Stash These Beauty Items In Your Work Desk

Beauty Items

When an emergency strikes, you always want to be prepared! These are 5 beauty items you need so you can get through your daily hurdles looking flawless.

Item 1: Feminine Products

Why? Avoid surprise visit from flo.
Extra Tip: Leave a clean pair of panties for emergency use.

Item 2: Razor

Why? Be ready for unexpected Netflix and chill after work…you know what we mean.
Extra Tip: Buy travel size shaving cream to avoid dry shave.

Item 3: Deodorant

Why? Freshen up before happy hour plans.
Extra Tip: Keep a sample size of your favorite perfume handy.

Item 4: Nail Polish Remover

Why? Don’t get caught in that last minute meeting with chipped nails.
Extra Tip: Keep a few cotton balls in a ziplock- they absorb better than tissue.

Item 5: Dry shampoo

Why? Greasy hair- don’t care. This wonder product gives you fullness after a long day.
Extra Tip: Keep a hair brush in your car or purse.

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