Healthy Salad Recipes A Quick Guide

Best healthy salad recipes. Fruits and vegetables.

Salads are commonly considered for weight loss or for people on diet. Usually, people avoid healthy salads because they look boring and tasteless. Raw vegetables, green leaves, and steamed foods are unpopular with most people, especially feeding salads to children is an enormous challenge for moms. You can enjoy delightful and nutritious salads quickly and effortlessly with healthy salad recipes.

However, adding fresh salads to your meal helps to improve overall health. It takes a little effort to make your salads colorful, tasty, and mouthwatering.

Salads are not just a way to make your meal healthier, they can also be fun, refreshing, colorful, and appetizing.

A salad isn’t associated with all green leafy vegetables. You can add fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, or legumes into the salads. Adding colors, flavors, and luscious salad dressings make salads more tasty, delightful, and exciting. 

Healthy salads provide fresh nutrients and help you with weight loss. They’re refreshing, colorful, and full of flavor thanks to the variety of ingredients that you can make scrumptious treats. You won’t feel you’re missing out on anything because veggies and fruits are high in minerals and vitamins, and known for being low fat and full of freshness.

Making healthy salads is fun! It’s the perfect way to enjoy your time in the kitchen while cooking up something delicious!

Below you’ll find a list of super healthy, nutritious, and delicious recipes of salads that will help you turn your lunch or dinner into a wonderful experience.

1- Chicken, Onion and Bell Pepper Salad

Chicken, onion, and bell pepper salad. Healthy salad recipes.
Chicken, onion, and bell pepper salad. Healthy salad recipes.

Here we start with an easy, tasty, and colorful salad prepared with chicken, green bell paper, and onion. Adding protein to your salad can make it a full nutritious meal or you can take it with dinner or lunch as well.

Chicken                             1 cup

Capsicum                          1 cup sliced

Onion                                1 cup sliced

Salt                                    ½ tsp

Black paper                      ½ tsp

Olive oil                             3  tbsp

Garlic cloves                   4 to 5

Green chili                      1 chopped

Crush green chili and garlic cloves

Take the boneless chicken and cut it into bite-size cubes. 

Marinate chicken pieces in garlic and green chili mixture for 15 minutes

In the meantime, slice green capsicum and onion into Julian’s cut.

Heat olive oil in a pan, stir-fry chicken on high flame for 7 to 10 minutes. 

Add sliced onion, capsicum, and fry till the edges of the veggie turn slightly golden

Add salt, black pepper, and toss for a while

Leave juices of chicken and veggies instead of drying completely, it gives a toothsome and delicious flavor to this salad.

Serve at lunch or dinner time.

2- Chickpea Salad

Chickpea salad. Best salad recipes that make you glow
Chickpea salad. Best salad recipes that make you healthy.

Chickpeas are a wonderful source of protein. Not only that, you can take chickpeas as snacks or make a delicious salad with colorful veggies.

It’ll take not much time if you have boiled chickpeas in your refrigerator. Add fresh veggies, seasoning, or salad dressing and spice up your lunch or dinner.

Simply try this easy peasy recipe. Sure, you’ll fall in love with chickpeas.

Boiled chickpeas         2 cups boiled

Red onion                   1 cup chopped

Tomatoes                    1 cup chopped

Cucumber                   ½ cup chopped

Carrots                        ½ cup chopped

Cabbage                     ½ cup chopped

Green chili                   2 sliced

Cilantro/Coriander       1 cup chopped

Tamarind juice              ½ cup

Salt                               2 tsp

Red chili powder          ½ tsp

White cumin powder    ½  tsp

Soak tamarind in one cup of water for 10 minutes

Take a large salad bowl, add boiled chickpeas

Finely chopped all above vegetables

Mash tamarind and remove seeds 

Add tamarind juice, salt, chili, and cumin powder in salad 

Mix all ingredients and toss well

As an alternate, use lemon juice axcept tamarind

A yummy, mouthwatering treat is ready.

You can have it at snack time rather than taking unhealthy, oily, and salty snacks.

3- Greek Salad

Greek salad.  Best salad recipes that make you healthy.
Greek salad. Best salad recipes that make you healthy.

Traditionally, salads are used to complement meals. Greek salad is one of the famous salads used for appetizing and for making mealtime more enjoyable.

The ingredients of the Greek salad are simple. It represents how Greek cuisine consists of simple and easy ingredients.Top with Greek salad dressing to make it savory.

Follow this easy recipe. I bet you’ll try it again and again.

Cucumber                    1 sliced

Tomato.                        3 sliced

Red onion                    1 sliced

Green bell paper         1 sliced

Feta cheese                200g piece

Black olives                 ½ cup

Red vinegar                1 tbs

Greek oregano           1 tsp

Salt according to taste

Extra virgin olive oil    1 tbs

Don’t forget the secret of traditional Greek salad which is fresh and crispy vegetables. 

Cut veggies in slices or cubes, keep a few large chunks to look more rustic.

Slice feta cheese in cubes, sticks, or what shape you want

Take a large bowl, add all sliced veggies, feta cheese, and olives

Sprinkle salt, oregano, pour vinegar and olive oil

Toss the ingredients well, avoid extra salt because feta cheese already has enough salt.

