.
Accessibility of Canva Vs Adobe Creative Cloud

5. Customer Service:

Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud take distinct approaches to customer service.

CanvaAdobe Creative Cloud
Canva provides email help only; phone support is not available. But they do have a live chat option.
Support for Adobe Creative Cloud is available via chat, email, and phone. Additionally, they feature a support area with tools and troubleshooting instructions to assist users in fixing problems.
Customer Service for Canva Vs Adobe Creative Cloud


As a digital designer, the decision is yours. You can probably find any tool you’ll ever need in Adobe Creative Cloud, provided you have the resources to invest in yourself. It costs a lot of money, and learning how to use all of its tools could take some time. Canva is a significantly less expensive tool that requires very little training. Canva is a better option if you care more about showcasing amazing designs than you do about how to produce them. However, Adobe will keep you learning and expanding your horizons if you’re a process enthusiast.

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