7 Symptoms Of Soul Ties


Ever met someone whose presence in your life just made you feel more affected? That can be an instant attraction, or maybe the things clicked after you had an extremely deep bonding together. Either way, you may have encountered a soul tie when you feel an intangible string pulling you toward someone. A soul tie is a connection you form with a person through your thoughts, emotions, and physical interactions. It can either be positive or negative, but in both ways, it leaves a very strong influence on your personality. So what exactly are the symptoms of soul ties? And what are the different types of soul ties? Keep reading to find out!

What is a soul tie?

A soul tie is the deep togetherness of two souls that pass on to a spiritual connection between them. You start feeling as if you are in a special relationship with a person that usually senses after sexual intercourse. It dates back to a great age- in the Christian tradition, where it is clarified that when two people are physically intimated, their souls are intertwined, and their bodies become one soul. However, this connection may develop into a toxic relationship which often causes addiction and violent behavior.

A soul tie leads to two souls to one- formed by mutual emotions,  experiences, and actions. It affects an energetic link that can make them even if they are unaware of the tie. They think of their relationship unique as it not only affects their soul and mind but also how they perceive the world. Soul connections may or may not be good or bad. While experiencing a soul tie doesn’t make sense to run towards hills, or live a life full of drama. It takes a form of a realistic connection between two people.

Major symptoms of soul ties

Get to know the symptoms of soul ties to evaluate your connection.
Symptoms of Soul Ties

While there are no definite and concrete ways to be certain that you have a soul tie, there are a few symptoms that you might have found yours. From feeling deeply connected to them to dreaming about them, read on for some helpful symptoms of a soul tie.

1. You feel enigmatically connected to them.

When you’re in a soul tie with someone, you’ll feel deeply related to them on a spiritual and sexual level. You’ll feel a metaphorical string between both of you. That string, you might feel, will always be pulling you toward that person. You may get a sense that this person has completed you, and your feelings are getting stronger and stronger day by day. There’s no comparison of feeling towards them to other people you’ve met in your life.

2. They bring out strong reactions in you.

 All types of soul ties exhibit you to involve and have amplified emotions. Whether the emotion is for good or bad depends solely on you. For instance, you may select to excel in your passion through work and studies. It will prove to be the best source of motivation for you. Additionally, it can also boost confidence to try something new. However, some other people may not be intelligent enough to practice this. Because of your relationship, it is possible that if one person is aggressive, the other one would be angry as well.

Jealousy is not an unusual feeling arising from being dependent on one another. So, a soul tie can bring out the negative in you and can lead to toxic possessiveness as well.

3. You do not feel any kind of happiness when they’re not in your life

So, you can count this symptom of an unhealthy soul tie. There comes a time in your life when a part of yours does not feel complete without them. You start feeling like no one else makes you happy than the other person. It’s like they are the only ones that care for you and love you. You feel physically and emotionally erratic whenever they aren’t around. It can also result in obsession. Whenever you really to this point in your tie-up, you should check your relationship out and take a step back.

4. Your connection will never end.

Wherever a strong emotional and physical connection forms, a soul tie exists. You might feel it with an ex-romantic lover and consider a deep relationship even years after the relationship has ended. But in a soul-tie connection, you often feel like an invisible cord that connects you both together beyond the confines of space and time.

No matter how many months and years have passed, you’ll always feel bonded which can be either a positive or negative relationship.

5. They Are Someone You Have Been Missing

When two souls interlink, the feelings go beyond a way that is usually tinged with familiarity. That is a time when you feel like your souls are connected to each other. You realize that you always needed this person, even if you didn’t think before.

You will often seek out those who make you feel that element in your life. When you’re in a relationship, you constantly think about them and wonder what you had been missing in your life before. It can lead to an unhealthy soul tie that depends not on wanting to be related to someone but instead on making up for the missing elements in your existing relationship.

6. You feel like you’ve known them forever

This feeling develops when you click with someone and you feel like they have always been with you. This is probably one of the most common symptoms of soul ties that you think have known a person in your past life is not to be ignored. That strong connection you’ve formed with them shows that they might just be something more than you share a bond with someone.

7. You dream about that person.

When you develop a soul tie with a person, it can make you dream about that person or experience with them. It makes you feel like you’re constantly in love and that person is always on your mind, consciously and subconsciously.

Evaluate your relationship when you become too dependent or you have come down with the traits that make you think you need to rely on them.

If you have any of these symptoms of soul ties, this situation should be dealt with caution. Also, you can read more about; How To Move On From A Person You Love?

Soul Tie vs Soul Mate

A soulmate connection is all about love, mutuality, emotions, and affection. Most people want the soulmate connection to work for them. It, no doubt, makes for a positive, stable, long-lasting relationship, and can make for a very mild one. With a soulmate, people have to intend to keep the mutual connection going.

On the other hand, a soul tie is all about intimacy. People don’t have the desire for a soul tie to happen, and they can even be senseless about it happening. However, they don’t need to put additional effort to make the relationship work with a soul tie.

You may not consider soul tie as a bad thing, but it may become unhealthy in specific situations. Here, you’ll get to know a few symptoms of a soul tie.

What are Different Types of Soul Ties?

Soul ties can be of different types, such as:

Spiritual Soul Tie: It helps you with your spiritual journey towards Christ. A spiritual soul tie is usually positive and healthy. Through this bond, two people are brought together in Christ. It comes from sharing intellect and knowledge that lead you to explore more ways in your spiritual journey. This type of soul tie is very helpful, too. You start leaning towards when you experience bad times or hardships in your life. It aids you to turn your weaknesses into powers, and their sovereign will help you along the way.

Emotional Soul Tie: It develops when you deeply share your emotions and feelings with someone. This type of soul tie is too hard to break even if it hurts you. When you start experiencing an emotional soul tie, you can’t help yourself sharing your emotions. It encourages and protects you during the ups and downs of your life. It also manipulates your feelings and your experiences through your attachment to a person. Even if you know some ties are unhealthy, you find it difficult to let that go because you have connected in the deep.

Physical Soul Tie: It results from the consummation of a marriage. Either inside or outside marriage, your sexual intimacy with that person is a leading cause a of soul tie. Having experienced a specific part of closeness is sufficient for a connection to be developed between both of you. But they may not only come from someone but also from family members. You can name a few of your friends or family members with whom you’re close. You are likely to form a physical soul tie with anyone as you express love and affection towards them. It is better to move on and cut ties when the cause for your intimacy is no longer healthy. There are a lot of cases where physical affection is used, as a form of complicity, to keep the other person from entrusting.

Social soul tie: Becoming friends with people and sharing your feelings is common. But when you end up having a psychical relationship with a person, it results in social ties. This form of a soul tie can also be formed among people in society. You may have experienced this through friendship as it helps develop peace among the community. A toxic social soul tie can be developed as a tie between people with terrorist minds that might destroy a society. Toxic social ties can also lead you to have uncertain sex outside the marriage.

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