This traditional, rustic salad would be your first choice. You may enjoy it with lunch or can take it as a snack.

Do you think I missed something? 

No, not at all. You can’t get the exact traditional flavors of Greek salad without Greek salad dressing. 

Greek salad dressing is as easy as preparing Greek salad. It contains extra virgin olive oil, red vinegar, lemon juice, dijon mustard, crushed garlic cloves, dried oregano, salt, and pepper.

Combine all ingredients and whisk until everything mixes well. Pour the dressing on the salad as it enhances the flavor of Greek salad.

4- Fruit Salad

Fruit salad. Best salads recipes that make you glow.
Fruit salad. Best salad recipes that make you healthy.

Usually, people take unhealthy snacks between meals that affect their health. We should build a healthy habit from childhood to eat fruits for snacks. 

Eating just fruits is not pleasant for many people, especially for children. 

You can make an exciting, colorful, and tasty fruit salad that helps to cover your daily fruit intake.

Moreover, fruits are the best source of vitamins and minerals that boost our energy level and immunity.

Combining fruits of different colors looks tempting and yummy, you can’t resist tasting this fruitful treat. Fruit salad is easy to prepare and you can use the fruits you like most.

Here I’m sharing a simple recipe, 

Apple                        1 finely chopped

Banana                     1 sliced

Red/green grapes    1 cup sliced

Strawberry                1 cup 

Peaches                   1 cup chopped

Kiwi                           1 cup sliced

Guava                       1 cup sliced

Sugar                        2 tbsp

Salt                            1 tsp

Chaat masala            1 tsp

Orange juice              1 ½  cup

Himalayan black salt 1 tsp

Cut or slice fruits in your desired shape. 

Pour them in a large salad bowl

Season with all the above spices

Pour orange juice 

Mix all ingredients well and leave for 15 minutes and you’re done.

Trying different fruits every time creates excitement and you’ll love to have a delectable taste again and again.

You can also try blue berris, greens, watermelon, honeydew, pineapple, pomegranate, or mango to add variety to your salads.

5- Boiled eggs, chicken, and Feta Salad

Boiled eggs, chicken, and Feta Salad. Best salads recipes that make you glow.
Boiled eggs, chicken, and Feta Salad. Best salad recipes that make you healthy.

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and filling meal? 

This wholesome recipe satisfies your hunger and gives a sense of filling as well.

You can serve this delicious salad with lunch and dinner, or you can take it as a complete meal.

It’s loaded with protein. You can complement it with greens, cherry tomatoes, and veggies you like to add. 

Key ingredients are chicken, boiled eggs, and feta cheese. Add green leaves of your choice like lettuce, spinach. You can top it with cilantro and mint leaves.

Chicken boiled, shredded       1 cup

Eggs                                      4 hard-boiled

Feta cheese                          200g

Fresh tomatoes                    4 sliced

Lettuce                                 1 cup chopped

spinach leaves                     ½ cup chopped

Vinegar                                 2 tbs

Salt                                       1 tsp

Black pepper                        ½ tsp

Boil chicken with 2 crushed garlic cloves, and a pinch of salt  

Wash lettuce and spinach leaves and put them in a strainer

Slice tomatoes and sliced hard-boiled eggs into 4 pieces

Add all ingredients in a large bowl, pour vinegar, salt, and pepper

Mix well and serve this delightful feast at lunch or dinner. 

6- Creamy potato, peas, and kidney beans salad

Creamy potato, peas, and kidney beans salad. Best salad recipes that make you glow.
Creamy potato, peas, and kidney beans salad. Best salad recipes that make you healthy.

Salad is not only for veggie lovers. There are several ways to make salads loaded with protein. 

No matter if you don’t eat meat regularly. Using different beans, peas, cheese, and legumes can be a nutritious addition to your meal plans, and give a sense of filling with high protein ingredients, and good carbs.

Small-sized potatoes,    500g

Peas                             1 cup

Kidney beans               1 cup

Green bell paper          1 cup sliced

Mustard seeds             1 tsp

Salt                              1 tsp

Black pepper               ½ tsp

Parsley or cilantro         ½ cup

Lemon juice                 2 tsp

Olive oil                       2 tbs

Cream 1 cup

Yogurt ½ cup

Place potatoes in a pan filled with water, boil, peel, and cut into medium-sized cubes

Pour olive oil into a hot frying pan, add mustard seeds, and fry potato cubes for 4 to 5 minutes

Soak kidney beans overnight and boil peas and kidney beans

Combine ingredients in a salad bowl 

Season with salt and pepper

Add parsley, cilantro, and lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients with cream and yogurt, enjoy a tasty salad loaded with flavor and nutrition.

Final Words

You can make easy salads using fresh, nutritious, and colorful fruits and vegetables.

Veggies and fruits have fewer calories and have no cholesterol. These natural blessings have tons of vitamins, minerals and are loaded with antioxidants. 

Make sure to take fruits and veggies for snacks, use salads with meals, and do regular exercise. Adopting healthy habits makes you and your family fit, energetic, and more productive.

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