5 Ways to Avoid Workout Burnout

Avoid Workout burnout

You want to lose a few pounds before the holidays hit.  You’re trying to lower your blood pressure naturally.  You want to lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease and a host of other conditions.

These are all great reasons to exercise, but too often when we set fitness (or healthy eating) goals, we over do it and burnout. Without a little rest and recovery, it’s hard to get fitter or healthier.

How do you know if you’re about to hit the wall?   If your muscles are sore all the time (after the first couple of weeks of a new workout regimen) or they feel weak instead of stronger, you could be hitting the gym too often.  If you feel exhausted instead of energized, it might be a sign that you need to cut back.  And finally, if you’re having a hard time falling or staying asleep, research shows over-vigorous workouts can interrupt sleep patterns.

Instead of giving up, here are 5 ways to beat the burnout.


Take 1 or 2 days off each week.  You shouldn’t feel guilty for treating your body to some much needed rest. This doesn’t mean you should become a part-time couch potato.  A little light exercise like a leisurely walk or doing some basic stretching is still a good idea.


It gets boring doing the exact same workout day after day.  Try 2-3 different routines over the course of a week.  Every 2-3 months, experiment with an entirely new kind of exercise.  Move from the gym to the great outdoors.  Trade that treadmill for a beautiful, winding road.  And remember, different types of exercises work different muscle groups, so the benefits to switching it up may be a better, full-body tone-up.


 You may love that new, super-charged kickboxing class, but take it 5 days in a row… week after week… and long-term exhaustion will most certainly derail your fitness dreams.  You don’t have to push it to the limit every workout.  High, moderate, low, interval… vary the intensity.  Endurance, speed, strength… vary the effort.  30, 45, 60… vary the length.


Instead of exercising alone, partner up!  Family and friends help keep you motivated.  They hold you accountable and push you to work harder.  And there’s another bonus!  After working out, you can catch up on life.  Grab a healthy dinner and chat away.  Exercise partners help fill your fitness schedule, as well as your social calendar.


Get plenty of sleep.  Eat healthy foods.  Drink plenty of water.  And take a break when your body feels like it’s losing power.

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