12 Gorgeous But Deadly Flowers


Flowers are always known for representing romance and celebrations. Their fragrance makes us feel so fresh, calm and bring happiness to our mood. Flowers have very delicate and innocent beauty. Their angelic, fragile appearances never allow us to think that they can be harmful. No one would ever imagine that beautiful bright flowers have a very deadly dark side as well. Looks can easily deceive us. Flowers may look very sweet when kept in a bouquet or flower baskets but who knows that they bloom in poison. There are flowers around the world that can be lethal and life-threatening for humans and animals. In this article let us introduce you to 12 gorgeous but deadly flowers:

1. The Queen of Poisons –Aconitum


Aconitum is a very gorgeous but deadly wildflower. This flower blooms in the cool summer season. Its flower shape is lipped. Aconitum flower’s sepals and petals have a hold or helmet like appearance. This flower has 2-10 petals. Blue, purple, lavender, and white are the colors of this flower. There are over 250 species of this herbaceous perennial flower. The majority of this flower’s species are extremely poisonous. We can find these flowers mostly in mountainous areas northern hemisphere. They need moist but well-drained soils in forests, natural areas, moist woods, and along creek banks.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

This flower poison’s severity is very high. Aconitum flower is very poisonous if ingested. It is very fatal for humans and pets. Few drops of juice of this deadly flower’s roots can lead to heart failure and cardiac muscle paralysis.

It belongs to a buttercup family but there is nothing sweet about them. If you are in contact with this deadly flower even by mistake you can feel burning of lips and mouth, numbness of throat, intense vomiting, diarrhea, muscular weakness, weak pulse, paralysis of the respiratory system.

Poison Use

This poison is used in Chinese herbal medicine and also arrows are dipped in this poison so that they can be used for hunting whales, bears, and Ibex.

Other Names

Aconitum flower is also known as ‘Blue rocket’, ‘Devil’s Helmet’, ‘Helmet flower’, ‘Leopard’s bane’, ‘Monkshood’, ‘Wolfsbane’ and ‘Woman’s bane’.

It was used as a poison to harm the enemy in back times. Ancient Greeks called it the queen of poison. It was believed that Cleopatra killed herself by drinking a poisonous cocktail herself containing Aconite.

Queen of poison is also called Wolfsbane because in ancient Greece shepherds arrow with aconite to kill wolves. This flower represents caution, misanthropy, and death.

2. The Fragrant Killer –Oleander


Oleander is a beautiful but very poisonous, long-flowering shrub. This flower has leathery smooth, long, narrow leaves. Oleander flowers bloom in summer until mid-autumn. It comes in large clusters of red, pink, yellow, orange, yellow, purple, lilac and white, single or double blossoms. The shape of this flower is like a funnel. Oleander has 4-5 petals. Even it becomes dry the flower will still be poisonous. Nerium Oleander grows best in full sun. All parts of oleander shrub are toxic whether it is leaves, flowers, stems, twigs, or roots. It is a fast-growing evergreen shrub.

We can found this flower in North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean regions since ancient times. It has also been introduced in other subtropical areas. It was brought to Florida in 1565 by early Spanish settlers. Oleander can adapt and grow into a wide range of soil types.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

Poison severity is very high in this flower. This flowering shrub is very toxic for humans and pets. Symptoms of this flower poison are serious heart rhythm disorder, nausea, and vomiting, cramping, bloody diarrhea, dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, and visual disturbances, depression, seizures, coma and it can lead to death. It can also give some people severe skin reactions upon contact.

In ancient Greece and Rome, oleander was considered as one of the most toxic and deadliest flower plants.  

Oleander flowers are sweetly scented killer flowers. If we smell this flower by mistake its scent can cause dermatitis and respiratory effect.

Other Names and Symbolism

Common names of this gorgeous but deadly flowers are “Kaner, Nerium”, “Rosebay” and “Rose Lewrel”. This flower symbolizes distrust, seduction and bewitching desire, a message of caution. Red Rose Bay/oleander flower represents death and mourning.

