5 Ways To Workout While You Work

Ways To Workout While You Work

Do you sit all day at work, and hit the gym at night? Well, surprise, surprise you’re actually not getting enough exercise! It’s true! Research shows that too much time in that office chair, even if you are the ultimate gym junkie, can still increase your risk of heart disease and cancer. But assuming you can’t quit your desk job, here are 5 ways to workout while you work:

5 Ways To Workout While You Work

1. Buy a treadmill desk

Either buy a treadmill desk or ask your boss to buy one! You can read, or even type, while clocking in 1.5 to 2 miles per hour. It’s also pretty easy to learn how to walk and work! You’ll become the ultimate multi-tasker in no time. But if a treadmill desk is beyond your budget, or you don’t want to glisten while you work, then a standing desk is another option. These desks are easily adjustable, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing.

2. Force yourself to take breaks. 

Get up from your desk and walk at least every two hours, even if you don’t have to go to the bathroom or board room. Another option: Go talk to your co-workers face to face, instead of sending e-mails or making phone calls to one another.

3. Hold walking meetings. 

Walking and talking is a great way to get your legs moving. So if you’re meeting one-on-one, stroll around the office or around the block while you talk.

4. Walk before or after each meal. 

Before munching on your lunch, take a short walk. If you’re too hungry, eat first and go for a stroll immediately afterward.  Keep this habit up at dinnertime also! And here’s a tip for when you go out to eat: Rather than use the valet, park a few blocks away and walk to the restaurant.

5. Use phone time as exercise time. 

When you’re on your cell phone, walk and talk.

The bottom line, use as many minutes as actively possible. Every step counts!

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