4 Ways To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Long-Distance Relationship

According to a recent study, about 11 million Americans are in a long-distance relationship, and that number will increase as more of us rely on technology to make and keep connections.

Having a long-distance relationship has its share of challenges, but there’s no reason it can’t work. Here are some things to keep in mind so you’re maximizing your time together…even when you’re apart.

Tech talk

Technology is your best friend when you’re physically apart from your partner. Don’t just rely on the phone, text, and email as a way to connect. Enable video on your phone or computer so you can see each other. Have a virtual dinner date together or a watch movie over Skype. This may feel silly, but seeing each other and staying connected in real-time will make the distance seem that much smaller.

Regular visits

See each other as much as your schedule and bank account allows. I’d suggest visiting each other in person at least once a month if you can. Take turns traveling to the other’s hometown and occasionally pick locations between you, so you can have a fun getaway. Momentum and physical connection is key in long-distance relationships and while it’s true that you can see each other on video, you can’t really ‘spoon’ your computer.

Regular activities

When you visit your partner, make sure you’re not just having over-the-top romantic moments. It’s important to see each other in your usual humdrum routine. Make sure to spend part of your visit running errands or chilling together at home. You want to gauge your compatibility to see if this has long-term potential, so you need to see each other in an everyday context.

Keep talking

While you don’t want to spend all your time discussing the future, it’s important to make sure your values are aligned so you’re working towards a common goal. Maybe one of you knows you would never move out of your city. This is essential to discuss so that neither one of you feels misled. Communication is the key to any relationship… and especially important in a long-distance partnership.

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