3. The Lazarus Bell –Checkered Lily


The next flower in the list of gorgeous but deadly flowers is the ‘Checkered Lily’ flower. The Bloom time of this unique flower is in mid-spring. Checkered lily flowers are in bell shape or pendant shape blossoms. As the name tells they have a checkerboard pattern on their petals. This flower is a native flower of Europe and western Asia. The checkered lily flower comes in burgundy, white, grey, tawny brown and purple hues.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

The toxicity level of this checkered lily is grade-1 level poisonous. This flower is as poisonous as a venomous snake. The bulb of this flowering plant is very lethal. Its bulb contains poisonous alkaloids. Symptoms after ingesting this poison are increased respiratory and cardiac rate, mouth dryness, thirst, diarrhea, hallucination and in severe cases death from respiratory failure.

Other Names

Other names of this gorgeous deadly flowers are ‘Snake’s Head’, ‘Chess Flower’, ‘Frog Cup Leper Lily’, ‘Dropping Tulip’ and ‘Feritillary’. This flower also has the name Lazarus bell. Lazarus was the biblical character who Jesus raised from the dead. The association with this flower and character is due to the blood-red hue of its blooms. 

4. The Philosopher’s Bane –Hemlock


This flower is one of the most poisonous and deadly herbaceous flower plants than most of the poisonous flowers in the world. The blooming period of this beautiful deadly flower is from late spring to mid-summer. It comes in pink and white color. Hemlock flowers are cute small, white in terminal umbrella like clusters. It can be found in naturalized areas like ponds, slope banks and woodland. This poisonous flower grows throughout in the United States. It is a native flower of Europe and North Africa.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

The severity of this flower’s poison is very high. It is poisonous to humans, cats, dogs, horses. Hemlock flower is highly toxic, may be fatal if eaten. Symptoms of this poisonous flower start to show up 20 minutes to 3 hours after ingesting it. Symptoms of this flower poison are vomiting, diarrhea, muscular weakness, paralysis, nervousness, trembling, dilation of pupils, weak pulse, convulsions, coma and eventually death. It doesn’t cause contact dermatitis. All parts of this flowering plant are poisonous: Bark, flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, sap/juice, seeds, stems everything is toxic. Even the dead canes of this flower plant remain toxic for up to three years.

Historical Fact

It is the same flower plant that killed Socrates.

Other Names

 Other common names of this gorgeous but deadly hemlock flower plant are: ‘Conium Maculatum’, ‘California Fern’, ‘Deadly Hemlock’, ‘Nebraska Fern’, Poison Fool’s Parsley’, ‘Poison Hemlock’, ‘Poison Parsley’, ‘Spotted Hemlock’, and ‘Winter Fern’.

5. Colchicum Autumnale –Autumn Crocus Deadly Flowers


The next beautiful but poisonous flower on the list is Autumn Crocus. This is the late season flower plant. The blooming time of the autumn crocus flower is as the name suggests in the autumn season from September to November. Bees and butterflies are also attracted to this flower. Autumn Crocus flower is a 6 petal star-shaped flower. It comes in lavender-pink to lilac pink color. These flowers are found in meadows and woodland areas. Autumn crocus is a native flower of Southern Europe.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

This flower plant has high severity of poison characteristics. This flower is poisonous to adults, children, cats, dogs and horses. It is a highly toxic flower and can be fatal if ingested. Symptoms after ingesting this poison are cramping, blood vomiting, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, respiratory failure, shock, multi-organ damage, bone marrow suppression, liver failure, kidney failure and eventually death. All parts of this gorgeous deadly flower plant are poisonous but especially the bulb is extremely poisonous. It can also cause contact dermatitis.

Other Names

Other names of this gorgeous deadly flower plant are “Colchicum Autumnale”, “Fall Crocuses”, “Meadow Saffron”, “Mysteria”, “Naked Ladies” and “Wonder Bulb”.

6. Clematis Poison Flowers


On 6th number in the series of gorgeous but poisonous flower plants is Clematis wildflower. This is perennial, poisonous, vine, wildflower. Clematis flower has a long blooming season from early summer to early fall. This flower has 4-8 petals-like parts in various colors. Clematis is cross, star and trumpet flower shape. This flower comes in pink, blue, purple, lavender, red, burgundy and white. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are also attracted to this flower. The country or regions of origin of this flower are North America, Europe, India, Australia, China, Japan and New Zealand.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

The poison severity of this flower is high. The Clematis flower plant is poisonous to humans, dogs, cats and horses. This dramatic vining plant has a toxin called anemonin. This poison can also cause contact dermatitis, skin redness and burning sensation. So, gardening gloves should be used while handling this poisonous flower.

Symptoms after ingesting this flower poison result into a burning feeling, ulcers of the mouth, mouth pain, dizziness, confusion, fainting and convulsions. These symptoms are for humans. In animals, symptoms are salivation, vomiting and diarrhea. The death rate is rare due to its bitter taste and mouth irritation.

Other Names

Other names of this gorgeous deadly flower are “Leather flower”, “Old Man’s Beard”, “Traveller’s Joy”, “Vase Vine” and “Virgin’s Bower”.

7. The Mind-Altering Honey –Azaleas


7th poisonous flower is the Azaleas flower. Azaleas flowers are very pretty but extremely toxic flowers. Another name of this flower is ‘Rhododendron’. Azalea flowers each type has very distinctive. Some of these flowers have narrow petals while other azalea blossoms have overlapping rounded petals.  This flower comes in pink, white, mauve, orange, purple yellow and red in color. Azalea flowers are the native flowers of Asia, Europe and North America. It is also grown as ornamental plants worldwide.

Poison Severity and Symptoms       

This flower is very beautiful by its look but very lethal if ingested. It’s poisonous honey-like nectar if goes into the body then it can lead to a life threatening stage. This poisonous honey is also known as ‘Mad Honey’. Honey of this flower contains Andromeda toxins which make it deadly for humans and animals as well.

Symptoms after ingesting this poison flower are mouth irritation, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, low heart rate, blurred vision, mild paralysis, seizures and hallucination. Severe symptoms are having cardiac arrhythmia which can also lead to death but in rare cases. All parts of this flower plant are poisonous.

8. The Angel’s Trumpet –Brugmansia Deadly Flowers


On the 8th position of the list of gorgeous but deadly flowers is the angel’s trumpet, Brugmansia. These flowers bloom in the summer season. Brugmansia flower has a wide range of sizes, shapes, forms and colors. Don’t put these flowers in sunlight. These are single pendent, trumpet, or funnel-shaped flowers. We call this flower Angel’s trumpet due to its shape.  It comes in white, pink and yellow colors. We found these flowers in South America. It has no fragrance.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

The severity of this poisonous flower houseplant is high. Brugmansia will become toxic if large quantities are eaten by humans. Symptoms after consuming this poison are hallucinations, dry mouth, muscle weakness, increased blood pressure, fever, dilated pupil and paralysis. It can be deadly without a doctor’s supervision. Poisonous parts of this gorgeous but deadly flower plant are flowers, leaves and seeds.

Other Names

Other names of this deadly flowers are ‘Floripondios’, ‘’Moon Flowers’, and ‘Tree Daturas’. This flower symbolizes vivacity and health but it also represents danger.

9. The Deadly Nightshade –Belladonna


On 9 number of the poisonous flower list here comes ‘Belladonna’ –deadly nightshade. Belladonna are summer blooms. The blooming months are August and September. Belladonna flower is also known as the “Naked lady flower”. Why because this flower blooms on leafless stems. It is a branched thick rooted flower plant. This flower is an herbaceous perennial flower of the nightshade family.  The Belladonna flower is one of the toxic plants native to the Eastern hemisphere.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

 The poison severity of this flower is high. Deadly nightshade belladonna causes hallucinations which can result into death. It has atropine named poison.

Historical Facts of this Poison

Atropine word comes from Greek goddess Atropa who cut the life thread. This Deadly flower has some famous history of itself. Romans used this flower poison as a weapon to contaminate their enemies’ food. In Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”, the Scottish army defeated the Danes by contaminating their liquor supply with belladonna flower poison. This poison led them in deep sleep and so the Scottish army murders them in their helpless state.

10. The Innocent Killer –Lily of the Valley


Lily of the flower is another very beautiful but innocent killer flower. This delicate flower blooms in early to mid-spring time. These flowers are used in rock gardens and woodland gardens. Lily of the valley flowers are 1-sided, slender clusters, small pleasant aromatic white flowers. Lily of the valley has bell shaped flower. The species of this flower is majalis. These spring flowers are native flowers to Eurasia. But these flowers are more popular in North America and many other regions. It also tolerates summer drought. Behind this cute innocent exterior and pleasant scent, there is a villain.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

This flower is toxic for humans, cars, dogs, and for horses. The poison severity of this flower is medium. Death is a rare case but this flower can becomes toxic if larger quantities are eaten. The symptoms of this poison can lead to irregular, slow pulse, abdominal pain, diarrhea, low blood pressure, disorientation, coma and seizures. All parts of this gorgeous deadly flower plant are poisonous.

Other Names

‘Conrallaria Majuscula’, ‘Convallaria Montana’, ‘May Bells, ‘Lady’s tears and ‘Marry tears were the historical names of the innocent killer. This flower symbolizes death.

11. Poisonous Hydrangeas


This 11th number flower is a super gorgeous and poisonous one. Hydrangea flower blooms throughout the growing season. These flowers are in the form of clusters. Hydrangea flowers can be found in ball shaped or flat shaped clusters of small flowers.

These flowers come in shades of blue, green, pink and white. Hydrangeas can change color based upon the pH level of their soil. 75 species of this flower are native to Asia and America.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

 Hydrangea Macrophylla flowers are poisonous to humans but not deadly or life threatening. It contains Hydragin which makes them poisonous. Leaves, buds, flowers and bark are poisonous parts of this amazing looking flower plant.

Symptoms after ingesting this flower are stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, sweating and diarrhea. If it became severe it can lead to coma. In contact with this flower plant, it can cause dermatitis.

12. Bleeding Heart –Lamprocapnos Spectabilis


This 12th flower is so gorgeous and unique but poisonous as well. These flowers are sure to be the show stopper in any garden. Its delicate, unique heart shaped flowers appeal and attract everyone. This flower comes in vibrant pinks to white kissed with pink, solid white and delicate pink.

The bleeding heart blooms in late spring to early summer. Common names of this flower are ‘Asian Bleeding Heart’ and ‘Japanese Bleeding Heart’. Previously this flower was also known as ‘Dicentra Spectabilis’. This wild flower is one of the rare species. Bleeding heart flowers found in forest floors, rocky woods, and mountains. The bleeding heart is a native flower to Eastern Asia. This is a nonaromatic flower. The bleeding heart flower also attracts hummingbirds.

Poison Severity and Symptoms

The poison severity of this flower is low. Symptoms after consuming this poison are trembling, vomiting, diarrhea, staggering, labored breathing and skin irritation. It can also cause contact dermatitis.


 So, this is all about beautiful deadly flowers. Please don’t touch any flower just because it’s beautiful. Because every beautiful thing also has a dark side too which can be deadly sometimes. Take safety precautions if you really want to touch or smell any random flower. While gardening also takes care and search out complete detail before planting any flower so that your garden cannot be harmful to either humans or animals.

Hope you like this amazing and interesting article!

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